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This vivid hibiscus grew in my front yard.

Unfortunately the tree has died since but

this photo I took is a testament to the loveliness

of the flowers this tree produced.

The beauty of nature is a spiritual wonder.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Virgo Forecasts for 2012 and 2013

VIRGO - August 23 - September 23

Birthstones: Sapphire, Pink Jasper, Topaz, Jasper, Emerald and Agate
Colours: Black, Gold, Brown, light blue, white, and green.
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Most compatible with Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer,
Special Qualities: Avid Learner, Highly Intelligent, Tendency to worry, Talented Organizer
Common Professions: Teacher, Book Keeper, Salesperson, Business Owner,
Energy: Yin
Health Sensitivities: Abdomen, Spleen, Intestines, Diaphragm
Sixth sign of the Zodiac.
Astrological symbol: Virgin or Maiden
Tarot: The Hermit

Virgo Traits:
Modest, Logical, Sensible, Systematic, Intelligent, Practical, Responsible, Resilient, Good with budgeting, Can tend to isolate themselves at times, Courteous, Excellent Managers, Focussed, Self-Critical, Tidy, Often very moral, Loyal, Hardworking, Clever, Methodical, Faithful, Honest

Virgo Profile
Virgos are the sixth sign of the zodiac. They have an extremely analytical mind, ready to minimize and organize, categorize and stick labels on everything to make sure everything is returned to its' correct place. Often feel motivated to work for a noble cause, which helps them forget their concerns about possible issues in their own lives. Their refined analytical skills make Virgos invaluable in difficult situations that require problem-solving and a sequential approach.

They are commonly known as the "perfectionist" of the zodiac, which means they will do everything in their power to do their best, and often push themselves beyond what is humanly possible, often causing themselves, and sometimes others, stress from their self-imposed idealistic standards. Their mind can be their greatest asset when put to work on vital projects, but can cause them anguish if they focus on minor issues and on what is lacking. One of the major lessons for the Virgo is to learn balance between their emotions and their strong intellect and powers of reasoning. If Virgos allow themselves to worry, they often develop tummy upsets and fragile nerves, so incorporating some daily playfulness and relaxation is vital for a Virgo, even more so than other star signs. Due to their highly practical nature, their creative expression is often channelled either in to writing or creating, or decorating, objects that are not only beautiful but useful. Virgo's also possess highly developed physical senses, which often makes them expert cooks and skilled lovers.

Virgos usually bring their work home or think about work even when they are supposed to be relaxing. Those Virgos who work from home may find it hard to sit still because there is "always something that needs to get done". Virgos are typically logical, hardworking, persistent and disciplined. Although, Virgo's are the sign of purity and "the Virgin", deep romantic involvements is one aspect of their lives that Virgos are anything but restrained, tending towards passion and exuberance. However, Virgos need to resist the temptation to direct and control their relationships at times. Usually ultraclean, the Virgos normally fastidious nature may be toned down if other influences in their astrological chart predominate.

Virgos are the sign star most likely to choose a partner of the same star sign. If they do not choose another Virgo as their partner, they are often found in the company of one of the other earth signs - Taurus or Capricorn; however there are always exceptions to this rule.

Virgos typically have exceptionally strong power of concentration and focus. When they have set their goals, Virgos will move any mountain in the way to achieve it. They are not angry by nature, but are not people to trifle with, because if you push them too far, too often, you are going to be dealing with a formidable opponent. Since Virgos are extremely cautious, they tend to take a while to get started on their greatest goals, but they are so well-planned that once they begin, Virgos are ready for just about anything.

Virgos are usually supremely capable, and able to handle most situations on their own if they have to, though normally long to be part of a couple. Though Virgos are typically extremely intelligent, they often do not recognize their own abilities and need those who know and love the Virgo, to point out to them, their fabulous qualities.

Straightforward and honest, Virgos are often popular with those who want the truth without the "sugar-coating".

Virgo is an Earth sign sharing its ruling planet of Mercury with the air sign - Gemini. Mercury is the planet of communication, revealing that Virgos (as well as Gemini's) possess a talent for expressing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings exceptionally well, through the written and spoken word.

2012 Forecast

In 2012, you will be feeling the need to cultivate your self-worth, defining your boundaries, and setting new goals for the coming year. Virgos will be improving their earning capacity and planning innovative ways to increase their funds. It is an opportune time for travelling or saving funds for travel for 2013. Aspirations related to education, legal or media-related are also likely to have beneficial outcomes. Several new people entering your life are likely to stay and figure strongly for years to follow. It is time to expand your life and try new ways of living.

You may find that a few old spiritual lessons will return to teach you what you may have avoided prior. There may be a sense of duty or expectation related to these lessons, but once understood and accepted, will clear the way for a positive, new direction. Your high degree of ethics and integrity is likely to attract a new job that is in keeping with your hardworking nature and principles. A person in authority may see your abilities and encourage you to try out for a different role, providing additional opportunities to improve your skills and your financial situation. Your work hours could possibly increase as a result, but make sure that your loved ones and family don't miss out spending quality time with you.

You may be feeling more independent and self-sufficient than you have for a long while. This strengthening of your self-worth will stay with you, and you will finally realize that you are more capable and resilient than you ever believed yourself to be. Though you normally have excellent money management skills, you will be further honing your abilities to make the most of your finances which can provide the expertise to avoid possible financial pitfalls in future.

You will be taking an unusual approach for a Virgo, but you will find yourself "thinking outside the box", enjoying moments of insights and revelations on which to base some crucial direction changes. These moments of brilliance will also help you to enjoy some delightful surprises. Virgos will experience a cycle in which they will want to make a significant contribution, feeling motivated to get involved in activities or duties that are community based, or jobs and businesses related to bringing or happiness, with fortunate results.

An urge to tap into your unique gifts will motivate you to learn new things, or be willing to look for opportunities in fields you may not have considered in earlier years. Your desire to express your individuality and your opinions may be stronger during 2012 too.

Virgo professionals and business owners will be feeling highly motivated to increase their career-related knowledge, and trying out new approaches to their established fields.

2012 will see many Virgos intuitive side becoming stronger, and spiritual links between loved ones will provide flashes of insight that will sometimes surprise with their clarity and accuracy. Issues that may have been lingering will see closure in 2012, in preparation for a simpler year ahead.

Your family and personal life will go through transitions in 2012. A fresh approach to relationships will see you setting new boundaries with those who have let you down, and establishing stronger connections with those who have supported you through challenges in the past, resulting in a growing sense of personal empowerment and contentment. Romance will bring unexpected joys. You may be surprised by the affectionate outpourings of someone significant in your life. For those attempting to heal previous misunderstandings, or relationship problems, reconciliation is likely. Many single Virgos are on track to establishing a permanent relationship with someone who shares their dreams and values.

Forecast for 2013

Overview 2013
2013 is a year in which Virgos will reach towards their dreams, and make extraordinary headway. This is also a year in which Virgos will find their minds full of innovative ideas, or developing new approaches to old problems and coming up with excellent results. The key word for 2013 is change, and Virgos will be ready for whatever life throws at them, and luckily, most of these changes are extremely positive. Virgos will consolidate their prior knowledge and skills, and push towards fresh goals that will allow them to shine.

2013 is the year of extraordinary achievements for Virgos in all fields of endeavour. Your expertise and knowledge will lead to recognition and appreciation by work associates and those in charge. You will feel inspired to give everything your all to realize your dreams and aspirations. If you want to get ahead in your professional life, this is the year to make things happen. Some Virgos will change jobs to reinvigorate their career, while others will push for that promotion and succeed. Some Virgos will have the opportunity to travel for work, or offers to represent a company or organization in a pivotal meeting or conference will be offered.

There will be several challenges during 2013 which will test the fortitude of the Virgo but nothing that they won't be able to handle. Between March and May, a change of circumstances will shift your life into a new phase, and allow you to see the best direction in which to head. Spontaneity is not usually a Virgo trait, but 2013 will see you expressing this characteristic on more than one occasion, and with fabulous results. Keeping life under control, will not seem as crucial, but channeling your energies to improve your life in the direction of your dreams will, and most likely to provide favourable outcomes.

You are not a stranger to hard work, in fact, Virgos thrive on putting one hundred percent into whatever they do, and this is the year it will seem to pay off. You just need to maintain your focus and be clear on what goals truly are. Be patient because your desired results will not arrive quickly, but they are certainly on the path you will choose. Praise, bonuses, even awards, are likely in 2013. You will handle your work goals and projects so effectively that you will be considered for even more responsible roles. You will be given a chance to show off your organizational and management skills, with opportunity likely to knock more than once this year.

Between June to September, you may be contemplating the next step in your love life. For those who are happy in love, plans for future holidays or formalization of bonds will be high on the agenda. Those who are not feeling satisfied with their relationship may feel it is time to seek professional advice on how to heal their connection. Others will be organizing ways to move away from hurtful relationships.

2013 will provide many chances for the Virgo to improve their circumstances and enjoy many unexpected, fun activities and interactions. Stability through growing emotional contentment and self-worth, will provide the basis for a more successful year. Keep focussed on what is valued in your life, and how to improve what needs to be fixed, and your hopeful, positive attitude will dispel any tendency to tendency to worry.

Enhancing personal fitness will also be on your list of priorities during 2013. You will manage to stick to whatever physical regimen you set yourself, helping to increase your vitality and strength. Virgos with desk jobs, will feel the need to add some physical activity to their leisure time, enhancing their confidence and ability to handle any task in 2013.

Early 2013, Virgos will be feeling creative, beautifying their homes or adding to their collections of literature, music or art. Fresh and inspirational thoughts, and an urge to liven up life. will urge Virgos to adopt a innovative approach, leading to a greater enjoyment of life. Old topics or activities may be replaced with new ones. Sitting at home doing the same old thing will just not cut it during this phase.

Organizing to spend more quality time with loved ones, will bring another joyful aspect to the Virgos life, and single Virgos will be reveling in their freedom and a little harmless flirting. Virgos working on a thesis or book will find 2013 will give them the strength and motivation to finish their writing projects, and have their project looking and sounding exactly the way they had hoped.

Success in jobs requiring leadership skills, public speaking and positions in the public eye are highlighted in 2013. Virgos will find themselves accomplishing critical goals or establishing the groundwork for lasting achievement. Virgos will be feeling ready to take a risk in 2013, trying out new fields or leisure pursuits that involve adventure, politics, humanitarian causes, culture, education, media, or personal development.

Teams that have a large percentage of Virgos are going to enjoy accolades for their achievements. whether they are sporting teams, or teams in the work place.

Many Virgos will take up a new hobby or study something different, and find that their interest will become a lifelong passion.

Love, Friendship, and Social Life 2013

Virgos are known for their straightforwardness, but during 2013, they will be determined to avoid getting into arguments for saying too much or the wrong thing at the wrong time. Virgos will still adhere to their strict guidelines of honesty and integrity, but learn the value of patience and diplomacy to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. While Virgos who have ongoing disagreements with their partner will enlist a helpful, caring professional to assist them deal with the underlying cause.

Singles Virgos will be ready to make some effort to meet that special someone. Study, practical activities, celebrations, and outdoor activities will provide the best result, leading to meeting of a compatible match. Between March and July, single Virgos will enjoy surprises galore with more than one person crossing your path who gets your pulse racing, though this may simply be chemistry and infatuation rather than love.

Special celebrations and spending time with those not seen in a long time, will leave Virgos feeling a little sentimental. Despite a hectic schedule, Virgos will go to considerable lengths to put aside quality time to spend with loved ones on a regular basis.

2013 will bring a number of opportunities to host or attend entertaining celebrations and fun activities likely to spark a relationship, or enhance an already established bond. Plenty of memorable moments will be sure to make Virgos feel that the future is full of possibility and joy.

Attached Virgos will enjoy some intense times of connection and delight with their partners, making both feel that they have certainly made the right choice in love. For those who are not already married, many Virgos will be arranging or taking that crucial step by the end of 2013.

Virgos who enjoy cooking will be "cooking up a storm" this year, either hosting dinner parties or special family dinners. While Virgos who feel their culinary skills need improvement, may find themselves taking a cooking course, or investing in a few new cook books.

Career, Business and Finances
After March, career and business plans will finally fall into place. Promotions, job opportunities and business offers will present themselves, particularly in the second half of 2013. A favourable year to get recognition for your professional knowledge and skills.

Overall, a productive and profitable year, especially from July onwards. Keeping to your budget and making an effort to increase earnings will pay off, with the last quarter of 2013 likely to bring increased monetary rewards.

Your career or business is likely to be a major priority in 2013, with plenty of motivation to see all plans to their successful conclusion. Your communication skills will be in tremendous form this year, with your client meetings likely to bring in glowing results. Virgos bored with their jobs will be ready to move on, either into study or a new job. Virgos are extremely hardworking, and 2013 will see you rewarded for your consistent effort. Small business owners will be pleased to see their ventures become more lucrative in 2013 due to a revised business plan and innovative approach applied to their enterprise. Diplomacy at work will help you to avoid possible misunderstandings when tensions may be running high due to a business restructure. Later in the year a change in role, job offer, or pay rise is likely.

Virgos are not usually inclined to gamble, which is fortunate this year as speculation in 2013 is not particularly favoured.

Health and Vitality
Learning to focus your mind on positive thoughts will help Virgos reduce their tendency to stress and worry in 2013. Virgos tend towards irritation when their best organized plans do not go according to their specifications, but this year, they will be feeling more spontaneous than usual, finding new ways to calm themselves and reduce their inclination to worry over the tiny details. Many Virgos will spend time improving their physical fitness while others will enjoy channelling their energy into a favourite sport or leisure pursuit. Taking time out to relax regularly, will help keep feelings of weariness, and possible respiratory problems at bay.

During Summer and Spring, your energy levels will be at a high, but channel some of that excess energy into fun activities rather than just overworking yourself.

2013 could be your year Virgo! Both career and personal goals are within reach, all you need to do is strive in the direction of your dreams!

Article courtesy of Moonslipper.

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