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This vivid hibiscus grew in my front yard.

Unfortunately the tree has died since but

this photo I took is a testament to the loveliness

of the flowers this tree produced.

The beauty of nature is a spiritual wonder.

Friday, December 13, 2013

"The Yogis of Tibet" - Watch this documentary here

77 Minute documentary on a fascinating subject. For the first time, the reclusive and secretive Tibetan monks agree to discuss aspects of their philosophy and allow themselves to be filmed while performing their ancient practices.
Support the movie-makers and buy a copy of their DVD : Directed by Jeffrey M. Pill

Thursday, December 12, 2013

30 Minute Guided Meditation - Heal Thyself

This is a beautiful and elegant 30 minute excursion that will take you to that space where healing on all levels is possible. You can either just close your eyes and listen to the narration or allow the beautiful images to help transport you to that place where the mind can entertain the impossible, and the miraculous becomes real....

Wonderful meditation provided by the same people who created the "Ask for Nothing and Receive Everything" Guided Meditation -


Healing Spirit Guided Meditation to help release Anxiety, Down-ness and Tension (video)

An enjoyable, relaxing guided meditation.

This meditation is provided by For further details click here.
Guided Meditation and Autogenic Training with Healing Voice in Sleeping Music with Delta Waves for Brain Power for Health Care and Relaxation Meditation, against Anxiety and Depression for a Self Acceptance, ideal After a Long Day Working or Studying, Breathing Exercises and Deep Relaxing New Age Zen Music, Mind, Body & Soul Antistress Meditation for Chakra Balancing.
If you like the Background Music just click on this link.

Eurythmics -" Miracle Of Love" video

A beautiful song of love...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Relaxing, Soothing Meditation Music (video)

One hour of tranquil music perfect for your meditation and relaxation practices.

Inspirational video on Evolving Compassion, Personality and Spirituality

This is such a wonderful, inspirational and uplifting video by Derek Scott. Well-researched video describing our consciousness evolution towards becoming more compassionate beings. This video draws on current research from the fields of neurobiology, attachment and models of the personality to describe how early experience informs the formation of false beliefs about ourselves that are held as burdens by different parts of our personality system. The IFS model offers the method of healing the system by facilitating the release of these burdensome beliefs. Once greater peace is established the system becomes more open and available for Spiritual growth as described by the Chakra system and by many masters and teachers.

An inspiring video on chasing your dreams....

Fascinating motivational video, well-worth watching.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Your life expressed in Jelly Beans?! (video)

A clip showing how we use our lives, and the importance of what you do with your life, your time, today!

Never underestimate what is inside you that makes you special (video)

Beautiful, inspirational video.

Fabulous Motivational Video "Life = Risk"

Just under two minutes, this wonderful clip shows the importance of giving life your best shot, despite the naysayers. Definitely worth watching!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Power of Words (Inspirational Video)

Words can hurt or heal. Consider the power of your words. Whatever you say, and how you say it, can reduce someone, or uplift them. Choose your words with this power in mind.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, and Maya:

A collection of Little Sayings About Enormous Things" by Rich Okun - Book Illustrations and Paintings by Rich Okun

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya: A Collection of Little Sayings about Enormous Things.The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Maya: A Collection of Little Sayings about Enormous Things. by Rich Okun

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely beautiful book! Full of joy and insight, conveyed by both word and imagery. A must-read for anyone interested in spirituality, joy, and inspiration. - Sarina Damen, Spiritual Counsellor, Life Coach and Author.

View all my reviews

Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful, Soothing Zen Music for Balance and Relaxation (video)

"Peace Flutes" by Artist - Relax Around the World Studio, can be bought on Google Play eMusic iTunes

01. Dawn
02. Flower
03. Moon
04. Feng Shui
05. Daylight
06. Stone Garden
07. Snow
08. Twilight
09. Birds
10. Fire
11. Wind
12. The Milky Way
13. Dusk

01. Path to Enlightnement
02. Satori
03. Ambrosial Dew
04. Zazen
05. Azure Skies
06. The Songbird
07. Love and Devotion
08. Reunion of Joy
09. Amidst the Cherry Blossoms
10. Answered by Silence
11. The Sacred Shrine
12. The Gateless Gate
13. Perpetual Peace

Extraordinary Meditation Track "Serenity" (video)

A meditation clip and technique provided by Professor Jeffery Marlon Harris. It is important to use headphones when using this meditation technique.

"There is no secret here, towards the end of each note you hear (assuming your wearing earphones), upon the heightening of the frequency so too is your central cortex stimulated". - Professor Jeffery Marlon Harris BM, MRCP, FRCs.

What you are about to hear is a short audio track designed and prepared by Professor Jeffery Marlon Harris along with researchers at the University of Pembrokeshire, of whom worked closely with three of the top audiologists in Europe to produce this soundtrack. After taking a little over 4 years to compose by teams of experts, along with tireless research and accuracy this finely tuned 'work of art' as it has been referred to by many is now available to people to hear worldwide. It somewhat 'guarantees' to influence positivity throughout the mind, creating a bond between the brain and the central nervous system whilst stimulating the pineal gland. Research is still being carried out but to date 98.7% of people tested have reported a very noticeable or drastic increase in confidence and positivity after only listening to this track once.

However Professor Harris urges people to listen to it on a regular basis, for at least a week before noticing what he describes as a, "Profound understanding of yourself, along with a deeper understanding of the world around you." He then goes on to say, "the mind can only be cleared once it understands itself and the space within, however this can take time, listening to this audio track once-a-day for a week should be sufficient in giving clear results. There are different parts of the brain the frequencies within the audio masking stimulate - the left, the right and the central cortex, the frontal lobe is also key here. That is why we recommend wearing headphones to achieve optimal results, the eyes must also be closed."

DOWNLOAD this MP3 track for free here:
(Instructions: On the page select the 'UP Meditation Album' located near the middle of the page you wish to download - there are 2 options; the 15 minute or the 1 hour version [approx] and then click the small 'free download' option next to the play button.

Ambient Soundscapes for Deep Sleep video

Fascinating ambient sounds for relaxation and sleep. Although these electronic sounds are not for everyone, I found it helpful to generate a sense of tranquility and quieten the mind.

Binaural Beat Ambient Soundscapes ~ Sound Sleep Session

Download this Binaural Beat Session Free at

For More Great Brainwave Entrainment Products visit:

Use this Binaural Beat Session to help induce safe and natural deep sleep.

Information About This Session:

The base frequency for this session is 197Hz.

Associated with heart (Effects=love,warmth) (higher octave of 6.15); Associated with hara (3cm or 1.5 inch below navel, balance of pelvis)

Binaural Frequencies:
(15 Min) 4.9 Hz - Introspection; Induce relaxation, meditation, & deeper sleep
(15 Min) 2.5 Hz - pain relief, relaxation; production of endogenous opiates. Use for sedative effect [ESP];- reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia, and sinusitis.
(30 Min) 3.4 Hz - Sound Sleep

For more great information about frequencies visit:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

30 minute Meditation - Asking for Nothing and Receiving Everything

Excellent meditation - relaxing and uplifting.

"To find out more about making personal growth easier go to: or acquire our life changing app Happy Hints at: This is a truly unique voyage into achieving everything you want without making a single request for yourself. It's amazing to note that when we practise altruism all our own needs are automatically met! Take this 30 minute voyage of giving and watch how, without asking, your kindnesses are repaid. It is truly a wonder of the universe...."

Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle

A guided meditation on the nature of awareness (aliveness) with Eckhart Tolle.

"Most people confuse the Now with what happens in the Now, but that's not what it is. The Now is deeper than what happens in it. It is the space in which it happens. So do not confuse the content of this moment with the Now. The Now is deeper than any content in it."

"When you step into the Now, you step out of the content of your mind. The incessant stream of thinking slows down. Thoughts don't absorb all your attention anymore, don't draw you in totally. Gaps arise in between thoughts - spaciousness, stillness. You begin to realize how much vaster and deeper you are than your thoughts."

"Thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and whatever you experience make up the content of your life. "My Life" is what you derive your sense of self from, and "my life" is content, or so you believe."

"Many expressions that are in common usage, and sometimes the structure of language itself, reveal the fact that people don't know who they are. You say: "He lost his life" or "my life," as if life were something that you can possess or lose. The truth is: you don't have a life, you are life. The One Life, the one consciousness that pervades the entire universe and takes temporary form to experience itself as a stone or blade of grass, as an animal, a person, a star or a galaxy.
Can you sense deep within that you already know that? Can you sense that you already are That?"

"The next step in human evolution is to transcend thought. This is now our urgent task. It doesn't mean not to think anymore, but to simply not be completely identified with thought, possessed by thought"

"Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness."
~ Quotes by Eckhart Tolle
(Thank you to Diamond_Mind for posting this guided meditation and quote)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Exquisite Middle Eastern Music for relaxation

or perhaps belly-dancing? "In the Shadow of Life" by the band Niyaz (2005)Available on itunes.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sleep Guided Meditation - Away in the Clouds (video)

Sleep Meditation with sleep music is a serene, beautiful, calming and relaxing meditation with 8 mins of gentle guidance and 1 hour of tranquil music to send you off into a peaceful, deep sleep.

Meditation by Healing4Happiness

Guide Meditation - Healing Journey (video)

Guided meditation by Lilian Eden (1 Hour and 9 minutes duration) - Lilian Eden created this latest guided meditation for individuals suffering from intense life experiences- on a Spiritual, Psychical or Physical- who are dis-eased. Lilian's years of energy healing experiences with others, in hospitals and home care situations, has ignited her passion toward helping people through such time of change. One of the ways of contributing toward helping many more people has been through guided meditations. Lilian works toward creating a guided mediation rich with techniques from her experiences with an inner vision toward those who are traveling upon a difficult road- spiritually,physically and mentally/psychically. After countless hours and experimental sessions, this guided mediation was born. Initially, "Healing Journey: Beyond Today" was made available to a select few people who needed support and emotional guidance. Within a short time, Lilian and her staff found these individuals gained a news mastery over their lives. It was nothing short of inspirational.

Now this guided meditation has been used as a support system by people from around the world. If you or anyone you know is suffering from pain- psychologically, physically and spiritually, this guided mediation is made for you.


Please visit

Books and Cd's available on

Friday, June 7, 2013

Gemini Forecasts for 2013 and 2014

GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Symbol: The Twins
Element: Air
Sign: Masculine
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Quality: Mutable
Ruling House: Third
Opposite Sign: Sagittarius

Birthstones: Agate, Pearl (although not a stone or gem, the pearl is still considered a birthstone in this case)
Most compatible with Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces
Group: Emotional
Energy Sign: Yang
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colours: Green, Light Blue, Silvery White
Chinese Counterpart: Horse
Special Qualities: Communicator, Intelligent, Romantic, Dreamer, Multi-tasker, Friendly, Humorous, Curiosity, ability to share ideas, adaptable, affectionate, over-sensitive, practical, kind.
Favourable Professions: Public Relations, Human Resource, Journalism, Writer, Teacher,
Energy: Yang
Sensitive Areas: Blood, Nervous system, Shoulders, Lungs
Traits: Expressive eyes, quick, bright, often small-boned, refined features.
Likes: Music; magazines; books; music; writing; anything connected with communication, or innovative or educational ideas; chats with nearly anyone; short trips around town.
Dislikes: Repetition and routine, being confined, told what to do.
Favourable Surroundings: Libraries, gatherings, bookstores, museums. art galleries, places of learning.
Gemini Personality: Versatility is a great keyword for this dual sign. Expressive and quick-witted, the Gemini presents two distinctive sides to his or her personality, and you can never be sure with which one you're going to come face-to-face. On one hand, the Gemini can be outgoing, flirtatious, communicative, and ready for fun, fun, fun. Yet when the other twin is present, you can find this air sign contemplative, serious, restless, and even indecisive. Both twins are able to adapt to life's circumstances well, making them wonderful people to know. Things are never boring when a Gemini is on the scene.

Gemini Forecasts 2013

2014 has the potential to be an excellent year for Geminis as the positive influence of Jupiter attracts growing good fortune and opportunities from June 11th onwards. Make the most of this opportune cycle as this planet of good luck returns only once every twelve years.

The first part of 2013 will require the tidying up of lose ends, helping to create the necessary circumstances and state of mind to make the most of the advantageous changes due to happen in the later half of the year.
Although Jupiter will bring about beneficial shifts, it will take up to a year before the real advantages are felt, enhancing your career and love path, and also accelerating personal growth and understanding. This positive influence can also lead to business success and greater public standing, and for some, even fame. Choices that do not provide the outcome hoped for during this period, will provide important lessons, imparting beneficial insights, and leading to a change in path which brings eventual achievement. This year demands effort but the rewards are worth it.

June and October will bring favourable outcomes for those sorting out legal issues, sales, or important documents.

Gemini’s looking for love will find 2013 a good year for attracting attention and affection. Though 2014 is likely to be the big year for love, with shifts bringing opportunities for intense connections, to even those Gemini’s who have happily chosen singledom.

The busy Gemini will feel the need to reduce their work commitments around August, September, even if it is only for a short while, in order to de-compress, regenerate, and make some time for higher priorities.

Business dealings are favoured for Gemini’s in 2013, particularly from mid-year, with optimistic Jupiter bringing a lightness and confidence to important interactions. However, between late August and early September, it is not a time for risk-taking. Careful planning and prudent decision-making may be required to ensure that all bases are covered, helping to create a better outcome. November proves to be an excellent month for business and career, with more than one choice to improve your circumstances. If you wish to enhance your career or business image, or present an important new product or service, this month is also favoured.

For Gemini writers, 2013 is a year full of promise, so get your work out there and get noticed!

Likely increases in income will be a welcome change for Gemini’s in 2013, with some finding extra money arriving as raise in salary or new job, while others will benefit from a sideline venture. After June, long term investments are likely to provide extra funds; but avoid risky new financial ventures as they will set your finances back rather than improve your situation.

Improvement in family relationships are highlighted this year, with Gemini’s having experienced family tensions, finding new ways to solve prior misunderstandings or feelings of emotional distance. Family reunions and celebrations will bring a growing closeness.

For single Gemini’s, the chance to experience a sudden mutual attraction that could evolve into real love is likely in 2013; but for other single Gemini’s, 2014 will be the year when an intense instant connection, blossoms into romance and a potentially permanent bond. Gemini’s are extremely independent and individual in nature, but whether you choose to make your relationship a lasting one or not, remember the key to happiness in love is to maintain your distinctive approach to life. Stay true to yourself, because that is the person, your partner fell in love with.

Gemini Forecast 2014
Gemini’s love to keep busy, well, productive, and 2014 will prove to be a very productive year, however, a special love relationship, or an intense new mutual attraction, may provide an attractive and unexpected distraction from important goals. In other ways, this year proves to more stable than recent years, with most plans coming together as hoped, and without the unwanted twists and turns, even shocks, that made previous years sometimes challenging to manoeuvre. This year marks an important new phase in your life, Gemini, but you will have to work hard to reap the major rewards.

With Jupiter influencing your financial sector, growing prosperity is likely, with extra money coming your way in the first half of the year, due to work efforts rather than luck. You will be feeling more self-assured and your social life will improve as a result. The urge to channel your energy into charitable, community, and spiritual groups or endeavours will be strong in the section half of 2014. 6th May, 18th June, and particularly 24th July 2014, are likely to be your most favourable days for attracting or organizing better financial outcomes. Promotions or positive job changes are likely in the first half of the year, though March is not particularly favoured. Gemini’s will develop the knack of delegation this year, which will free up some time to concentrate on more significant matters and details.

The multi-faceted and dextrous Gemini will find themselves to be more focussed this year, concentrating on the most crucial task at hand, rather than flitting between three or more projects or ideas at once. Career and ambitions will benefit from this new ability to focus, and so will the Gemini’s love-life, with singles finding themselves ready to concentrate on one suitable relationship.

Those who may not have appreciated your talents, will change their mind in 2014, finally acknowledging your gifts and abilities; a change which will either help career prospects and put you in a better position to realize your dreams. Thanks to Pluto, Gemini’s will experience an opening up on a spiritual and intuitive level, with greater insights and growing awareness.

In March, try to avoid letting trust issues, adversely affect a blossoming connection.

A friend may need advice or support sometime between April and May, but your keen intellect and kind heart will be more than enough to help them through this phase.

A work colleague or business associate, may prove either difficult or confusing in May. It may simply be a communication issue, but if not, don’t act or speak rashly. Wait until all the information is provided to possibly diffuse tensions without incident.

Gemini’s who have been feeling restricted by circumstances or a difficult relationship, will find a satisfactory solution by mid-year; the positive shift brought about by a change in strategy and mindset rather than confrontation.

From July onwards, expect an increase in communications, networking, and social activities, particularly when linked to community groups, organizations, or education.

For some, these connections will provide a new friendship that may turn into love. Though 2014 is overall a good year for short distance, or duration, trips, September is also favourable for long trips, particularly if everything has been planned carefully in advance.

October is an exciting month with plenty of action and decision-making required, but with good results.
December may see delays on projects and applications.

Gemini’s are known to be talented teachers and instructors, and this year, you will be required to train or pass on information to others. The results are likely to be impressive.

2014 is a great year for consolidation of past efforts, but also to forge ahead, making your business more prosperous, or your career path more fulfilling. Love is also favoured in 2014, with the opportunity to meet a fascinating person from a different field, and despite your differences, you will be well-matched with similar values and ethics for a lasting satisfying bond. A fulfilling year of growing confidence, helped along by a series of significant accomplishments.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Guided Meditation - Chakra Balancing and Healing(video)

A complete chakra balancing & healing session. Working from the base chakra up to the crown chakra using unique sounds and colors. You are left feeling totally refreshed and energized! Meditation supplied by . Get the extended version of this featured meditation video and 29 free chakra balancing and healing mp3 audios from .

"Tapping to Relieve Pain" video

In this video, Gabrielle Bernstein shares an EFT exercise on Tapping to Release Pain.

For more on tapping check out the Tapping Solution:

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Taurus Forecasts 2013

A detailed forecast for Taureans for 2013. Find out what's in store!

TAURUS Apr 20 - May 20
Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Group: Emotional
Energy: Yin
Polarity: Negative

Favourable Colours: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Ochre
Chinese Counterpart: Snake
Ruling Planet: Venus
Quality: Fixed
Ruling House: 2nd
Opposite Sign: Scorpio
Associated Gems: Emerald, Agate
Sensitive Areas: Throat, Neck
Favourable Professions: Accountant, Actor, Performer, Banker, Engineer, Musician
Qualities: Dependable, Patient, Caring, Musical, Practical, Usually a strong body and high resistance to ill health or when sick – often recover quickly, Stubborn, Talented Cooks, Romantic
Life Lessons: Developing the ability to say what you are feeling and thinking, and flexibility
Likes: Gardening, cooking, working with hands, music, romance, a secluded home close to nature. Enjoying good food is also important. Surrounded and immersed in beauty and comfort
Dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, instability, synthetic fabrics.
Favourable Surroundings: A comfortable, beautiful home living close to nature.

Resilient, dependable, strong, and stubborn, Taurus people are hard working and have a determination that eventually gets them to their goal. Taureans love the finer things in life, and appreciate beauty and harmony. Sensual, tactile and romantic, Taureans are often gifted lovers, and lovers of all things beautiful. Sentimental and reliable, they typically make wonderful partners, despite the fact that male Taureans often find it hard to verbally communicate the depth of their feelings to loved ones. Taurean males prefer to let their actions speak for themselves, but Taurean Ms and Mrs have no problem speaking their affection as well as showing it. Taureans are the most dynamic of all Earth signs, and often exude a charisma that makes many under the sign of Taurus suitable for the performing arts. Though many Taureans exhibit a conservative streak, all have an underlying creative side and often show a flair for making, fixing, or decorating.


2013 promises to be a bit of an exciting rollercoaster ride for Taureans this year, with its share of ups and downs, but plenty of exciting challenges and successes to keep you interested. Creativity and innovation are the key for Taureans this year, with a growing desire to tap into the imaginative and inspirational side of life.

With the creative urge being heightened during 2013, Taureans can expect that fabulous ideas will come thick and fast. Contentment and comfort will also be high on the agenda with the potential to create changes in life that will allow these wonderful states to become part of your everyday experience.

Career and business are favoured, with important changes for the better on offering, but these changes will also mean that you may find yourself busier than ever. Exciting, but distracting events, or new social connections, may interfere with your concentration, and delay the achievement of significant goals, unless you remind yourself what your priorities are, and avoid being drawn into time-wasting, or time-draining, activities. However, take time out to relax so you may sustain the effort needed to fulfil your important objectives. Prioritizing your steps to accomplishing your dreams in the first half of 2013 will be a vital aid to success later in the year.

Following your passion will be important to you this year, but passion aligned to realizing your most important goals. Just don’t let negative comments by envious or difficult people slow down your pace in your stride towards what has long been your dream to accomplish.

Simplifying your life this year, will bring a sense of comfort and ease that previous avenues to satisfaction has never brought, possibly down-sizing your living space, throwing out all the clutter in your house, or perhaps ridding yourself of the unnecessary thoughts that have cluttered your mind.

Feeling the urge for freedom this year, will motivate many Taurus people to take that longed-awaited journey, to immerse themselves in experiences which is likely to lead to personal revelations, or major lifestyle changes. You may find yourself reviewing your schedule of the daily grind, altering patterns in your life to create a fresh vision of how you wish your life to unfold. Taureans will find themselves seeing themselves and their lives with new eyes, ready to change what hasn’t been working for them for a long time.

Although your inner spirit will be calling you to throw off the shackles of the past, one person in your life may be concerned about your willingness to rethink life and make a fresh start. Negotiation and compromise may be the way to put their mind at ease and help them to alter their lives for the better, along with your own.

Taureans are known for getting things done, the only difference is that this year, you will get more done than previous years. Nothing is likely to stop Taureans this year, except themselves, if they let worried, negative thoughts defeat them before they have really started. Striking a harmonious balance between work and relaxation will be at the forefront of Taurus thinking this year, and with this aim in mind, Taureans will reorganize themselves to make sure this balance is achieved by no later than September.

Social life looks like it will be providing plenty of fun and interaction for the lively Taurus, and a couple of valuable new friendships will prove to be lasting precious additions to the Taurean’s life. Meeting people through business and local organizations will reinvigorate the Taurean’s social circle, and prove a wonderful chance to relax and forget about everything that needs to get done, at least for a while.

Starting the year with great enthusiasm and a clear idea of what you would like to achieve, will create the foundation for a promising year, and between June and August, many of the ideas you had in mind, will start to be realized. A difficult work relationship will change for the better, perhaps through improved communication or you both are ready to let by-gones be by-gones.

Developing faith in your own ability will put you in a good place to forge ahead with career or business goals, while other Taureans will be putting this growing confidence towards realizing dreams related to passionate pastimes and creative skills. Although not a trait normally associated with Taurus, beware of impatience showing itself in May, although by June, these feelings have subsided, whether or not the delays have disappeared.
You will not have to be an expert in your field to achieve great things this year. With passion and heart, your potential and latent talent will be obvious and teamed with your enthusiasm and willingness to learn more and contribute your utmost, your chance to improve your work situation will vastly improve this year, and even your financial situation will benefit.

Taureans will find themselves working harder than usual this year, but reaping rewards for the efforts poured into projects. You will reach a level of expertise in one area this year, which will propel you forward towards future success and a sense of satisfaction that will inspire to push yourself even further. Just don’t doubt yourself or your ability, and your pathway to achievement will be clear.
Your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings will be better than usual this year, which will be a blessing for Taurean males, their partners, or potential partners.

Setting realistic objectives is not usually difficult for Taureans, and this ability to prioritize and tap into common sense, will provide you with an advantage over others striving for similar goals in career or business. 2013 is going to be an extremely constructive and productive year for most Taureans. There is a lot to get done this year, but with your Taurean determination and excellent work ethic, your chance to make great things happen is almost a certainty.

Taureans make excellent leaders and managers but sometime feel uncomfortable taking on roles in which they have to put themselves above others; however this year, they will be ready to take on the mantle of leadership and not allow themselves to be held back by any thoughts that prevent them from shining and showing what they are capable of contributing and achieving.

Since your work life may be quite demanding this year, ensure that you create a timetable to allow for enough quality time with your partner and family to maintain nurtured, strong, and happy relationships.

This is the year for love, single Taureans are likely to cross paths with that wonderful person who could be your special one and only! 2013 will prove to be a year of surprises in the love-life area for all Taurus people, with partnered Taureans using a fresh approach to improve existing relationships, and single Taureans ready to try new activities to meet new, interesting people, extending their social circle and networking for friendship and love. The walls that usually surround the Taureans emotional centre will come down and the courage to be open and vulnerable will give Ms, Mrs and Mr Taurus a greater sense of closeness to those already in their lives, and creating opportunities to accept promising new people into their world. One of Taurus’ major strengths is their patience, and in the case of love and friendships, their patience in awaiting the arrival of that loving lasting relationship will pay off, some time from July onwards.

Taureans aiming to start a family will be blessed with hoped-for news, and launch themselves into the preparation for the baby with gusto.

Taureans in long term, challenging relationships, will find their difficulties seeming more surmountable. A mediator or counsellor may be enlisted to help soothe previous hurts and form a game plan to build bridges and create a happier future together. Luckily Taureans are in the right mindset this year to try new ways to solve old problems.

A small issue may be caused crossed lines of communication, taking a while to resolve, but once both parties accept that it was really just a misunderstanding and no one intended to upset the other, everything will be fine. A lesson in tolerance and forgiveness will be learnt by both parties, eventually.

Any disharmony within the family unit will improve by December, but it may be necessary not to go over old ground when things have been sorted, to prevent the “opening up of old wounds”.
The positive influences ofVenus, Uranus, and Jupiter will bring about many harmonious events and interactions this year, and by the second half of 2013, love will enter the lives of those who have been hoping for the special person to whom they can spend their lives.

You will be feeling sentimental this year and enjoying a greater sense of closeness with loved ones, and with an improved ability to tap into your inner stillness, you are likely to feel more reflective and contented than the last few years.

Although it might be a slow start, by the second half of 2013, Jupiter’s influence is likely to see you enjoying a period of increased success, and taking on tasks that challenge but inspire you to push further ahead in your career or business. Taureans whose fields of endeavour involve art, writing, music, or other forms of creative expression, are likely to attract attention from those in influential positions this year, with accolades for a job well done, highly likely.

Your innovative and creative drives will see you coming up with ideas and strategies that will help to bring in greater income over the next few years. If you wish to get noticed at work, this year provides the drive and possibilities to make a real mark in the workplace. From June onwards, your efforts to excel and be noticed will begin to pay off in the best possible way. However you may need to join forces with others to achieve some of the more demanding goals and get the results you are hoping for. By the end of the year, any contracts or legal obstacles, and any situations that may have caused you difficulties will be dealt with to your satisfaction.

Taureans considering a business partnership will be seeking the advice of a third party to ensure everything is completely ironclad and the risks minimized, before going ahead with possible business deals or mergence.

Your intuition will be useful in the work environment this year, giving you the heads up who not to tell what, to avoid being an object of office gossip and back-biting. Taureans are known for their honesty and straightforwardness, however, sometimes silence is definitely golden. Likelihood of promotion is high this year, particularly mid-year and September, giving you more than one chance to get ahead in 2013.

Try not to make waves in the work environment in August because the outcome is not likely to be in your favour. Best strategy during the month is to remain focussed on the work at hand, and do not let others issues press your buttons.

Since your work life will be more hectic than usual in 2013, ensure that you take some time out daily to de-stress, perhaps go for a walk or visit the gym, or play with your children and pets. Even regular sporting activities could be just what Taureans need to let go of the pressures of work or business.

This year promises to be a favourable one for Taurus and their finances. Though typically careful with their money, Taureans will have a little more to play with this year, though still within sensible perimeters. Despite the positive influences impacting on Taurean finances, taking on a large, risky investment will not have a favourable outcome, so the usual Taurean prudent approach would be best in this circumstance. Business investments are not favoured in the first half of 2013, but in the second half of 2013, changes to business structure or business strategies are likely to provide a fortunate new path to increasing funding or income. Between June and September, profit or income is likely to improve, partially due to enhance monetary management, and exploring new ways of earning money.


Taureans will be longing to spend time near water, or travelling over it, which is an interesting turn of events for this Earth sign. Short trips are likely in the first half of 2013, but the second half of the year favours a longer journey, though some Taureans may feel that it is necessary to postpone their journey to early 2014 due to financial considerations.

Typically Taureans possess a strong physical constitution, seldom getting ill; but for Taureans who succumb to illness, they have a determination that means they can keep on going despite lethargy or discomfort. Taureans are a hardy breed! Health and vitality is likely to be typical for Taureans during 2013, with little likelihood of serious conditions, however, problems caused by over-work or stress could cause issues that lead to fatigue or health conditions if Taureans do not take the time out daily to decompress and enjoy a little play and relaxation. Sleep and digestion may also be affected if the determined Taurus doesn’t take some time off regularly to restore their inner balance and peaceful thinking.

2013 Forecast Summary:
A year of full of surprises, challenges and changes that will provide what is invaluable for your professional success and emotional joy. If you are seeking love, this year gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beginnings of a fulfilling relationship, and financial improvement by the third quarter of year, provides you with the increasing funds. Taureans will find 2013, a year of exploring a variety of possible paths, some of which you had never considered prior, making for an interesting year, filled with opportunities, life lessons, and achievement. Time to excel!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Wonderful Guided Meditation (clip)

A guided meditation incorporating positive thinking, self-hypnosis, and meditative thinking to help you achieve a more relaxed, positive state.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beautiful Native American Shamanic Music (video)

Am hour of haunting, uplifting music to relax and meditate. Buy "Sunset Ceremony" on Google PlayiTuneseMusic:
Artist David & Steve Gordon

0:00 - 7:01 Wasicu Lakota Native indian music
7:02 - 11:51 Voices of the Wind
11:52 - 15:58 Indian spirit 2 + Voices of the Wind
15:59 - 19:03 Ly-o-Lay-Ale-Loya
19:04 - 22:32 Mohicans (indianische Musik)
22:33 - 26:53 Indian Spirit
26:54 - 29:20 Der mit dem Wolf tantz Indianer II
29:21 - 31:33 Ghost Dance ~ Native American ~ Power Drums ~ Spirit Pride
31:34 - 34:58 Native American ~ Spritual Music
34:59 - 39:32 Eagle Feather - Native indian music
39:33 - 41:46 Indian Sacred Spirit - Indian Music
42:47 - 44:03 GREAT SPIRIT Native american dream
44:04 - 48:49 the sacred of spirit yo - hey - o - hee
48:50 - 52:24 ~ Native American Spiritual Music 2 ~
52:25 - 56:12 Drum Music Fire Drums (Ariel Kalma Kamal M.Engels)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aries Forecast for 2013

Aries, what does 2013 hold in store for you? Find out about Love, Career, Health and more...

ARIES - Mar 21 - Apr 19
Symbol: The Ram
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling House: First
Opposite Sign: Libra
Birthstones Diamond
Group: Emotional

Favourable Colours: Red, Pink
Polarity: Positive
Energy Sign: Yang
Chinese Counterpart: Dragon
Special Qualities : Enterprising Personality, Adventurous; Courage, Determination, Self-confidence, Enthusiasm.
Weaknesses: Impatience, need to keep ego in check, push themselves too hard;
Health Sensitivities: Brain, Headaches, Migraines
Special Qualities: Enterprising Personality, Adventurous, Constructive, Strong, Active, Optimistic, Confident, Dynamic, Quick, Free-spirited, swagger in their walk; vitality, Competitive, youthful attitude, like to be in charge, Pioneering,
Likes: Comfortable clothes, taking the lead, physical challenges.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, inactivity, delays,
Best environment: Any situation that requires action, courage in the face of fear, competition, and freedom of choice

Aries 2013 General Forecast
From March onwards, the planet of Uranus will begin to exert greater influence over Aries, marking a time of quickening, when life is likely to become busier and more productive.

2013 is a year of huge changes for Aries, inside and out, with your thoughts and attitudes improving, and a readiness to use these alterations in focus and approach to make great things happen. You may be feeling slightly concerned about what life has in store, but your objective to make this a significant and successful year will motivate you to do what is necessary to move in the direction of your goals, regardless of apparent obstacles or current delays.

Aries are a courageous and strong breed, so despite any concerns or temporary blocks, you will find a way to forge ahead this year, using lateral and innovative thinking, and trying new ways to realize your dreams, or formulate new dreams.

Unfamiliar territory will be travelled, and challenging situations will inspire you to create new strategies and learn new skills, eventually leading you to an excellent outcome. Shifting perspectives is the key to success this year, and a new flexibility in thinking and acting that proves to be the winning combination.

Relationships will undergo readjustment this year too, with Aries looking long and hard at how to better deal with stress as a team, and how to create a happier dynamic for a positive future together. Aries will enjoy growing support from their partner, and your relationship is likely to strengthen this year through an improved way of communicating the depth of your love for one another. Aries with children will be organizing their time differently in 2013, so despite busy work schedules, more time can be spent every day enjoying pleasurable and relaxing activities with loved ones. Single Aries will find 2013 an excellent year in which to find a compatible partner, simply by making the effort to include new people and activities in their life.
Aries are known for their dynamism and 2013 will prove to be your most dynamic year for a long while. Whatever field or interest you turn your hand to, you will do so with an effort that will make you stand out from the crowd and put you in a prime position to achieve a desired goal.

Love and Relationship

By mid-April, you will be feeling fun and sociable and ready to mingle with new people and make connections that will enhance your life on both an emotional and work level. 2013 is an excellent year to improve existing bonds, nurturing a strength and stability that may have been not as evident for a while. This is the year to make close relationships closer, and for single Aries, to find that special someone to enjoy a deep and meaningful relationship.

For Aries interested in re-establishing past bonds, 2013 is a time in which past hurts can be healed and discussions can provide ways to sort out issues successfully. Negotiation and compromise will be used to great effect this year, with Aries finally learning these two important skills and employing them to enhance their personal and professional relationships. Love is on the agenda this year, Aries. All you need to do is show and communicate the depth of your affection and respect with those you care about; while single Aries need to make an effort to let down any emotional walls and be willing to show their tender side.

Career and Business

You will be feeling inventive and innovative this year, and earn a great deal of respect for your growing skills and knowledge base. Profits or income are likely to increase mid-year. This is an important year to focus on preparation as well as action, diplomacy and the use of your charm in the work place to avoid any unnecessary tension with co-workers or superiors. Mid-year is an opportune time to finalize agreements and legal dealings.

Aries business owners, or those seeking to establish a new business, will be feeling passionate about their goals, but maintaining a sensible balance between advancing their objectives while keep their budget under control. Enthusiastic, but level-headed and steady, brings the greatest progress and success in 2013.

With a busy workload during 2013, sore muscles or back pain need to be kept at bay through a sensible fitness program or stretching exercises, and regular relaxation practices, this year. Fitness regimes and sports activities will bring you a sense of calmness and physical endurance, however, try not to push yourself beyond what your body is telling you is beneficial. Allergies may be an issue for some Aries, however, dietary improvements will prove useful in dealing with problems caused by allergic sensitivities. Aries usually possess high energy levels, but stamina may fluctuate noticeably during 2013 if you do not put healthy daily practices into action. But overall, Aries will enjoy a reasonable year of health and vitality.

Since Arians typically love physical activities and travel, opportunities to go on a several shorter journeys and one longer journey during 2013 will provide you with plenty of special moments to enjoy and share with others this year. Between July and November, with the exclusion of August, are favoured for travel.

Aries 2013 Overview
You will be ready and willing to reorganize your life this year, clearing out what needs to be released, including outmoded thinking, and create a solid foundation on which to build your new life. Hectic, but extremely satisfying, 2013 proves to be a year in which Aries can forge ahead and finally achieve some longed-for goals. Although it may be a slow start, this year will be one in which you can radically improve yourself and the direction of your life. Do not let impatience or negative-thinking hold you back. If you concentrate on where you want to head, what is necessary to make it happen, and do what is needed, you could make this year, your best one yet!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pisces Forecast for 2013

Comprehensive FORECAST FOR PISCES FOR 2013

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
Ruling Planets: Neptune, Jupiter
Star Sign Gender: Feminine
Quality: Mutable
Energy: Yin
Polarity: Negative
Ruling House: Twelfth

Opposite Sign: Virgo
Birthstones: Moon Stone, Aquamarine, Bloodstone
Symbol: The Fish
Element: Water
Chinese Counterpart: Rabbit
Aligned Day of the Week: Thursday
Favourable Colours: Sea Blue. Sea Green, Lavender, Silver and Black
Physically-Sensitive Areas: Feet, Toes, Liver, Lymph System
Well-Suited Professions: Medicine, Healing Arts, Intuitive Professions, Artist, Photographer, Musician, Dancer, Music or Literary Agent, Librarian, Professor,
Strengths: Intuitive, compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise, musical, understanding, easygoing. Empathic,
Characteristic Appearance: Soft, often delicate to medium build. Face easily shows emotion.
Likes: Spiritual themes, time alone, visual media, time to sleep, romance, music, swimming.
Dislikes: Know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, being criticized, cruelty of any kind.
Best environment: On or near water, especially the sea, and the cinema.

Piscean Characteristics
Pisceans have a strong belief in the invisible, spiritual side of existence. The Pisceans sometimes oversensitive nature may at times lead them to perceive themselves to be a victim or martyr, be fearful, sad or desire to escape reality; however their amazing sensitivity can also make them deeply intuitive. Pisceans also possess talent in various creative and musical fields. Pisces people are driven by the desire to please and soothe others with many possessing healing ability. The Pisces nature is mutable and more than any of the other water signs, moves and flows and becomes one with its environment. Due to their intuitive nature, Pisceans tend to absorb the energy around them so it is important that Pisceans surround themselves with positive people who keep their spirits up and help them to see the positive side of life. Easygoing and generally accepting of others around them, Pisceans are known as gentle and affectionate Pisceans and are often found in the company of a variety of different personalities. Their willingness to give of themselves emotionally lends to an aura of quiet empathy. A Pisces is comforting to be around. Pisceans possess an understanding that surpasses that of any other zodiac sign. They easily comprehend others, and are usually well-loved by their many friends and associates.

Pisces is symbolized by the twin fishes swimming in continuous circles in the heavens. Its’ sign represents duality, the yin yang of eternal existence - one fish signifying the “pluses” of life, the other fish, “minuses”. Due to their duality, Pisceans may, at times, sense a feeling of conflict within themselves, and need to guard against feeling withdrawn, down, and alienated. Although, practicality and physical reality are things they do not relate to well, Pisceans are extremely sensitive and can perceive and understand the situation of other people better than those people themselves. Pisceans often enjoy story-telling, myths and parables, and revel in gentle activities such gardening, swimming, dance, painting or playing a musical instrument.


The urge to take some calculated risks to achieve important goals will be a strong catalyst for change during 2013. A willingness to act on previously-shelved tasks will provide opportunities for promotion or success in current ventures. Feeling stronger than ever, and ready to deal with any obstacles that could possibly arise, means Pisces people are in the right frame of mind to improve their lives on all fronts in 2013. There may be a few issues with superiors at work or those in authoritative positions affecting business projects, but with a positive attitude, diplomacy, and a readiness to take the necessary action, nothing need stop you this year, Pisces.

Pisces are typically idealistic about all things romantic, but the reality of what a genuine and lasting love requires to be successful and enduring, kicks in during 2013, with many Pisceans and their relationships benefiting from this revelation; though the few Pisceans who continue to cling to an out-dated “rose-coloured” glasses vision, may leave them feeling a little disappointed that the reality of routine and responsibility in their committed relationships does not live up to their daydreams. The solution, keep romance alive with a touch of daily spontaneity and fun, while still living up to the responsibilities of day-to-day life.

A hectic but fascinating year for Pisces people, with many ideas and ventures to keep you interested and challenged. Your emotional life is due to improve this year, with close relationships becoming closer and new connections adding a renewed vitality and affection.

Pisces are not known for good money management, but this year, Pisceans will be getting a better hold on their money and organizing a happy balance between income and expenditure, providing a positive foundation for future financial stability.
Pisceans with bad habits or negative lifestyle issues will find themselves finally changing their attitude and approach for the better, nurturing happiness and improvement. That bad habit is likely to become a thing of the past this year, and anything you wish to change about yourself is within your power to make happen. Pisceans who have been living the life of a hermit, will feel motivated to get more social in 2013, and meet new people out in the real world, rather than simply from behind their computer keyboard.

Intellectual goals and the acquisition of knowledge and skills are highlighted this year, with Pisces people ready and willing to make the effort to increase and improve their abilities with good results.
A luckier year than the previous one, 2013 sees doors opening unexpectedly, and difficulties of 2012 finally resolved, and with lessons learnt, life provides the chance to create a better, productive path into the future. This year will be the “harvest year”, when years of hard work begin to payoff. An incredibly busy year for Pisceans, but also likely to be a very satisfying one, as long as you make time to spend with loved ones, and don’t focus all your attention on your career or business goals.

Pisces Love and Relationships 2013
Pisceans in partnered relationship will find 2013 a year of growing closeness, with the passion revisited and any previous loss of intimacy starting to heal. Those who have gone through a difficult patch romantically are likely to find a way to remedy the gap and improve communication and understanding, resulting in heightening attraction, fanning that initial spark of attraction once more. Social occasions will give you and your partner a chance to dress up and enjoy some fun, rather than just focussing on problems or day-to-day issues, also helping to revitalize your bond together.

Single Pisceans will be up for a bit of romance this year too, making an effort to meet some new people and opening up their heart to potential love interests; but since Pisces have a tendency to “fall in love with love”, it may be wise to give the relationship time to grow before you decide whether or not the relationship is likely to bring you both enduring happiness. If you share similar value and goals, and communicate openly and honestly about your deepest feelings, this relationship may be what you have been hoping for, and last the distance.

Pisceans will be feeling rather frisky this year which may work well for partnered Fish, but could lead to some ill-advised flirtations for the single Pisces. If you are seeking lasting love, don’t simply rely on physical attraction. but consider the guidance of your heart, Pisces, and the outcome is likely to be a happy one, with even the potential of a life partner entering your life. Engaged Pisceans will be ready to marry or start making arrangements for the upcoming nuptials with great results. Though sentimental with a tendency to daydream, this year Pisceans will experience a revelation about relationships which provides a clearer vision and understanding of what genuine love truly is, giving the opportunity to heal past hurts, and Pisceans enjoying richer relationships with the important people in their lives. A transformational year for Pisceans in regards to love and close friendships, with a heightened sense of affection and appreciation for all those who make up the rich emotional canvas of Mr, Mrs and Ms Pisces.

Pisces Career, Business and Finances 2013
The first quarter of 2013 is likely to be hectic, but fortunately, also productive and beneficial. Pisceans in business may find 2013 a roller coaster ride with lows and highs, but with careful planning, the positive phases can help even out the quieter, more challenging times. Not a particularly a good year for investing in bonds and shares, or high risk investments; however opportunities to increase your income will present themselves on a variety of occasions during the year. With determined efforts and a positive approach, people will be impressed by your ideas and ability, which could provide excellent new leads for Pisceans. Business plans are likely to unfold nicely, despite a few obstacles or delays, but stick to a sensible budget to ensure maximum benefits. A difficult co-worker or supervisor may press your buttons, but if you can take the moral high ground, and avoid confrontation, or at least, do not let yourself become embroiled in disagreements, any tension will eventually dissipate and work will get back to normal. Those considering starting a new business venture this year, will be well-prepared and careful in their approach, keeping their spending to a minimum while pursuing their plans with enthusiasm and innovative thinking.

Pisceans who have been dealing with work-related difficulties will come up with some viable solutions to their situation, with more than one approach to improve their career or business prospects during 2013. Pisces who have or will lose their job, will not let this setback stop them this year, prepared to learn whatever is necessary to ready themselves for a more suitable position, or launch a small-scale business venture. Older Pisceans will be feeling exceedingly creative, with ideas and possibilities coming thick and fast.

Pisces Health and Vitality 2013
Though feeling a tad fragile emotionally or physically at the start of 2013, as the year progresses, you will find your strength increasing on all levels, possibly due to a change in lifestyle or diet, or maybe simply because your attitude is shifting into high gear in order to achieve everything you have on your priority list this year. Generally Pisces health will be sound, but digestive sensitivities or muscle aches are possible if you don’t take time out to chill and replenish yourself, particularly between April and May. Otherwise, a reasonably good year for Pisces health with energy levels gradually improving.

Pisces Overview 2013
It looks like 2013 will shape up to be an excellent year for Pisces people with plenty of excitement, love, and challenges to help you realize your personal and professional potential, and enjoy a sense of accomplishment you have been hoping for. Hectic, sometimes difficult, but mostly entertaining, invigorating and surprising, 2013 is definitely NOT going to be dull! If you want love this year, open your heart and let it in. If you want to career or business improvements, 2013 will provide the connections and choices to make great things happen. Go for it, Pisces! There is no time like the present to chase your dreams!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A relaxing "Time-Out" Guided Meditation video

Tranquil music and natural sounds, teamed with a soothing voice, makes this a very effective relaxation clip.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Forecasts for Aquarius 2013...

AQUARIUS - January 21 to February 19
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Element: Air
Ruling House: Eleventh
Ruling Planets: Uranus, Saturn
Quality: Fixed
Birthstones: Amethyst,Turquoise
Polarity: Positive
Energy: Yang
Opposite Sign: Leo
Chinese Counterpart: Tiger
Best Colours: Light Blue, Mid-Green, Turquoise, Yellow, Electric Blue, Sky Blue, Black, White

Suitable Professions: Art Gallery Owner or Manager; Designer, Interior Decorator, Writer; Music Composer
Special Qualities: Innovative, Creative, Intelligent, Idealist, Distinctive, Original, Honest, Loyal, Humanitarian, Independent, at times detached or finds it hard to show or talk about their deepest feelings and vulnerabilities, Attractive, Expressive Eyes, Friendly, Contrary, Unpredictable, Witty, Clever, Inventive, Stubborn, Individualist, Assertive, Eccentric, Quirky, Problem-solvers,
Dislikes: Being told what to do; limitations, restrictive rules and regulations; paperwork; clinginess, broken promises, dull and boring tasks or conversations, people not understanding the point they are trying to make; arguments;
Sensitive Areas of the Body: Ankles, Legs, Shins, Circulation,
Likes: Spending fun time with friends, standing up for what is right and making a positive difference in the world; deep, intelligent conversations,
Favourable Surroundings; Cafés and restaurants with friends deep in discussion; exchanging fascinating, innovative ideas, places filled with great music, theatre, or art;
Favourable Scents and Flowers: Gardenia, frankincense and myrrh, and the flowers of the Acacia.

Aquarius, you are the fixed thinker of the Air signs, determined and clever. The Air element means you are a “thinker” motivated by beliefs, strong opinions and interaction with other people. As the ‘fixed’ Air sign you put a lot of energy into forming opinions and hold on to them strongly.

Driven by two planets, each representing opposite principle,s you frequently display a ‘wild’ side, linked to planet Uranus, a highly individualistic nature, as well as a structured, ambitious, hard working Saturnian-side. You are happiest when you are doing something interesting or different in a big way. Your key phrase: “I serve humanity”.

Aquarius is considered to be the “Sign of the weirdo”, but in a good way! Maybe “Sign of the Individual” is more accurate. Aquarians like to think and act outside the box. If you see someone wearing something unusual, or with pink hair, chances are they are an Aquarian or have an Aquarius Rising.

One of the strongest traits of those born under the Sun Sign of Aquarius is their unwillingness to follow the beaten track. With advancement and progress on their minds, there are the first to let go of old and outdated ways of thinking and doing things, and encourage society to do the same. These thinkers of the zodiac are also often the “movers and shakers” of our world, helping us to see new ways to resolve old problems, motivating us to reinvent our world using their vision for positive change as a guide.

The strong desire to connect with groups of people, express humanitarian principles and explore social life, are what drives you forward. The ‘waters’ that the Water Bearer carries are the waters of humanity and Aquarius serves humanity. Spirited and different are words frequently applied to Aquarius and this carries through to the powerful differences between your two ruling planets. Traditional ruler, Saturn endows structure and ambition and conservative values while your modern ruler, Uranus endows intuition and inventive, restless spurts of energy. As an Air sign you manifest these different sides of yourself in the way you think and communicate and in some of the quirky choices you make. It is often your job to keep people guessing! The aspects of the body ruled by Aquarius are the ankles, calves, tibia, fibula, shin bone and the breath. ‘Spiritus’ or breath is critical to your wellbeing and Aquarians benefit greatly from meditation techniques and deep slow breathing. It stills the restless mind.

You are the sign of community and you often find yourself in positions of power. The correct use of your power and the ability to build effective group enterprises is a special Aquarian challenge. Your second major life lesson is learning to strike the right balance between your restless, inquiring mind and your often neglected body. It is important to live in your body as well as your head.

Uranus represents the aspiring and inspired mind that leads you ever onward, while Saturn represents the reality of the material world and the need to nurture your body. Their special message for Aquarius is follow your mental inspirations and humanitarian goals while honouring body and soul needs.

Many Aquarians aim to free themselves of personal and social conditioning. Although open to change in theory, Aquarians can be rather stubborn. Their idealism runs strong, but they can be very fixed in their own opinions.

Though sometimes a bit detached or cool, Aquarians usually well-liked for they are caring and friendly. They are curious and observant, and tolerant. Prejudice and bias is offensive to the typical Aquarius. Aquarians are generally very clever, witty, and intellectual. They value progress and frankness.

There is a bit of reformer in Aquarius. They will try to get you to see through superficiality, and encourage you to be open and forthright. The Aquarian mottos are typically "Be true to yourself" and "Don't follow the crowd". Aquarians need space and value personal freedom. Any attempt to box an Aquarian in is likely fail for Aquarians need to be true to themselves and have the space to do it; otherwise they will become tired and unhappy. However, they return the favour, and never try to stop others in their lives from “being themselves” either. Aquarians treat people from all walks of life as equals and if you are quirky and different, all the better. Aquarians are also known for their love of animals and kindness to creatures in need of protection and care.

Aquarians are visionaries, progressive souls who love to spend time thinking about how things can be better. They are also quick to engage others in this process, which is why they have so many friends and acquaintances. Making the world a better place is a collaborative effort for Aquarians.

Aquarians treasure their many friends and acquaintances and want to give back as much as they can.

Aquarians will accomplish much with their broad and logical minds, entertaining complex and scientific ideas for the betterment of all. They are also artistic and inventive. Aquarians use apply their original approach to save the day, feeling that it is new thought which is needed to heal the world. Those born under this sign are altruistic, humane people who are determined to make a difference. The great strengths of the Aquarius-born are their vision, intellect and humanity. They are determined to make the world a better place and to help everyone they can along the way. They are truly the trailblazers of the zodiac.

At play, Aquarians like to surround themselves with lots of people, preferably family and friends. When it comes to love, Aquarians will also be playful, even flirtatious. While they play for keeps, it may not necessarily feel that way, since Aquarians are the opposite of jealous.

Aquarius Forecast 2013

Lovable and trustworthy Aquarius, it looks like you are in for a cracker of a year in 2013. Last year may not have brought you the rewards you were hoping for, but it has moved you into the prime position to make this a year of success and vibrancy. This year is richer in potential for Aquarians with exciting ideas and opportunities presenting themselves on more than one occasion. Aquarians are kind, hardworking, and inventive; all traits which will help them to make the most of this year, and finally see their dreams start to materialize.

Though impulsiveness is not usually a helpful trait, this year, your speedy responses to situations, backed by your noteworthy intellect, will mean that you will grab every opportunity as it presents itself, and make the most out of every beneficial event as they happen.

This year you will be feeling more energized than last, and have the courage and determination to deal with any difficult situation with a firm hand. Prioritizing your major objectives and putting time and effort into preparation will be crucial this year, but you will be up to the task. Once the foundation has been laid, you will throw yourself into the hard work required to manifest your dreams, with gusto.
You will be busier than usual this year, so make sure you take a little time to put your feet up to chill, daily, not just weekly. An excellent year to tap into your latent talents and skills, and express your creative side if you feel so inclined.

At work, asking for assistance from your superiors may be necessary, just pick your time and tone well, before you ask.
This year, you may feel you are a magnet for change, but fortunately, most changes will ultimately turn out well for you, though they may all seem like that at first. Your life will be filled with fascinating new people and options to take on new roles, either at work, home or time spent on interests and passions. Partnered Aquarians will finally understand something about their loved one that has puzzled or annoyed them in the past, bringing the relationship closer together. Single Aquarians will feel happier emotionally, and no longer fearful of merging their life and time with a special someone. Those in relationships that have been going through difficulties will resolve issues by November, either agreeing to heal the past or cutting ties for a new start.

Love and Relationships:

Venus, the planet of love, will be influencing Aquarians love-life this year, bringing opportunities for love and blissful situations. Many people under the sign of Aquarius will be tying the knot this year, with positive results. Surprising new people will enter the Aquarians lives, some with the potential to inspire love that could last a life-time. Although the beginning of the year starts well, the last half of the year is likely to be even better for love and romance, and friendships that have been possibly going through a rocky patch will finally be healed.
Relationships that have been slow to blossom will suddenly take a leap in a wonderful direction, bringing changes, not only to your relationship, but to your life in general.

For singles looking for love, it will arrive in an unexpected way, and with a person whom is not your usual “type”. This new love turns out to be more compatible and appreciative of you than any person you have been involved with any time before, so lucky you, and lucky them. And showing and expressing your affection for others will be easier this year than ever before, allowing for the establishment of a closer, more nurturing relationship than you had ever dreamed. The first person you meet this year, may not be the love of your life, but keep hopeful and out there, and that special person will eventually cross your path.

Friendship will remain important to Aquarians this year, with regular catch ups with special friends featuring. Many Aquarians will also find new deep spiritual friendships are likely to arrive on the scene, particularly between February and March, and September and October. A friend going through an imminent relationship breakup may need your shoulder to lean on this year, but your friendly, insightful nature will be of great solace and help, guiding them to a new, happier phase in their lives. Overall, it will be a happy year for love-life and friendships for Aquarians.

Career, Business and Finances

The innovative Aquarian will be using their inventiveness and originality this year, to great success in the work or business environment. Recognition and rewards are on the agenda this year for all Aquarians ready and willing to put in the effort for this is the year to make it all happen. The second half of 2013 will involve working hard and for many hours, but it can be one of the most productive periods you have experienced in a long time. For those Aquarians who have been working for years on a particular venture, or development of their talent, this is the year in which others will finally acknowledge your ability, and the achievement of long-awaiting goals.
Aquarians who are studying will achieve better results than expected due to organizing their time more effectively and putting in more effort than usual.

Those Aquarians who encounter a person or situation this year trying to stop your progress, they will only provide a detour on your path towards accomplishment, not a road block. Nothing can stop you if you keep on with your eyes firmly fixed on your goals, maintain a positive attitude, and keep up your efforts to make your dreams a reality.
During 2013, the urge to explore a new work direction will present itself, with many Aquarians feeling motivated to try out their skills in a fresh role. Even those Aquarians who decide to remain in their current job will encounter many changes in their work environment this year, all of which they will manage to adapt. Support at work will arrive from a surprising source, but it is assistance worth accepting.

The first half of the year may involve expenses necessary to achieve your desired career or business objectives, but by the second half you will see a growing inflow of money which will reward you for your earlier efforts and expenditure. By the later part of 2013, it will turn into a profitable year for Aquarians.

Health and Vitality:

Feeling full of pep and bounce this year, will give Aquarians that added vitality required to perform the tasks necessary to be successful. This year will see Aquarians improving their diet and fitness regimen; eating healthy, and making an effort to keep fit. Even Aquarians who commonly indulged in fast foods will feed inspired to cook and eat wholesome meals, and rid themselves of the fatigue, dental problems, and digestive upsets they were dealing with in 2012. The first half of 2013 will see Aquarians improving their lifestyles to enhance their health, and reaping the rewards of better health and vitality in the second half of the year.

2013 will be a fascinating year for those under the sign of Aquarius. Happiness in love, new supportive friendships and work connections, and achievement and recognition in career or business. What more could you ask?! Time to get started..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Forecasts for Year of the Black Water Snake (2013)

Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the Year of the Black Water Snake! Find out what this year means for you, with forecasts for every animal sign in Chinese Astrology.

The Year of the Black Water Snake begins on February 4th (though the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 10th) and marks a phase of sound progress and the need to pay careful consideration to details. Determination, focus and consistent effort will be qualities required in order to achieve the objectives you have set yourself; and quiet persistence, resilience, studiousness, and contemplation will provide you with the winning hand during the Year of the Snake.
Years of the Snake
1/23/1917 – 2/10/1918; 2/10/1929 – 1/29/1930; 1/27/1941 – 2/14/1942; 2/14/1953 – 2/2/1954; 2/2/1965 – 1/20/1966; 2/18/1977 – 2/6/1978; 2/6/1989 – 1/26/1990; 1/24/2001-2/11/2002; 2/10/2013-1/30/2014

Snakes represent mystery, prophecy, and healing. During the Chinese Spring Festival, people often decorate their windows and doors with paper “Fu” characters, depicting a snake encircling a rabbit symbolizing wealth.
Snake Positive Traits: Good Tempered; Communicate well but with as few words as possible; Typically careful with money, Snakes often achieve a secure financial position; Sympathetic and often motivated to help others; On the surface a Snake may seem calm but they are passionate and intense; Determined to succeed; Inspired and often creative or musical or both. Excellent healers; When in negative mode, snakes can be secretive, mistrustful, fickle, vain, proud, or manipulative; However generally Snakes are interesting, contemplative and on a quest to fulful their greatest potential.
Energy: Yin
Star Sign Counterpart - Taurus

The Year of the Black Water Snake General Overview for All Signs. (For Specific Forecasts for Each Sign, just scroll down.)

Be prepared to deal with situations changing without warning, and periods of instability intermittently this year; these surprising circumstances providing two of the most important life lessons, acceptance and adaptability. There will be also be times of enormous revelations, both on personal and societal levels.

This year may bring a larger work load, so ensure you also make time to relax and enjoy your important relationships. Pay careful attention to details regarding documents, particularly legal or contractual, before signing. The Year of the Snake is likely to be a favourable year for those involved in fields of work, or business, that relies on precision or minute details, especially investigation and research. Feelings of ambition may surface this year, pushing individuals to work harder at making their dreams a reality. The Year of the Snake also marks a period of increased responsibilities, and feelings of duty, experiencing a willingness, not only to do what is needed to enhance their own lives, but make a greater contribution to the wider society.

Self-transformation, personal healing and prophetic insights are also highlighted by the energy of the snake, with vivid dreams bringing deep messages and guidance; you feel the urge to improve yourself and your understanding of the part you play in existence, be rewarded by a sense of growing self-awareness. If you have been on a journey to heal past hurts, this year will bring the opportunities to recognize what needs to be changed, and what needs to be done, to remedy the situation.

Year of the Snake correlates to the colours of black, green, light blue, and the water element represents changeability, adaptability, and dynamism. The Year of the Black Water Snake 2013 provides the opportunity to make genuine progress, travelling slowly, but steadily, in a productive direction. The Year of the Black Water Snake will continue until the 31st of January, 2014.


Sixth sign of Chinese Zodiac
Element: Fire
Polarity: Negative
Astrological Sign Counterpart: Virgo

People born under the animal sign of the Snake are multifaceted individuals, intelligent and often very intuitive. “Snakes” tend to be people of few words, preferring the quiet, and contemplative or creative atmospheres. Often possessing notable business skills, and a desire to hold on to their money rather than spend it; with the notable exception of spending money to further their career or pursuits related to important aspirations. Snakes often possess noticeable self-confidence, with a few exhibiting an inflated ego. Snakes do not like loud noise or interruptions. People under this sign are often good with their hands, many being gifted artists, musicians, artisans, handymen and builders. They tend to be passionate and very active people. Snakes are believed to be most compatible with signs of the Ox and Rooster. (Just scroll down for more information on what this year means to those under the sign of The Snake.)


Rats are highly intelligent, quick, sensitive, loving, and typically good at "squirreling" away their money. Those under the animal sign of the Rat will find this year full of change and interesting twists and turns. Some shifts will provide the foundation for future success. The Year of the Snake will be an important period for those Rats who are studying, or planning to study, with personal accomplishment likely, but only if you are willing to work hard this year.

This is a wonderful year to explore your potential and interests, and find you possess new talents. Excitement and good fortune are likely in the Year of the Black Water Snake for all Rats.

Love and The Rat

The Year of the Black Water Snake will see Rats contemplating the direction of their relationships, most looking to improve, or heal, current connections, while others will be considering whether it is best to move on. 2013 holds great potential for love and harmony for Rats in love. Single Rats will also be enjoying their alone-time this year, thought still keeping their life open to a possible new love. Both partnered and single Rats will experience changes in their romantic unions, family relationships, or friendships, but change can be a positive force as long as the choices are well-considered and acted on with compassion and care. It is also an excellent year for improving your relationship to yourself too, as you learn to recognize and embrace your gifts and abilities, and giving yourself positive feedback on a job well-done. The opportunity to find lasting love presents itself for some single Rats this year, with a chance meeting with someone special who brings out the Rats’ best qualities, providing the opportunity to build a very different connection to previous romantic relationships.

Work and The Rat

Those Rats already in jobs will enjoy either be given the opportunity to try out a different role, or accept added duties. The Year of the Black Water Snake will provide interesting options for those under the animal sign of the Rat to rise up the career ladder. Be open to change in the work or business environment, and you open yourself up to some exciting new offers and work experience. Rats seeking employment will find training or formal study will assist them in getting that new job, if not in their chosen field, in another role that will eventually lead to that desired position. The chance to shine at work will present itself more than once during the year, so make sure you take advantage of the opportunities when they turn up, rather than holding back due to a fear of failure or lack of confidence. If you put your best foot forward, Mr/Mrs/Ms Rat are likely to achieve some important work-related goals this year.

Good luck abounds for Rats this year, so make the most of the favourable influence of the Year of the Black Water Snake and get to work on all those goals that are close to your heart and reap in those rewards.

The Ox

The hardworking Ox will be busy as usual this year. Ox’s are known for pushing themselves; even when they have accomplished their goals, they follow it up with more work to better their last best. The year of the Black Water Snake looks promising for the Ox, excitement, achievement, and for many of the sign of the Ox, love.

Love and The Ox

The Year of the Black Water Snake holds promise of love for those seeking new romance. An attraction will not only be distracting, but bring to mind thoughts of pursuing a deeper love. For Ox’s who have considered carefully whether there is a genuine compatibility of personality, values and goals, this could be the one; but if it is simply chemistry, perhaps being open to another option later in the year, may be wiser.

The very sensitive Ox loves to love, but often spends so much time helping out others in need of support and encouragement, they often don’t find much time for their own love-life. However, this year, most single Ox’s will feel motivated to open their lives to that special someone and enjoy quality time getting to know each another. For a change, the career-minded Ox will be happy to make time to immerse themselves in a loving connection and explore this relationship’s potential for a forever, fulfilling bond.

Work and The Ox

Though Ox’s always find the strength to deal with whatever life throws at them, this year, Ox’s need to avoid a tendency to take on more than is sensible or healthy. Delegate what you can, consider how to adjust your work load and time spent toiling, and do not allow others to fill your inbox with their work. Focus on what is definitely necessary, and make sure you fill your life with a little more “chill”. Ox’s are productive and could not be lazy even if they tried, but this year, it is all about working towards your dreams without forgetting to live and enjoy the simple things of life in the meantime.

Ox’s working in management or supervisor roles will find doors opening, enjoying a sense of greater things to come. Increasing popularity at work or business will also result in an improving financial position. By managing your energy wisely and nurturing positive business relationships, The Year of the Black Snake holds great potential for achievement for those under the sign of the Ox; success in the work place, or in business, are within your grasp this year, Ox; just don’t forget to stop and smell the roses along the way.


Tigers are quick-minded, charismatic, forthright, and known for their ability to take speedy action to get things done. During the Year of the Black Water Snake these qualities will assist them on their way to accomplishing their important goals. This year, the message for the Tiger is to take time to consider when to express those Tiger traits and when it will be best to tone down your Tiger characteristics and approach to life.

Love and the Tiger

The passionate, intense Tiger are confident and magnetic, and often flirtatious. However, Tigers are also known to let out their less appealing traits at inappropriate moments, at times blocking their path to success, whether it be love or work.

Although Tigers are vibrant and fun, they usually say exactly what they think, whenever they think it, and that can make some people unsure of how to deal with Mr/Mrs/Ms Tiger. But beneath all that strength, the Tiger is extremely sensitive; a cuddly kitty just wanting someone to show them affection…and maybe rub their tummy.  Tiger’s may seem impervious to criticism but they take everything to heart, and remember hurtful comments with a memory that an elephant would envy. Despite these challenges, the Tiger is feeling warm and cuddly this year, single Tigers reaching out to possible love, and partnered Tigers working hard to enhance their existing relationship. Don’t change those wonderful qualities you possess, simply consider when, and how strong you wish to express yourself, and with who, and those who are compatible with your genuine, majesty personality, will be suitably impressed.

The way to love this year, is reserve your romantic attention for only those who accept you for who you are, and share similar values and goals. Tigers need a strong partner who is willing to challenge the Tiger’s strong ideas and choices if they do not agree, not a doormat, or I suppose in the Tiger’s case “prey”. Tigers also need a partner who is open to plenty of passion and spontaneity.

Work and the Tiger

The Tiger’s strengths of quick-mindedness and swift action will provide the perfect energy for success at work or business in the Year of the Black Water Snake. Drawing from your positive attributes will put you in the front of your competition this year, but trying out a little tact and calmness will also occasionally work wonders. You have great ideas, but not everyone will be open to them, and struggling with them over small issues will only waste your energy and not move you any further to your desired goals.

For Tigers wanting a new suitable job, showing your innovative and studious side will work wonders.

Not a particularly smooth year for Tigers, but one filled with interesting twists and turns, and a number of promising opportunities. But Tigers never like dull anyway, so maybe it is just the sort of year, as long as you don’t step on too many toes, in which you can thrive.

The Rabbit or Cat

Year of the Rabbit, or Cat, if you align yourself to the Vietnamese Zodiac alternative to the same period
A year of high energy for Rabbits/Cats, giving you that added bounce (excuse the pun) needed to make your year productive, and an excellent foundation for a successful, following year.

Love and the Rabbit/Cat

Happy, happy, happy…that is how you will be feeling if you have established an important love relationship last year which has continued into the Year of the Black Water Snake. This is also a fortuitous year for those aiming to start a new relationship in 2013, particularly if you have learnt your lessons from previous liaisons and do not just choose another version of former partners. Take your time to decide whether you will offer your heart or not, and you will give yourself the space to make a wiser and happier decision. Don’t simply choose to fall into a love relationship because someone seems interested in you, or that you are bored or lonely. And as Rabbits and Cats have a tendency to be dreamers, don’t allow yourself to simply fall in love with the idea of love, rather than the person on offer. You are looking for your best friend, not just someone whom you are attracted to. If you want genuine love, consider how they treat you over an extended period, and if they offer you respect and affection, your warm and caring heart is likely to receive a love that you have been waiting for.

Work and the Rabbit/Cat

Feel like trying something new in your professional field? Well this is the year to explore the possibilities, or expand your qualifications and understanding, to discover what you are capable of achieving. For those interested in creative or musical endeavours, this year provides the mindset and enthusiasm to make great things happen.

To make the best choice when considering a new job or business, ask yourself what you really want to do, why, and how to make it happen, instead of focussing on possible blocks along the road to your success. If you are interested in a job that may require skills or knowledge you do not as yet have, this could be a prime time to learn what you need to know in order to move further up the ladder of success. However, don’t be impulsive. Make sure you are not giving up job and financial security on a whim. If you truly want a change work-wise, make the transition slowly and carefully in order to ensure you have enough funds coming in, to make the shift as harmonious as possible. Your goal for the Year of the Black Water Snake is to find a balance between your head and heart, and between contemplation and action.

A vibrant, though sometimes challenging year; the Year of the Black Water Snake is a one in which you need to maintain their health through positive lifestyle choices and action, ensuring you get enough sleep and relaxation to enjoy the simple pleasures that life will bring you along the way if you are taking the time out to notice them.

The Dragon

Dragons are known for their courage and determination, and also their love of spending quiet time in their own company. Without those moments of solitude and self-nurturing, Dragons tend to get tense, sometimes causing disruptions in the flow of their own chi and that their immediate environment. Those born in the year of the Dragon who wish to make the most of this Year of the Black Water Snake, would be advised to take those quiet moments to relax and reflect regularly, to restore their inner harmony, in order to arrive at the best outcome by the close of 2013.

Love and the Dragon

Year of the Black Water Snake will find the Dragon developing ways to create greater harmony in established relationships and finding new ways to enhance your interactions with loved ones. Dragons are known for being able to stand up for themselves when it comes to love, but sometimes they overlook how they assertive attitude may be affecting their partner or loved ones. This year, Dragons will become more aware of how, and what, they say and do, impacts on others and adjusting their approach to a more sensitive, compassionate one. Negotiation and compromise will be the order of the day…or year, with Dragons willing to be more accepting of others’ idiosyncrasies rather than “it’s my way of the highway”. Dragons appreciate strong individuals, but often choose partners who are quieter, less able to assert themselves, and then can become frustrated at their lack of backbone; but this year, the Dragon may see the partner’s softer nature as complimentary and enjoy the dynamic of differences more than before. For Dragon with determined, straightforward partners, this year is about travel, or making your house more homely, either in appearance or vibe which will not only improve the feng shui of your house but make everyone who enters the home “feel the love”. Single Dragons will be feeling the urge to take a risk with love, and choose someone quite different to previous suitors. As long as they treat you with genuine respect and equality, this could be a “keeper”. Don’t just trust your instincts when it comes to love, consider your previous love-life history and former loves before considering whether this new person is a change for the better or not. Following the heart is crucial in love, but the head has some wonderful insights into love and compatibility as well.

Work and the Dragon

Persistence, diplomacy, and enthusiasm will be important for Dragons during the Year of the Black Water Snake, if you want to take advantage of opportunities in the work environment.

Opportunities for advancement will present themselves this year, and even though the competition may be stiff, you have the confidence and ability to succeed, as long as you put the necessary action behind your goal to go up the ladder in your career. A completely new role or job is highlighted during the Year of the Black Water Snake, so if you are keen to make a job change, this is an excellent time to put in the efforts to make it happen.

An extremely busy year for Dragons, filled with opportunities to improve your life and lucky moments that also hold great potential to enhance your chances to succeed.

Year of the Snake

Snakes are intuitive, sensitive, graceful, mysterious, and often gifted at the healing arts. A year of surprises for those born under the sign of the Snake, and your emotions are likely to inspire you to communicate your deepest feelings and thoughts which is uncharacteristic for the normally secretive snake. Due to the Snakes sensitivity, they often feel nervous about trusting others, and although it is sensible to require the integrity and respect of others, unsubstantiated suspicion may be a block that Snakes need to overcome this year in order to achieve their greatest success and happiness. Success in work or business will be likely due to your openness this year, and a willingness to get things done rather than just dream about it.

Snakes in Love
Your great sensitivity means you either love passionately, or keep a distinct wall between yourself and others; which may be positive trait as long as you do not put those who could potentially be a wonderful partner, on the other side of that Snake wall. During this Year of the Black Water Snake, single Snakes will be more willing than usual to give someone a chance to prove they are trustworthy and a great option for a loving, long term relationship. Openness is the key to happiness for Snakes this year, but this certainly does not mean becoming gullible. Allow others to prove they respect you and are worthy of your trust, giving them a chance in the first place rather than making a rushed decision about a possible new love, before you have really got to know them. Avoid hiding your true self in order to win over a desired object of your affection. If a relationship is going to be happy and last, it needs to be a relationship based on two people valuing the real nature and personality in one another, not being lured in by a fake “perfect” façade. You are lovely just the way you are; just give someone the chance to fall in love with the real you! And if they don’t, they do not value the magnificence that is you, and you deserve an authentic love. Be patient, be you, and a genuine love will eventually cross your path. Partnered Snakes are likely to hear a deep secret or thought by their loved one, which they would rather not have heard, but recognize this is their way of showing their trust and respect for you. This may be a wonderful opportunity for you both to draw closer towards one another, rather than being adversely-affected by this frank discussion. Change is on the horizon, love-wise, for all Snakes; just point your heart in the direction you want to go, and a partnered love will grow, or for single Snakes, change will arrive in the form of a new person with whom you could share a great deal of happiness and fun, perhaps even a life-time together.

Snakes at Work

Your drive to succeed will be showing this year Snakes, and you will be applying your tenacity to your advantage in the work place. The chance to achieve a great deal is on offering, and your willingness to work hard to accomplish your goals will provide the foundation for success, however there is a need to balance your time, and make sure you are not overloading your work schedule to get things done. Work hard, but don’t work yourself into the ground. Make sure you are taking time to spend with your loved ones and follow your non-work related dreams too. This balanced approach to life will give you the energy and determination to see your work or business goals through to their successful completion, otherwise you might be tempted to give up just before you are due to reap your rewards. With this strategy your personal life and work life will support each other, rather than being at odds. Your fascinating personality and intriguing intellect will shine at work this year, Snakes, and new work friendships and connections could provide extra job satisfaction, perhaps even assisting you on your way to the top. A good year for Snakes in the work place overall, as long as you give yourself plenty of time to restore yourself away from the job, and enjoy what makes your life wonderful, aside from your career and financial goals.

Year of the Horse

Those of the sign of the Horse love spontaneity, the wind in their hair, and revelling in their sense of exploration and freedom. However, this year, Horses will feel the need to enjoy their “home pastures” and enjoying a feeling of stability, nurturing and connectedness to others.

Horses in Love

Horses can often be changeable in nature, what they love today may not be the case tomorrow, but when it comes to love, Horses have great potential for faithfulness and ability to remain happily with a partner, as long as they do not feel restricted by someone else’s harsh or trivial demands. Horses always need a healthy dose of fun and spontaneity in their relationships, but are quite capable of also being responsible and hardworking if the situation requires it. When it comes to love, Horses must resist the temptation to believe that the “grass is always greener” if they had made another choice, but luckily Horses usually grow out of this attitude when they become a little older and wiser. During the Year of the Black Water Snake, Horses with partners will be making the effort to tend their special relationship, arranging their schedule to ensure quality time is enjoyed with their loved ones, some arranging a journey to a wonderful holiday destination with their partner or family. Many Horses will be “downsizing” their connections, leaving only the associations that they feel are genuine and nurturing this year, and more time to spend with the important people in their lives. Single Horses are likely to find a special someone who they can share fun or adventures together, enlivening their lives, and giving them a sense of stability in the Horse’s life at the same time. The Year of the Black Water Snake holds wonderful potential for love and happiness for those born under the sign of the Horse.

Work and the Horse

The Horse’s characteristic flexibility, and the ability to see situations and work challenges from different perspectives, can be a great assistance at work, or in business, this year. Last year saw many big changes at work for Horses but now you will be ready to enjoy a more settled, satisfying atmosphere in the workplace. Any Horse not happy with their current job will be moving into a new position, but most Horses will be making great strides at their current employment, showing off their skills and expertise to great advantage. The need to improve, or add to your work-related abilities, will inspire many Horses to apply themselves to a course of study. A new person at work will provide a great sounding board for some of the Horse’s great ideas, helping to make these concepts a reality. Think big! Keep within a sensible budget, apply your wonderful talents, and you can make this a great year for your career or business this year.

Year of the Sheep /Goat

Sheep/Goats have a wonderful sense of humour, and this year, people under this sign will be drawing from this quality to enhance the highs and deal with the lows. This year also marks a time of letting go of that which has out-lived its usefulness in your life, so clearing out cupboards, moving house, jobs, or perhaps even moving on from a connection, are highlighted.

Love and Sheep/Goats

The Year of the Black Water Snake, marks a time which may be rather surprising, and at times, confusing for those under the sign of the Sheep/Goats. There will be obvious shifts in the Sheep/Goats life, followed by periods of reflection in which preparation is made for the next step. Partnered Sheep/Goats will be taking time to review how best to improve their love and interactions; while single people under this sign will searching for a love that special love that will have similar values and visions of what is important in life. Some of the confusion in your life this year will arise from trying to fit too much into your day, and also trying to find a way to make room for your relationships with loved ones. Do what you can to get things done, but remember, sharing times of genuine affection with those important in our lives, needs to be a top of priority in our lives. It may not be a completely smooth year for love life, but is certainly will not be dull, with exhilarating, exciting times offsetting the challenging moments. Those with supportive partners will find any difficulties life poses this year will bring you even closer together with your partner.

Work and Sheep/Goats
The Year of the Black Water Snake will require Sheep/Goats to work diligently to retain the position they have already achieved. You will have to prove your abilities in the early part of the year, but by working diligently, you will put yourself in a prime position to take a step up the career ladder, with many stepping into a new position instructing or managing others. The uncertainty of this year for Sheep/Goats, means that you need to keep your skills up-to-date, try to maintain positive relations with co-workers and those in charge, and keep focussed on what you would like to achieve in the your chosen field, or if indeed consider whether you would prefer to move into a entirely new field. Despite the challenges of this year, it could prove beneficial in what you learn along the way, and provide the foundation for great levels of career, or business, achievement in the year to follow.

Year of the Monkey

Excellent communicators, socially-active and interested, and intelligent, those of under the sign of the Monkey will find The Year of the Black Water Snake to be an extraordinarily good one. Your motto for this year will be “Shoot for the moon and land among the stars”.

Love and The Monkey

Though the beginning of this year could be rather changeable and uncertain, by the end of The Year of the Black Water Snake, you are likely to feel satisfied and happy about progress made in your love-life. Those Monkeys in difficult relationships will weigh up the benefits of staying or going, and possess the courage to move on from those associations that have proven toxic and restrictive.
Trusting your gut feelings about love will pay off this year, with an attraction to a person whom you may not have been usually attracted to, giving you a chance at the sort of love you have always hoped for. You will be extremely popular this year, which may lead to too many options love-wise, and for this reason it may be best not to rush into commitment. Positive vibes abound you this year, so improving current, nurturing relationships will have wonderful results, while single Monkeys will be ready and able to attract a lovely person into their lives who could enhance their lives, potentially long term. You will be one happy Monkey!

Work and The Monkey

Decisions, decisions! Those under the sign of The Monkey will find themselves making lots of work-direction-related decisions this year. To stay or not to stay? To change your work field or not? To start up your own venture or not? If you choose to remain in your current position, your career path will be satisfying, but those who choose to move on, although success is also likely, will question themselves further about what could possibly be achieved if they open themselves up to the potential paths available. Ultimately, The Year of the Black Water Snake is a successful career year for the Monkey, as long as you do not scatter yourself too thinly, or run off in too many directions at once. You will be feeling the urge to work hard and achieve big this year, with the energy and the ability to make it happen. A highly promising year career-wise for the Monkey.

Year of the Rooster

Proud, strong, with a great deal of integrity, Roosters are known to stick their principles no matter what, and support others who are in need of assistance even if it is an inconvenient or untimely. Roosters will be feeling the urge this year to make a huge contribution, either to a person, organization or ideal. Their inspiration will be “to make a real difference”.

Love and The Rooster

Loyalty and stability are keywords for The Rooster, and both these qualities mean they are reliable partners when they have chosen to commit to love. These wonderful characteristics will help to bring new love into the lives of single Roosters this year; while partnered Roosters will find that by the end of the year, they will be enjoying a reinvigorated relationship enhanced by their efforts to add more spontaneity and passion in the love life, a happy outcome heightened by the positive influence of the Year of the Black Water Snake. This year will find single Roosters exuding a magnetic energy, and with this increased popularity and a range of interested parties, a wonderful, potential partner will be found. If you are looking for love, someone who holds to your high standards of loyalty and integrity will cross your path this year.

Work and The Rooster

You may not be the centre of attention at work this year, but the Year of the Black Water Snake is one in which you can achieve more than you have for a number of years. Working quietly in the background is not usually “your thing”; but once in a while, it can give you the freedom to get things done without commentary or interference from others, and allow you to cover much more ground, quicker than expected. Although others may not be listening to your innovative ideas, keep them written down so you can draw from them at a later date, to greater effect. You have the capacity for accomplishing great things, but timing is everything. This is a foundation year in preparation for a big year next year in which all your plans start to come to fruition. “Slowly but surely wins the race.” This is a good year for progress, reflection, and establishing the base on which to build your dreams. Just point yourself in the direction of your aspirations and get started…

Year of the Dog

Generous, kind, thoughtful, and friendly, those under the sign of The Dog are always there to lend a hand to others whenever it is needed. It is difficult not to like Dogs for they are interesting, amiable, and fun, but pushed too far, for too long, they do known to nip. Since you are inclined to give and give, your only fault may be that you do not always ask for help when you need it, and feel a little unsure of accepting others support when it is offered without you asking for it. The Year of the Black Water Snake marks a time in which Dogs will move beyond their familiar territory into new fields of interest or affection that will ignite fresh passion or meaning in their lives.

Love and The Dog

Known for giving everything your one-hundred percent effort and enthusiasm, Dogs will be ready to immerse themselves into a special love this year. For those already attached, if the relationship is not fulfilling, you are likely to be assessing the viability of the relationship. Maybe there is enough affection and connection to work on the relationship and find that initial spark, but if not, you may find yourself considering what to do next to live your authentic life. Single Dogs will be feeling happy and open to love, making the effort needed to find that special someone, and you may be very surprised as to where you will find that wonderful person. They are unlike anyone you have ever been involved, possessing skills and insights from a distinctly different field; though still sharing a similar joy for life, understanding, and set of valued principles. This new love union could also provide the basis for a shared venture or concept in the years to come, an innovative vision which could be both fascinating and satisfying.

Work and The Dog

You work well in teams and groups, but also love your quiet alone time, having a tremendous capacity to learn and develop your talents and interests on your own. During the Year of the Black Water Snake you are likely to spend time improving your knowledge and expertise in your own company with a vision to achieve great things in the future, aligned to your career or interests. Although you are a team-player, ensure that you only share your most innovative work ideas with those in a position to recognize and reward your contributions, rather than allowing others to take credit for your hard work. Many Dogs will find themselves in teaching or training roles this year, while others will go back to a field or job they thought they had finished with, but will provide them with new. surprising opportunities this year.

Year of the Pig/Boar

Nurturing, empathic, joyful and clever, those under the sign of the Pig/Boar are a joy to be around. Pigs care about their family, friends and the community in which they reside. Pigs often feel inspired to contribute to society by volunteering their time to worthy causes, or at the very least, donating money to help people or animals in need. Your capacity for love and compassion will always be one of your greatest gifts and traits but this year, it may be wise to consider to whom you give your time, energy and love. You have been neglecting yourself in order to make sure everyone else is okay, and this year, you are being guided to prioritize yourself and your needs, and then to do what you can for others. Putting some time into your own well being will not make you selfish but give you the added strength and ability to enhance your own life as well as those your life touches. You deserve appreciation and gratitude as much as anyone else, and this year, you will be giving yourself that appreciation and gratitude, so others can follow your example.

Love and The Pig/Boar

Pigs are probably the most generous of all the signs, and although it is their greatest gift, it can also be their downfall, resulting in them being taken for granted, giving too much and having trouble saying “no” when they need to, or want to. This year will see Pigs defining their boundaries better, and giving themselves a little of that love that often dole out to everyone else, forgetting themselves. This change will actually improve their existing relationships, reinvigorating the Pigs zest for life, and enthusiasm for love. If those under the sign of the Pig have chosen a manipulative, selfish partner, this year could spell the end to that relationship; but also bring a more nurturing connection into the Pig’s life, if not a new romantic love, a trustworthy, supportive, spiritual friendship. Nurture yourself first, “fill your well” and you can then draw from your emotional well to feed the needs of others. You deserve love and respect too. Show the world how you want to be treated, and love, nourishing love, will enter your life in unexpected ways.

Work and The Pig/Boar

Pigs are caring and lots of fun, but they are also very hard workers. Give them a task to do, and they will do their own job well and probably also take on someone else’s tasks as well, just to help out. This year, you will find the confidence and strength to define your role at work, no longer taking on the work of someone who is too lazy or inept to fulfil their own job description, unless, of course, you receive recognition and extra pay. Luckily Pigs are diplomatic, which will help you to rid yourself of these additional tasks offloaded by a co-worker, without causing any real ruffles in the work environment. With more time to concentrate on your own work, your great intelligence will have a real chance to shine and be appreciated, and perhaps even rewarded. This fresh approach will provide those under the sign of the Pig, the opportunity to be more successful than ever before, and well on their way, to achieving even greater things in the years ahead.