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This vivid hibiscus grew in my front yard.

Unfortunately the tree has died since but

this photo I took is a testament to the loveliness

of the flowers this tree produced.

The beauty of nature is a spiritual wonder.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Zen Music - duration: 2 hours and 12 minutes

Soothing and relaxing music for relaxation, healing, and meditation practice. "The Milky Way" by Kokin Gumi

GUIDED MEDITATION - Blissful Inner Peace

(Duration: 32 minutes) "This gentle guided meditation will ease you into a state of blissfully deep relaxation where you will experience inner peace."

Healing from Negative Energy meditation with Doreen Virtue (video duration 17 minutes)

"If you work or live in a negative environment, this meditation can help to clear you of negativity. With the power of God and the angels, you can release yourself, your home, your relationships, and your workplace from lower energies."