Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Exquisite Middle Eastern Music for relaxation

or perhaps belly-dancing? "In the Shadow of Life" by the band Niyaz (2005)Available on itunes.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sleep Guided Meditation - Away in the Clouds (video)

Sleep Meditation with sleep music is a serene, beautiful, calming and relaxing meditation with 8 mins of gentle guidance and 1 hour of tranquil music to send you off into a peaceful, deep sleep.

Meditation by Healing4Happiness

Guide Meditation - Healing Journey (video)

Guided meditation by Lilian Eden (1 Hour and 9 minutes duration) - Lilian Eden created this latest guided meditation for individuals suffering from intense life experiences- on a Spiritual, Psychical or Physical- who are dis-eased. Lilian's years of energy healing experiences with others, in hospitals and home care situations, has ignited her passion toward helping people through such time of change. One of the ways of contributing toward helping many more people has been through guided meditations. Lilian works toward creating a guided mediation rich with techniques from her experiences with an inner vision toward those who are traveling upon a difficult road- spiritually,physically and mentally/psychically. After countless hours and experimental sessions, this guided mediation was born. Initially, "Healing Journey: Beyond Today" was made available to a select few people who needed support and emotional guidance. Within a short time, Lilian and her staff found these individuals gained a news mastery over their lives. It was nothing short of inspirational.

Now this guided meditation has been used as a support system by people from around the world. If you or anyone you know is suffering from pain- psychologically, physically and spiritually, this guided mediation is made for you.


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