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Aries Forecasts for 2012

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ARIES - Mar 21 - Apr 19
Symbol: The Ram
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
Cross/Quality: Cardinal
House Ruled: First
Opposite Sign: Libra
Lucky Gem: Diamond
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Positive
Favorable Colors: Red, Pink
Lucky Numbers: 16, 21, 35
Chinese Counterpart: Dragon
Special Qualities : Enterprising Personality, Adventurous; Courage, determination, self-confidence, enthusiasm.
Impatience, need to keep ego in check, push themselves too hard;
Charismatic marks:
Free-spirited, swagger in their walk; vitality, youthful attitude, like to be in charge.
Comfortable clothes, taking the lead, physical challenges.
Being told what to do, inactivity, delays,
Best environment:
Any situation that requires action, courage in the face of fear, competition, and freedom of choice

Aries 2012 Overview

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, exudes a great sense of adventurism, enthusiasm, and seems to have an unlimited source of energy. Their passion for keeping active means they often end up double, even triple, booking themselves. They are eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive. When it comes to getting things started, Aries people will get the job done. Pioneering everything from work-related projects to parties with friends, these folks through themselves fully, and immediately, into everything that they set themselves. Lively Arians are represented by image of the Ram, and have many admirable attributes and 2012 looks like a year in which Aries people will find brimming with positive and well deserved change.

During 2012, you will start a process of redeveloping and redefining how you see yourself and the direction of your life. An ideal year to try new approaches and strategies you may have feared to take in the past. Mars, your ruling planet, is going backwards until April, so you will be more likely to take the road less travelled after your birthday.

Jupiter, meanwhile, will help you recognize your own worth and brings you many new options, ideas and new connections. This planet will also help you realize what you need to develop and improve, and June will be a pivotal month for achieving a greater insight into your future.

The two eclipses – one in May and one in June – will inspire you with many wonderful ideas and goals to push towards this year. Know you are capable of achieving these objectives, and success is likely. Aries is symbolized by the “Emperor” in the tarot, symbolizing leadership, so there is no doubting you possess leadership qualities; all you need to do is tap into these traits. Though you have the talent, this year you need to enlist the help of others to accomplish your important goals.

Saturn in your partnership zone may have stifled your interactions with others but in October, Saturn moves on, freeing you up to look at everything with a fresh perspective and ready to enter into more long term connections or objectives.

2012 is an important year for Aries regarding money, relationships, professional matters and communication. Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion will remain in your income sector until the 12th June, creating the potential for income growth and opportunities. In the second half of the year, the focus will shift to your financial situation where it will be less about creating growth and opportunities and more about cementing and managing what you already have. The more you can balance financial responsibility with income growth in the first half of the year, the more potential for growth there will be on both fronts.

Relationships continue to be a major theme in 2012, as they have been for several years now but it is Venus, planet of love’s extraordinary four month visit to your communication sector, from the 4th April to the 8th August that sets the scene for a real breakthrough. If love and communication are the lifeblood of any good relationship, then having Venus in your communication sector gives you a double whammy. As the year progresses and especially from June onwards, communication in general becomes both easier and more meaningful. The only real challenges you will face this year are the same challenges you have become familiar with over recent years, maintaining a balance between personal and relationship goals.

2012 brings with it a reason to smile and rejoice. Those who were going through a tough patch in the past few months, will start to feel more settled.

From the first month of 2012, people under Aries horoscope enter the Jupiter cycle. This brings in a good amount of cash flow and some drastic change in career. This is also the time for you to relax and go for a holiday.

Spend time with your near and dear ones as family and friends will bring in joy towards the mid of the year.

You will make great improvements in your life, weeding out all things that are not necessary. 2012 is the time to take reach for your dreams and begin to make them happen.

Love & Family

2012 will be synonymous with love and romance for Aries. After a difficult period in the previous year, you can now expect to develop long-term stability in emotional bonds and relationships. The Moon-Uranus conjunction in your sign could either bring a new love your way, or you could suddenly bump into an old friend whom you now see in a new light. If this happens, you will have it both ways: pleasant memories of good times together and getting to know him or her all over again. Whether this happens for you, or you meet an attractive stranger, you will spend many happy times learning about each other. The passion of love will strengthen the romantic bond between those who are married or engaged. Enjoy every moment of togetherness as you start understanding the harmony of a relationship. For those in established relationships, marriage is a real possibility by the end of the year.

2012 will, in general, be a positive one. After May 8th, you will be feeling receptive and positive towards strengthening, or mending, relationships.

During February, May, August and December, romance and love of Aries will be positive. In March, September and October, relationships need careful tending to keep things running smoothly.

Family life improves this year, especially during the last two quarters of the year. Aries will find their time at home brings them a greater sense of tranquility and enjoy a strengthening bonds between spouses and children who bring great happiness to the Ram.

Aries are always open to new ideas, thoughts and suggestions, and while they love their freedom, their great adaptability allows them to make the best of just about any situation. Single Arians should not overlook the possibility of a chance meeting, particularly during the middle of the year, which could easily become a strong friendship before blossoming into love.

The Ram will be working on their communication and people skills this year, learning how to be a little more supportive and tactful when dealing with less than ideal situations that may arise in interpersonal relationships. The rewards of doing so will be great when harmony and peace are the result whether it is at home or at work. You will find that the extra effort will bring peace and harmony in your relationships whether at work or at home during 2012.

Work & Money
Expect a lot of positive changes in your working life this year. If you have been working for the same business, there is likely to be a sudden change in the company’s structure which will either open the way to promotion, or motivate you to leave to move to “greener pastures”. Your career improvements may make others jealous so handle your successes with modesty and treat co-workers just the way you always did, and any grievances they have is not your responsibility.

Professional success will be within reach in 2012; but you may have to wait patiently until the last quarter of the year to see the results you have been looking for.

By September, you are likely to see a shift or change in your job. A move of job location or the job itself is likely around November. A course related to your job is going to be on the cards and will help to open doors for work advancement and promotion down the track. Aries in business will enjoy some profitable business deals by the mid year. Your main planet, Mars, will boost your work performance and spirit. Do not hide your creativity during 2012 on the work front as you may find your creative expression may benefit your career. Surround yourself with like-minded people who like you strive for success.

Aries will start the year with a clear picture in terms of their financial goals, allowing them to regulate their spending, and saving, more sensibly than they did in the past. Pay raises, promotions, job changes, or investments, are favoured more in the third or fourth quarters for the year.

Aries people will be brimming with positive energy, optimistic and constructive. Most Arians are likely to experience a year filled with good health in 2012, the only challenge. getting the necessary exercise and proper nutrition. Setting aside time for rest and relaxation to stay balanced and calm is important for Aries who despite their high energy levels, tend to take on more than they can reasonably handle by compromising their own needs.

Do make it a point to take part in some outdoor activities and adventures, especially during June and July, to rejuvenate and balance your energy levels while getting in touch with nature. Despite your tendency for vitality and taking the world by storm, it is most important for Aries to try to maintain an inner balance and calm, and include regular outdoor adventures and recreation.

Monthly Forecasts

During April, the Arian may find themselves feeling there is a lot on their plate and needing to nurture some inner calm to deal with the hectic pace of life. April is also time to encourage an equilibrium in your relationships, in preparation for a new stage in your emotional bonding. Strive towards your goals this month; but take time to look for the beauty in life, and express your appreciation and gratitude to enjoy greater harmony with others.

You will find your thoughts will turn to travel or planning for future travel, around the 7th of the month. On the 10th, Rams are feeling especially creative. By the 24th, take some time to relax to avoid impatience, and you will accomplish what is necessary. On the 29th, you will find yourself more focused on work.

Aries people in partnered relationships will find that this is a wonderful month to spend time with friends, especially around the 3rd. Visions of earning more money in a dream may inspire you especially around the 10th. And on the 30th, you will be feeling inspired to try new and greater activities or responsibilities.

July is a month to foster perspective and calmness, especially around the 6th. On the 20th, you may find your subconscious provides you with interesting insights or vivid dreams. Avoid getting involved in a disagreement on the 26th, whether it is a disagreement you are observing, or one you are lured into taking part, it may be better to stay neutral, smile, and excuse yourself to the bathroom!

A friend may be having problems with a co-worker or partner on the 5th of the month so it may be necessary to provide some advice or support, but try not to get involved yourself. On the 22nd, you will find that you sparkle and shine! On the 23rd and 24th of the month, you will experience strong feelings of intuition or flashes of deeper wisdom.

September is likely to bring a boost of energy. On the 14th, you may find your ideas to make money will look promising, and eventually bring rewards. On the 15th, take other people’s advice or comments with a “grain of salt” and possibly defer to your own advice. On the 28th, you may be tempted to spend more money than your budget allows; maybe avoid the shops, online or bricks and mortar ones, until this phase is over!

Your love for travel beckons you once again around the 2nd. On the 3rd, do not take everything someone says as complete truth. Someone may be trying to talk you into something that your own judgement does not agree with. Around the 10th, friends or family will come up with some inspiring suggestions worth considering, if not now, put them on file for the future. On the 21st, you will be thinking of ways to further your career or move in an entirely different direction. On the 30th, count to ten before you let someone get the better of you by pressing your buttons.

Although a slow start to the month, Aries people will find by mid month everything starts to speed up. On the 25th, you will be feeling exuberant and ready for just about anything. On the 26th, try not to jump to conclusions, you may just be feeling over-sensitive. On the 30th, patience will bring solutions and a feeling of accomplishment.

The last month of year, sees Aries people feeling happy and juggling lots of activities with gusto. You may remember something at the last minute, but find a way of getting everything done anyhow. Your creativity levels soar this month and nothing can quell your enthusiasm for plans in the pipeline. Tread a little carefully on the 17th to avoid disagreements or misunderstandings. On the 29th you will be feeling in a spending mood; maybe leave the credit card at home and only use the money you have budgeted for. December is likely to turn out well, and put you in the right frame of mind to prepare for a productive new year just ahead.

(Information: Courtesy of Moonslipper)