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Pisces Forecast for 2013

Comprehensive FORECAST FOR PISCES FOR 2013

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
Ruling Planets: Neptune, Jupiter
Star Sign Gender: Feminine
Quality: Mutable
Energy: Yin
Polarity: Negative
Ruling House: Twelfth

Opposite Sign: Virgo
Birthstones: Moon Stone, Aquamarine, Bloodstone
Symbol: The Fish
Element: Water
Chinese Counterpart: Rabbit
Aligned Day of the Week: Thursday
Favourable Colours: Sea Blue. Sea Green, Lavender, Silver and Black
Physically-Sensitive Areas: Feet, Toes, Liver, Lymph System
Well-Suited Professions: Medicine, Healing Arts, Intuitive Professions, Artist, Photographer, Musician, Dancer, Music or Literary Agent, Librarian, Professor,
Strengths: Intuitive, compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise, musical, understanding, easygoing. Empathic,
Characteristic Appearance: Soft, often delicate to medium build. Face easily shows emotion.
Likes: Spiritual themes, time alone, visual media, time to sleep, romance, music, swimming.
Dislikes: Know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, being criticized, cruelty of any kind.
Best environment: On or near water, especially the sea, and the cinema.

Piscean Characteristics
Pisceans have a strong belief in the invisible, spiritual side of existence. The Pisceans sometimes oversensitive nature may at times lead them to perceive themselves to be a victim or martyr, be fearful, sad or desire to escape reality; however their amazing sensitivity can also make them deeply intuitive. Pisceans also possess talent in various creative and musical fields. Pisces people are driven by the desire to please and soothe others with many possessing healing ability. The Pisces nature is mutable and more than any of the other water signs, moves and flows and becomes one with its environment. Due to their intuitive nature, Pisceans tend to absorb the energy around them so it is important that Pisceans surround themselves with positive people who keep their spirits up and help them to see the positive side of life. Easygoing and generally accepting of others around them, Pisceans are known as gentle and affectionate Pisceans and are often found in the company of a variety of different personalities. Their willingness to give of themselves emotionally lends to an aura of quiet empathy. A Pisces is comforting to be around. Pisceans possess an understanding that surpasses that of any other zodiac sign. They easily comprehend others, and are usually well-loved by their many friends and associates.

Pisces is symbolized by the twin fishes swimming in continuous circles in the heavens. Its’ sign represents duality, the yin yang of eternal existence - one fish signifying the “pluses” of life, the other fish, “minuses”. Due to their duality, Pisceans may, at times, sense a feeling of conflict within themselves, and need to guard against feeling withdrawn, down, and alienated. Although, practicality and physical reality are things they do not relate to well, Pisceans are extremely sensitive and can perceive and understand the situation of other people better than those people themselves. Pisceans often enjoy story-telling, myths and parables, and revel in gentle activities such gardening, swimming, dance, painting or playing a musical instrument.


The urge to take some calculated risks to achieve important goals will be a strong catalyst for change during 2013. A willingness to act on previously-shelved tasks will provide opportunities for promotion or success in current ventures. Feeling stronger than ever, and ready to deal with any obstacles that could possibly arise, means Pisces people are in the right frame of mind to improve their lives on all fronts in 2013. There may be a few issues with superiors at work or those in authoritative positions affecting business projects, but with a positive attitude, diplomacy, and a readiness to take the necessary action, nothing need stop you this year, Pisces.

Pisces are typically idealistic about all things romantic, but the reality of what a genuine and lasting love requires to be successful and enduring, kicks in during 2013, with many Pisceans and their relationships benefiting from this revelation; though the few Pisceans who continue to cling to an out-dated “rose-coloured” glasses vision, may leave them feeling a little disappointed that the reality of routine and responsibility in their committed relationships does not live up to their daydreams. The solution, keep romance alive with a touch of daily spontaneity and fun, while still living up to the responsibilities of day-to-day life.

A hectic but fascinating year for Pisces people, with many ideas and ventures to keep you interested and challenged. Your emotional life is due to improve this year, with close relationships becoming closer and new connections adding a renewed vitality and affection.

Pisces are not known for good money management, but this year, Pisceans will be getting a better hold on their money and organizing a happy balance between income and expenditure, providing a positive foundation for future financial stability.
Pisceans with bad habits or negative lifestyle issues will find themselves finally changing their attitude and approach for the better, nurturing happiness and improvement. That bad habit is likely to become a thing of the past this year, and anything you wish to change about yourself is within your power to make happen. Pisceans who have been living the life of a hermit, will feel motivated to get more social in 2013, and meet new people out in the real world, rather than simply from behind their computer keyboard.

Intellectual goals and the acquisition of knowledge and skills are highlighted this year, with Pisces people ready and willing to make the effort to increase and improve their abilities with good results.
A luckier year than the previous one, 2013 sees doors opening unexpectedly, and difficulties of 2012 finally resolved, and with lessons learnt, life provides the chance to create a better, productive path into the future. This year will be the “harvest year”, when years of hard work begin to payoff. An incredibly busy year for Pisceans, but also likely to be a very satisfying one, as long as you make time to spend with loved ones, and don’t focus all your attention on your career or business goals.

Pisces Love and Relationships 2013
Pisceans in partnered relationship will find 2013 a year of growing closeness, with the passion revisited and any previous loss of intimacy starting to heal. Those who have gone through a difficult patch romantically are likely to find a way to remedy the gap and improve communication and understanding, resulting in heightening attraction, fanning that initial spark of attraction once more. Social occasions will give you and your partner a chance to dress up and enjoy some fun, rather than just focussing on problems or day-to-day issues, also helping to revitalize your bond together.

Single Pisceans will be up for a bit of romance this year too, making an effort to meet some new people and opening up their heart to potential love interests; but since Pisces have a tendency to “fall in love with love”, it may be wise to give the relationship time to grow before you decide whether or not the relationship is likely to bring you both enduring happiness. If you share similar value and goals, and communicate openly and honestly about your deepest feelings, this relationship may be what you have been hoping for, and last the distance.

Pisceans will be feeling rather frisky this year which may work well for partnered Fish, but could lead to some ill-advised flirtations for the single Pisces. If you are seeking lasting love, don’t simply rely on physical attraction. but consider the guidance of your heart, Pisces, and the outcome is likely to be a happy one, with even the potential of a life partner entering your life. Engaged Pisceans will be ready to marry or start making arrangements for the upcoming nuptials with great results. Though sentimental with a tendency to daydream, this year Pisceans will experience a revelation about relationships which provides a clearer vision and understanding of what genuine love truly is, giving the opportunity to heal past hurts, and Pisceans enjoying richer relationships with the important people in their lives. A transformational year for Pisceans in regards to love and close friendships, with a heightened sense of affection and appreciation for all those who make up the rich emotional canvas of Mr, Mrs and Ms Pisces.

Pisces Career, Business and Finances 2013
The first quarter of 2013 is likely to be hectic, but fortunately, also productive and beneficial. Pisceans in business may find 2013 a roller coaster ride with lows and highs, but with careful planning, the positive phases can help even out the quieter, more challenging times. Not a particularly a good year for investing in bonds and shares, or high risk investments; however opportunities to increase your income will present themselves on a variety of occasions during the year. With determined efforts and a positive approach, people will be impressed by your ideas and ability, which could provide excellent new leads for Pisceans. Business plans are likely to unfold nicely, despite a few obstacles or delays, but stick to a sensible budget to ensure maximum benefits. A difficult co-worker or supervisor may press your buttons, but if you can take the moral high ground, and avoid confrontation, or at least, do not let yourself become embroiled in disagreements, any tension will eventually dissipate and work will get back to normal. Those considering starting a new business venture this year, will be well-prepared and careful in their approach, keeping their spending to a minimum while pursuing their plans with enthusiasm and innovative thinking.

Pisceans who have been dealing with work-related difficulties will come up with some viable solutions to their situation, with more than one approach to improve their career or business prospects during 2013. Pisces who have or will lose their job, will not let this setback stop them this year, prepared to learn whatever is necessary to ready themselves for a more suitable position, or launch a small-scale business venture. Older Pisceans will be feeling exceedingly creative, with ideas and possibilities coming thick and fast.

Pisces Health and Vitality 2013
Though feeling a tad fragile emotionally or physically at the start of 2013, as the year progresses, you will find your strength increasing on all levels, possibly due to a change in lifestyle or diet, or maybe simply because your attitude is shifting into high gear in order to achieve everything you have on your priority list this year. Generally Pisces health will be sound, but digestive sensitivities or muscle aches are possible if you don’t take time out to chill and replenish yourself, particularly between April and May. Otherwise, a reasonably good year for Pisces health with energy levels gradually improving.

Pisces Overview 2013
It looks like 2013 will shape up to be an excellent year for Pisces people with plenty of excitement, love, and challenges to help you realize your personal and professional potential, and enjoy a sense of accomplishment you have been hoping for. Hectic, sometimes difficult, but mostly entertaining, invigorating and surprising, 2013 is definitely NOT going to be dull! If you want love this year, open your heart and let it in. If you want to career or business improvements, 2013 will provide the connections and choices to make great things happen. Go for it, Pisces! There is no time like the present to chase your dreams!

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A relaxing "Time-Out" Guided Meditation video

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