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Positive Thoughts and Guided Meditation (video clip)

A beautiful guided meditation for relaxation and personal transformation. The narrator's voice and music is extremely effective - one of the best meditation clips I have come across. Enjoy!

The full audio version can be downloaded for free at website New American Dreamer.

The relaxing sounds of Tibetan Bowl Music (music video clip)

Haunting, tranquil sounds to relax the mind, body and spirit. Excellent as an aid to meditation or as the soundtrack for a little chill out time. Sit Down, Lay Back, Listen & Relax. Music courtesy of

Friday, November 2, 2012


SCORPIO Period: Oct 23 - Nov 21

Symbol: The Scorpion
Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
House Ruled: Eight
Opposite Sign: Taurus
Group: Intellectual
Birthstones: Topaz, Opal
Chinese Sign Counterpart: Pig/Boar
Associated Colours: Crimson, Deep Blue, Dark Reds, Black, Burgundy
Ruling Planet: Mars (and Pluto)
Energy Sign: Yin

Qualities: Intense, Passionate, Loyal, Can be trusted with secrets, stubborn, Inventive, Brave, True friend, Mysterious, Astute, Sensual, Deep, Excellent debater, Enjoys a good discussion or argument, Resourceful, May have trouble forgiving and forgetting, Loves books, Inclined to jealousy, Intelligent, Typically an excellent cook, Attracted by intriguing subjects and finding out information that lies beneath the surface, Enjoys playful teasing, Witty and clever sense of humour, Loves nature but not necessarily gardening, protective of the weak and innocent, courageous, Straight forward, Won’t back down if the stakes are important, Sexy, Charismatic, Charming, Enjoys the company and interaction with other strong people, Interested in getting to the heart of the truth, love to speak their mind, Consider themselves right,
Favourable Professions: Research, especially book/internet-based research, occupations that rely on their skilled hands and minds, knowledge-based work,
Sensitive Areas of the Body: Urethra, Reproductive Organs, Heart,
Favourable Settings: Chair in the corner with a good book; dark, mysterious places; unusual places; spending time with intelligent company sharing ideas and insights;

Scorpio Personality:
Scorpio’s are intelligent, witty, sensuous, and strong. They are fabulous company because they are knowledgeable and deep, but don’t cross a Scorpio because they will let you know in no uncertain terms that you are out for good! You seldom get a second chance with a Scorpio if you have let them down, but if you treat a Scorpio with respect, they are incredibly loyal, standing up for those they care about, against all odds – a true friend, indeed! Scorpios are fun! They have a twinkle in their eye, and a hint of a smile which quickly turns into a beaming grin when they see you have suddenly got the clever, humorous thing they have just said, that everyone else has missed. Life is never dull with a Scorpio.

Forecast 2012
This year provides the opportunity for Scorpios who have been dealing with changeable circumstances in their personal life to finally let go of limiting situations. New projects, and new starts, are highlighted, and there will be a strong urge to nurture a new skill or hobby. It is time to review life and release old ideas that may have been restricting your potential and success. Last years issues will be dealt with, and new relationship hopes are likely to bring a few interesting surprises. Health is likely to improve, making you feel more vital and ready to move forward towards important goals. 2012 is an excellent year to make new friends and establish stronger bonds with a couple of work colleagues.

There will be times in 2012 that circumstances will force you to take stock of where you life is heading. This is a wonderful opportunity to consider moving into an area you would prefer to channel your energies, rather sticking to something that you believe is expected of you, or that you have always done. Sporadic delays throughout 2012 may be frustrating but will provide you with the opportunity to reflect and start again with renewed vigour.

This will be a special year for accessing your spiritual and mystical talents and insights. Vivid dreams or flashes of wisdom will help you deal with situations that otherwise would be decidedly more tricky to handle. Your creative side will become stronger, which may express itself in day-to-day life through beautifying your living space or garden, or writing that blog which you had planned to set up. You are likely to enjoy the creative process more than ever before. This year is a foundation year, meaning that important choices you make about your future will have a impact for many years to follow. Focus on what you want to experience, learn, and achieve, and channel your energies in that direction and the outcome will be better than expected in the years ahead.


Scorpios are the most varied of people, ranging from the talkative to the quiet, deep, brooding individual, and sometimes all rolled into one! However, all Scorpios are known for their strength and desire to adhere to their principles, whatever the consequences. Scorpios are also known for being caring, loving, extremely loyal and generous. These exceedingly trustworthy Scorpios, hold to their promises, and form strong bonds with friends. Those under this sign are the perfect friend with whom to share a secret because once they have put the secret in the “vault”, it stays there. Scorpios possess a keen mind and when they work at their goals have many talents to draw upon to aid them in the journey towards success.

This year will prove to be one of exploration and excitement with numerous opportunities to liven up your social life and establish, or improve, important connections with others. One new bond form could also turn out to be a positive lifelong friendship or love relationship. Sudden changes are likely, especially in the beginning of the year, but you will be in the right mode to handle these redirections and turn these changes into opportunities for personal growth and advancement.

Scorpios are known for their passionate nature and 2013 will probably test the Scorpio’s emotional personality. To achieve love life objectives, Scorpios will find a calm, commonsense approach will provide the most favourable outcome.

This year is the call to action. If you have been waiting for a change, or worrying about shifts occurring around you, it may be time to apply your own efforts in the direction of your own choice and aspirations. Procrastination is no longer an option because this year signals a new stage of your life, and if you wish it to work out well, you have to actively steer it towards your chosen goals. It is also time to let go of all hurts and grievances, for these burdens will only restrict the most positive unfolding of your path. Whatever you wish to achieve, it is now the optimum phase to start paddling in that direction, but be patient as it may take a while to get there.

There will a number of challenges to deal with on your path during 2013, but they will be ones you can handle if you stay in a hopeful mindset and work on developing the skills necessary to make your dreams a reality. It is likely that there will be hard work involved, but the outcome will be worth the effort.

In the work or business environment, some people will be less open to change as you will be, so in order to keep the peace, try not to become embroiled in tension between various work mates, and avoid “speaking your mind” if it is not entirely necessary. Luckily, 2013 could also provide some excellent opportunities for a job change if you are interested in shifting to a new position.
Single Scorpios will be in the mood to nurture friendships, and possibly cultivate a loving friendship into something more.

Scorpios will be feeling less secretive and ready to share their deepest feelings with someone with whom they are developing a special connection. You will be motivated by a strong sense of growing purpose which may encourage you to take on a more influential role at work, or within an organization or group linked to a passionate interest.

Many Scorpios will feel the need to update their image, either for themselves, job change or in their quest for love, and although Scorpios may be a little nervous about what is involved to achieve this transformation, the results will be sensational! As a result of this personal metamorphosis, relationship dynamics may change, allowing the space for further improvement or growth in relationships. Some old connections will be released, not due to conflict, but because these are associations that no longer serve a purpose for either party. The letting go will be gradual and less difficult than expected. Forgiveness is not usually as easy process for Scorpio’s but 2013 will see people of this sign letting go of past hurts by forgiving one or more for past indiscretions. It does not mean that what others did was okay, but that you no longer want to carry the burden one step further.

The first part of 2013 attracts two or more new alliances which are harmonious and supportive, but do not divulge too much to someone until they have proven themselves trustworthy. Many people entering your life this year will be either fascinating or energetic, but all curious about life and its meaning, which is a quality that inspires and enthralls Scorpios. For single Scorpios, there will be an attractive distraction that will cross your path. Scorpios need depth in their partner’s nature to sustain a happy relationship, so unless this attractive someone has that quality, offering your heart to them is probably not particularly advisable.

2013 is likely to be a thrilling year for Scorpios, particularly those who are willing to launch themselves into their desired endeavours and reaching out to new connections that could reinvigorate their social life, or if single, maybe even their love-life. At times you may be feeling the need to retreat into quietness to restore your energy levels, but other than this, 2013 is going to be a busy year filled with interesting activities, changes, and readjustments that dramatically change the look of your life, but ultimately, for the better.

This could be a thrilling year for single Scorpios! Adventure and of course, passion, will be on offering for those under this intensely emotional sign so if you like the sounds of that, it might be worth making the most of 2013. The only block to your love life blossoming is holding on to old hurts and pining for someone who has moved on. Set your love sights on more viable options and your relationship status is likely to change, for the better. A year of many invitations to enjoyable social activities, and accepting these offers will help to open up your love life to potential improvement.

The normally secretive, deep Scorpio will be feeling the urge to open up, speaking about their feelings and thoughts they normally keep to themselves. Those under this sign will be feeling ready to trust being more open and vulnerable emotionally than Scorpios have been for a long time. There may some ups and downs on the relationship front this year, but 2013 contains a great of potential for happiness and positive outcomes if you are willing to work through any challenges. Circumstances may require you to be clear about your affections and what you ultimately desire from the relationship rather than keeping your cards close to your chest. Speak your feelings loud and clear, and you will discover whether this is the relationship you have been hoping for, or that it would be best to be open for another, more compatible option. The promise of enduring love is offered in 2013, but only if you are willing to take a risk, being emotionally vulnerable and unlocking your heart Scorpio, and try to keep your tendency to over-react to a minimum. You are a lot of fun Ms/Mr Scorpio, show your intelligence and playful side, and your love-life is likely to shine.

Work, Business, and Finance

Offers and rewards related to work or business are likely to be encouraging and beneficial in 2013, opening doors to new goals and directions you didn’t even know existed until now. The types of professional opportunities you are hoping for, may present themselves when you least expect them, so keep your eyes and ears open at all times, and nurture contacts with those you know in your preferred field of work. Joint projects are likely to turn out successfully if you make it clear that you respect the input and insights of your work colleague; but if you don’t, you may find tact and diplomacy will provide a more favourable outcome. New knowledge acquired through training or study will be invaluable for your career path or business this year, though you may have to reorganize your daily schedule in order to incorporate this activity. Networking connections with people outside your occupation will provide fresh insights and information that will be extremely useful to your career or business path for the long term, so make sure you are listening and learning from your interactions.

2013 could see a new ambition or idea which may change your career or business path dramatically, probably for the better. Those in creative professions or business are likely to achieve a great accolade or opportunity, resulting in significant improvements, both in finances and reputation, though this may take a while to materialize. Be prepared to reach new heights professionally this year, due to your personal efforts and persistence rather than luck. Someone is likely to suggest a new role or skill they believe you would excel at, and they are probably right, so investigating your potential in this area may be work the effort. You have some untapped abilities that others will recognize that you have not yet discovered, so maybe it is worth considering their input if you wish to open the doors to new career opportunities. Profits will improve in the second half of 2013, but Scorpios will feel the need to be cautious as to how that money will be spent, which is very “un-scorpion” indeed. Shares and investments will provide a healthy dividend, particularly in the second half of 2013. This could turn out to be a profitable year for Scorpios as long if they throw themselves into the necessary tasks rather than simply pondering the possibilities from the side-lines. Effort will be rewarded.

Health and Vitality
Mid-year aim to keep your immune system strong by healthy living and attitudes and you may be able to keep the bugs at bay, but for those Scorpios who have been lax, you might be in for some rest and recuperation time. Increasing duties at work may encourage Scorpios to improve their approach and methods of relaxation which will help prevent or heal digestive ailments. September sees an increased vigour and vitality in your life and body, probably due to efforts on your part to improve your lifestyle and habits.

.Summing up…
This year Scorpio, you will be attracting new people from diverse backgrounds with wide-ranging ideas. Your receptivity and growing openness will allow you to connect to special people on a deeper level than you may have experienced before. Creativity and any fields connected with the arts or individual expression are highlighted, and Scorpios in these fields or pursuits, or those aiming to develop such talents, will likely have excellent results and a promising future. 2013 holds the potential to be a very interesting year for Scorpio’s as they move into new fields of interest, trying out fresh activities, and excelling in areas they are passionate about. Definitely a year to get out and about, connect, and make great things happen, Scorpio!

Article courtesy of Moonslipper.
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