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Pisces Forecasts for 2012

PISCES (Feb 19- Mar 20) (Courtesy of Moonslipper)

Ruling Planets: Neptune, Jupiter
Star Sign Gender: Feminine
Quality: Mutable
Ruling House: Twelfth
Opposite Sign: Virgo
Lucky Gem: Moon Stone
Period: Feb 19 - Mar 20
Symbol: The Fish
Element: Water
Chinese Counterpart: Rabbit
Ruling Planet: Jupiter and Neptune
Day of the Week: Thursday
Colour: Sea Blue, Sea Green, Lavender and Silver

Strengths: Intuitive, compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise, musical.
Weaknesses: Can be a victim or martyr, fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality.
Charismatic marks: Soft, sometimes frail to medium build. Face easily shows emotion.
Likes: Spiritual themes, time alone, visual media, time to sleep, romance, music, swimming.
Dislikes: Know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, being criticized, cruelty of any kind.
Best environment: On or near water, especially the sea, and the cinema.

Piscean Characteristics
Pisceans have a strong belief in the invisible, spiritual side of existence. They are able to sense a texture, hear a sound or feel a mood. This amazing sensitivity makes them deeply intuitive. Pisceans also possess talent in various creative and musical fields. Pisces people are driven by the desire to please and soothe others with many possessing healing ability. The Pisces nature is mutable and more than any of the other water signs, moves and flows and becomes one with its environment. Due to their intuitive nature, Pisceans tend to absorb the energy around them so it is important that Pisceans surround themselves with positive people who keep their spirits up and help them to see the positive side of life.
Easygoing and generally accepting of others around them, Pisceans are known as gentle and affectionate Pisceans and are often found in the company of a variety of different personalities. Their willingness to give of themselves emotionally lends to an aura of quiet empathy. A Pisces is comforting to be around. Pisceans possess an understanding that surpasses that of any other zodiac sign. They easily comprehend others, and are usually well-loved by their many friends and associates.

Pisces is symbolized by the twin fishes swimming in continuous circles in the heavens. Its’ sign represents duality, the yin yang of eternal existence - one fish signifying the “pluses” of life, the other fish, “minuses”. Due to their duality, Pisceans may, at times, sense a feeling of conflict within themselves, and need to guard against feeling withdrawn, down, and alienated. Although, practicality and physical reality are things they do not relate to well, Pisceans are extremely sensitive and can perceive and understand the situation of other people better than those people themselves. Pisceans often enjoy story-telling, myths and parables, and revel in gentle activities such gardening, swimming, dance, painting or playing a musical instrument.

Piscean Forecast Overview 2012
The return of Neptune, your ruling planet, to your sign, is one of the momentous events in the zodiac this year. This will help you get to know yourself a little better and give you a more rounded view of the outside world at the same time.
How you relate to others will also be something worth concentrating this year. You are represented by two fish, but which side of your personality are people in your life going to meet mostly this year? The beautiful, caring goldfish, or the snappy piranha? You need to watch that you do not get too caught up in introspection and remember how to function in the world and keep it buoyed up with your spirituality and kindness.

There is also a lot of movement in your money sector this year, which will also demand your focus and energy, but hold out for what you feel you deserve. Some of your ideas may be blocked or slowed down by red tape, but do not let this erode your determination to succeed.

Uranus moves into your money sector bringing economy, and a touch of ingenuity your way, assisting your capacity to improve your financial situation this year.

Change is on the horizon. You are a creative, sensitive person, but it’s time to develop your inner fortitude to adapt to the alterations life will bring you this year. Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter are all combining this year to help you realize that fate is impacting, and flexibility and inner strength are necessary to make the most of the changes and opportunities life will offer.

Saturn has been helping you look at your life from a long term perspective, but by October the emphasis will shift to ideas and intellectual pursuits. As you begin to see your life from a different angle, you will feel happier about the choices you are making. There is ambition in you and you will be ready to push further than you have ever in the past. Swim towards challenges rather than away from them. This can be your “winning” year!

Pisces Love and Friendship
Pisceans are dreamy and romantic. They tend to weave a secret world of love and romance around them. This year is the time to come forward and give your dreams reality. You need to take some firm steps in your relationships. Be it marriage or arriving at a commitment, this year calls for it. Singles are likely to meet their soul mates, or recognize they were already there in their life. If you have been undergoing a rough patch in your relationship, it is time to find ways to remedy the situation.

Pisceans are almost hopelessly romantic and are drawn to those of many different signs. Capricorns and Taureans anchor them. However they can fit in with almost any sign: chameleon-like they can be many things to many people.

It is not surprising that someone as 'otherworldly' as the Pisces would like a partner who is practical and down to earth. Pisces prefer a partner who is on top of all the details of life, because they dislike details. Pisces seek this quality in both their romantic and professional partners. More than anything else this gives Pisces a feeling of being grounded, of being in touch with reality. As expected, these kinds of relationships, though necessary, are sure to have many ups and downs. Misunderstandings will take place because the two attitudes are poles apart. If you are in love with a Pisces you will experience these fluctuations and will need a lot of patience to see things stabilize. Pisces are moody, intuitive, affectionate and difficult to get to know. Only time and the right attitude will yield Pisces' deepest secrets. However, when in love with a Pisces you will find that riding the waves is worth it because they are good, sensitive people who need and like to give love and affection.

When in love, Pisces like to fantasize. For them fantasy is 90 per cent of the fun of a relationship. They tend to idealize their partner, which can be good and bad at the same time. It is bad in that it is difficult for anyone to live up to the high ideals their Pisces lover sets.

Pisceans, you are particularly fired up this year, and Mars will see to it that love and romance is high on your agenda. Unfortunately, you need to be careful that you do not misdirect your energies and turn your passion into conflict. Mars is notorious for provocation and being in your zone of relationships it means the first half of the year should be spent treading carefully in matters of love.
Stability returns in force and whatever your current relationship status, spontaneity will soften your approach and you will find your emotional ties deepening.

March is the month for friends and travel. Your zeal to achieve your dreams will form shape during the months of April and May. Romance will flourish; nuptial knots may happen in July. Second half of the year will see you apply for loans and funds. Joint ventures with close ones will take place in the months of September and October. November has many important dates and events which will remain as a milestone in the years to come.

Pisceans Interests and Purpose
Your interests and pursuits in the arts will benefit from energetic shifts and perhaps you will launch a new, important project or adopt a spiritual approach to your creative or musical interests? You, as a Pisces, will find more direction in life than you ever did before. The symbol for Pisces is one fish swimming upstream and the other swimming downstream and many astrologers have interpreted this symbol as a metaphor for indecisiveness, but this "indecisiveness" may lessen or disappear in 2012. Many Pisceans will find themselves focusing on one significant concept or goal.

Pisces Career and Finances
Pisceans work and career promises positive results in 2012. There will be risks and new ventures, but you would seek pleasure out of it. Between March and May there will be intense activity on the professional front. Pressures might be high but you would enjoy the new work target and objectives and you are likely to be rewarded well. The planetary positions advise that you to put your priorities in place, and if you have any unfinished tasks, you need to focus your attention so these tasks can finally be completed. New challenges will give scope to new goals and that would in turn translate down to new achievements.

Money is generally not that important to Pisces. Of course they need it as much as anyone else, and many of them attain great wealth. But money is not generally a primary objective. Doing good, feeling good about oneself, peace of mind, the relief of pain and suffering - these are the things that matter most to a Pisces.
Maximum gains in money come from property inheritance this year. This would be in the form of an old land or a family home. You might also acquire material goods from the generosity of others, or inheritance. Expect a raise in earnings and promotions. Unlike most of the zodiac, you will be able to save more. Investments made last year, will yield fruitful results. You might have to lend out money to a near one, but take care of the amount you shell out. Take care of your accounts at the start of the year. There is presently no need to invest in shares and bonds, as the time is not ripe for you. Though you will not have any losses, profits too would be none to marginal.

Pisces earn money intuitively and instinctively. They follow their hunches rather than their logic. They tend to be generous and perhaps overly charitable. Almost any kind of misfortune is enough to move a Pisces to give. Although this is one of their greatest virtues, Pisces should be more careful with their finances. They should try to be more careful about the people to whom they lend money, in order to not be taken advantage. If they give money to charities, Pisceans should follow it up to see that their contributions are put to good use. Even when Pisces are not rich, they still like to spend money on helping others. In this case, they should really be careful, but learn to sometimes say no and help themselves first.
Perhaps the biggest financial stumbling block for the Pisces is general passivity - a relaxed attitude. In general, Pisces like to go with the flow of events. When it comes to financial matters, especially, they need to be more aggressive. They need to make things happen, to create their own wealth. A passive attitude will only cause loss and missed opportunity. Worrying about financial security will not provide that security. Pisces need to go after what they want tenaciously.
Pisces like to be perceived by the public as people of spiritual or material wealth, of generosity and philanthropy. They look up to big-hearted, philanthropic types. They admire people engaged in large-scale undertakings and eventually would like to head up these big enterprises themselves. In short, they like to be connected with big organizations that are doing things in a big way.

If Pisces are to realize their full career and professional potential they need to travel more, educate themselves more and learn more about the actual world. In other words, they need some of the unflagging optimism of the Sagittarius in order to reach the top. Because of all their caring and generous characteristics, Pisces often choose professions through which they can help and touch the lives of other people. That is why many Pisces become doctors, nurses, social workers or teachers. Sometimes it takes a while before Pisces realize what they really want to do in their professional lives, but once they find a career that lets them manifest their interests and virtues they will excel at it.

This year the position of Uranus promises to bring a great deal of innovation to the way you work and earn money. From the outset of the year you will be wired for finance.

You are purposeful in gaining some concessions in the contract or agreement after the 14th of March. These energies continue to get stronger until some clear and decisive action is taken after the 14th of April.

The lunar eclipse on the 4th of June in your zone of career and self esteem reveals that you need to pay more attention to the currents of public opinion and what's happening in the world to understand your place contextually. You may think what is going on has nothing to do with you right now, but actually it is a perfect reflection of what is going on in your own being. This eclipse will have important ramifications for your professional activities from here on in.

Mars has a strong part to play in your destiny with regards to finance and on the 3rd of July his entry into your zone of shared resources, banking and legacies means that these issues will come to the fore. You must be careful that you don't become embroiled in disputes over money and who owes what to whom. The efforts will not frighten you, this year. You will live this paradox which consists in pushing yourself to achieve your goals, while at the same time feeling the need for peace and pleasure. You may have little spare time so ensure you prioritize your goals and activities, but also spare some time for relaxation and replenishment. Certain unfinished tasks will become important. You will be pushing yourself to succeed, and working at managing your time and energy better than ever before - this will be the key to your success in 2012!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Poem - "Our Deepest Fear" by Marianne Williamson

Our Deepest Fear
By Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were all meant to shine, as children do.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same
As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.