Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Amazonian Rainforest is on the verge of total destruction!

Avaaz - World to Dilma: Save the Amazon

New laws governing the use of the Amazonian Rainforest mean that it is likely to be totally destroyed! Please sign this petition to help prevent the total destruction of the lungs of the world, home a myriad of fascinating, irreplaceable animals, and unique plants which could provide the key to the world's health problems. This is crucial and there is a time limit. The time to save the Amazonian Rainforest is now! Later will be too late! Thank you for helping!

Just click on the blue link provided and add your voice to help save the Amazon!

Monday, June 6, 2011

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gemini Vedic Astrology Forecasts for rest of 2011!

Vedic Astrology contributed by Moonslipper

Gemini Horoscope between June & 15th November 2011 - This period would bring rapid progress & sudden happiness from various sources now. You will find that within a matter of couple of weeks, the pressures will ease and rapid progress will come from various quarters.
Gains would commence due to the hard work & efforts you have made in career in the initial parts of 2011. Income will jump now. There will be higher level of activity in social life too. Interaction with siblings will revive while there will be opportunity to meet with friends too.
Career will be very active. You will become dynamic in your outlook. New gainful deals would become possible now. It is a period of exceptional growth due to your comprehension & negotiation skills. A new relationship could form during this period too.
Pressures in career & domestic matters would ease out after the 12th June 2011, although a general level of pressure in domestic & work matters would persist during this period.
Some unsteady trends in income, relations with elders as well as rapport with siblings could be present after the 31st August 2010.
Gemini Horoscope between 16th November 2011 and 31st December 2011, would see the best period during 2011. You will be better in domestic matters & relieved of work pressures to a large extent after the 15th November 2011.
Income will continue to climb, although in an erratic manner. Some stability in thinking as well as relationships could commence after the 25th December.
Rapid progress, due to new ideas could come now, during this period.
General Comments for Gemini Horoscope 2011 :
Self confidence, effectiveness & ease in general would be present between 29th June & 20th July and 29th October till end of the year.
Be careful about health, stamina & excessive worry between June 4th & 14th June and 9 th October & 29th October.
Speech and unsteady behavior in family as well as property matters should be controlled between 31st March to 23rd April, 3rd August to 26th August & 25th November to 13th December
Gemini June Horoscope:
The month would begin with low activity and some amount of pressures and sluggishness which would remain till the 14th June 2011. Improvements in outlook, followed by rise in activity would come from the 15th June 2011. You should be careful about being egoistic and over aggression. You will experience leadership abilities now.
Gemini July Horoscope:
Hard work and aggression would be high. Ego will remain an integral part of thinking as well as attitude. Ego related issues would remain internal and sub conscious till the 15th July 2011, while 16th July 2011 onwards, Ego could be apparent in speech. Finances would remain active and on your mind in the second half of the month. Family matters would be in the focus too.
Gemini August Horoscope:
Creative work would bring in growth in finances till the 15th August 2011. Be humble in speech and communications this month. 16th August 2011, onwards your position will rise and growth would come due to your dynamic attitude as well as networking skills. Growth oriented period overall. Possibility of travel
Gemini September Horoscope:
Positive period till 16th September 2011. You will experience growth and rise in repute. You will feel a higher level of energy & creative ability too. 17th September 2011 onwards a gradual distance from family & relatives could be felt. There could be some changes in property as well as domestic matters. As long as you are positive, there would be abundant energy to work out matters.
Gemini October Horoscope:
Active period in work as well as domestic matters till the 16th October 2011. Some amount of resentment could build up against family members during this time. Avoid conflict. 17th October 2011 onwards, creative energies would be high and you will remain more self centered than usual. Children related matters could remain strained now.
Gemini November Horoscope:
Mind could be over active and some amount of ego could run your thought patterns till the 15th November 2011. Issues with children could crop up too. Beyond 16th November 2011, you will find a rise in energy in work environment. You will find support from superiors and some rise in dynamism which could help you progress faster.
Gemini December Horoscope:
Hard work and support from people in authority will help you make good progress in work till the 16th December 2011. It is a positive period in love life and relationships too. Beyond 17th December 2011, you could experience a higher level of hurdles and possibility opposition to ideas and relationships. If married, ego with spouse could erupt. New partnerships could come up.