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"The Illuminated Chakras" documentary video..

Generated from the heart of divine spirit, condensing into manifestation, the one in the many – father sky and mother earth.

Between them, the seven layers of manifestation form a rainbow bridge connecting earth and heaven, the stepping stones for matter to spirit, connecting through our bodies as we connect to each other and to the endless web of life, ever awakening into consciousness.

The Illuminated Chakras makes it possible to see and experience the subtle energy that until now has only been described.

This thrilling visionary voyage takes you on a multi-sensory journey into the transformational beauty of the inner world.

Follow the path of Kundalini-Shakti, the mystical serpent, who drives the vital force that awakens consciousness within each chakra.

Journey from base to crown in this fantastic sound and light extravaganza, and experience the elemental reality of each chakra, as earth, water, fire, air, sound, light, and transcendent consciousness.

Cancer - Forecasts for 2012

FORECASTS FOR 2012 - CANCER Jun 21 - Jul 22

Symbol: The Crab
Ruling Planet: Moon
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling House: Fourth (4th sign of the Zodiac)
Opposite Sign: Capricorn
Lucky Gem: Pearl, Opal
Element: Water
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Negative
Favorable Colours: White, Silver, Yellow
Chinese Counterpart: Goat
Sensitive Areas of the Body: Breasts, Stomach
Metal: Silver
Season: Summer
Characteristics: Emotional and loving, Intuitive and imaginative, Shrewd and Cautious, Protective and Sympathetic, Changeable and Moody, Over-sensitive, Very Emotional, Must Guard Against a Tendency Towards Procrastination, Excellent Cooks, Clinging, Difficulty in Letting Go, Gentle, Conservative, Feeling, Nurturing, Defensive, Contemplative.
Important Keyword: "I feel"

This sun sign is very intelligent and emotional that borders on subtle characters of expressions and passion. A typical Cancer sign is highly protective of others, sensitive to issues and things, compassionate to fellow humans, tenacious, resourceful, and receptive to things and events, charming, resourceful and mysterious to others, and powerful and self contained in their nature. They can be great leaders as well. They are the typical family people, who can support other family members. They are home oriented, spouse loving, maternal, supportive, philosophical, nurturing, honest, loving, affectionate and emotional in their behaviour. On the negative side, they can be very touchy, emotional, crabby, over emotional and choosy at times. They will excel where there is an environment of sensitiveness and shrewdness; some of the areas where they can excel are gardening, archeology, engineering, fashion designing, real estate and hotel industry. Cancer belongs to water and anything that is liquid in nature.

Cancer 2012 Predictions
The sign of Cancer, otherwise known as the Crab, is known for their loving, caring attitude and dedication to loved ones along with an enthusiastic dynamic that seems to surround them despite their private nature. Cancerians can be quite emotional at times, wallowing in nostalgia and often allowing sensitivity to certain situations to get the best of them.

Creativity abounds during the first half of 2012 as Cancer find themselves being even more innovative and energetic than usual. However, because of the combined and constant influences of planets Venus and Mars, Crabs need to be careful not to allow that energy to turn into hyperactivity which can wear them out prematurely.
The Crab could be in store for a rather special year in 2012 with good news on the horizon as well as the opportunity to enjoy special occasions with equally special people.

The planetary positions for Cancer during 2012, point to change, especially in relations with your associates. Children are likely to demand greater independence. Near and dear ones will also undergo significant transformations. It can be in the form of one of your friends planning to launch a new project or someone dealing with an emotional challenge. This will lead to personal evolution.

Cancerians are dreamy yet moody, and at times need to control their fear of change.
By remaining calm and treating the situation as just another phase, good times will abound, especially if you point yourself towards your aspirations.

2012 will be full of hidden surprises, the biggest surprise developments on the work front, kicking off in the second half of the year. Keep your options open on the work front, aware that what might look like a very ordinary year for work, job and employment matters, will be anything but by the end of the year. There is a real need to pay attention for following just behind is Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies, returns to your career sector early in the year, beginning a powerful new professional chapter that will likely continue to impact on your life until 2026. Saturn’s return to your work sector on the 6th October is a game changer and marks the beginning of a close working relationship between Saturn and Neptune that will define your professional changes over the next three years. But after the North Node’s return to your work sector on the 30th August and the solar eclipse on the 14th November indicates that very active and potentially successful months lay ahead on the work front. Your professional star is not only on the rise this year, but will continue to rise for many years to come.

Cancerians should expect a mixed year of both uneventful months peppered with those filled with both excitement and challenges.2012 will also be a year which marks your own transformation - it's a time for "out with the old, in with the new".

Attitudes toward those significant in your life will undergo change this year with interesting life lessons likely in June and September.

Your attitude towards health and work are also changing, and circumstances will encourage you to develop healthier habits, routines, and schedules. You will stop hanging on to regrets, doubts or guilt and develop greater faith in yourself and trust in your higher purpose. You may find you are letting go of your fears, and developing growing feelings of compassion and understanding and acting upon these spiritual motivations. If you have had perfectionist traits, you might find that although your standards are still high, you will stop giving yourself, and others, a hard time about not getting things “just so”.

Cancer is almost synonymous with everything related to home, family and the parental bond, particularly the mother-child relationship. Cancerians are typically very emotional in nature and tend to be caring and supportive of their loved ones. The home is where the Cancerian’s heart and soul is, however, what is seldom mentioned, is when a Cancerian has plucked up the courage to travel, they often find themselves “bitten by the travel bug”. As long as they have a comfortable home to which to return, Cancerians commonly develop the passion to see and experience new places and people, though they may put travel aside when they take on the responsibility of child-rearing.

With Uranus in Aries, you will feel the need for expressing your individuality, establishing boundaries, taking a stand and, possibly changing the look of your world. Pluto’s influence may encourage you to look at your finances and improve your monetary position, and sticking to a budget may not be as difficult than in previous years.

You may find yourself not agreeing with authority figures, but it may be advisable to be diplomatic if you feel things need to change in the work environment. Whatever your goals at work may be, negotiation and showing by example may help you to achieve your aims rather than going head to head with managers, bosses or supervisors. Though you may feel like rebelling at times, it may be best to try other, less confrontational, means to improve your work situation and relations with those in the work place.

New and sudden opportunities will spring up in your life, and you will be at your enterprising best as the year unfolds.

You will also find yourself freeing yourself of situations and people who have blocked you, and taking on extra responsibilities will assist you in achieving your life goals, or assist you to change direction in life. Transformation is on the agenda. This period marks a time in which you can develop, grow and express your potential.

Transformations will affect partnerships, work and possibly even relationships. These changes will encourage times of reflection and help banish underlying tensions that may have been simmering beneath the surface.

You will also find yourself becoming more self-reliant which will clear the way for further improvements in your life. The approval of others will seem less important to you which will also make 2012 a year in which you feel more comfortable to stretch your wings and try things you may have been too worried to try before.
At times you may be feeling rather spontaneous revealing that you are feeling less worried about the outcome and more involved in the process of learning and growing, and ready to enjoy what life has to offer.

After June, you are likely to become more aware of what needs to be let go in your life, and what needs to be tended to help further your aims and make your life look the way you wish it to be.

Home-based business options, revised living arrangements and new career outlets are all accented in 2012. It is time to begin utilizing your own creativity, life experience and insight to bring greater financial and social success into your life. After mid-July complex travel plans, relocation or powerfully creative home improvements will captivate your attention. Don't hold back: this is the right time to welcome fast and positive growth into your life. Romantic relationships and social opportunities will dramatically expand over the summer months: expect potential friends and trusted romantic partners to offer delightful invitations and heartfelt proposals. Single Cancerians can expect the arrival of an exotic and emotionally demanding relationship between August 12th and September 17th. A complex but highly rewarding year: watch for obvious signs of emotional stability and lasting success.

Career and Finances
The trend of the previous year seems to continue this year too. For tangible results you will be putting in plenty of effort, but within reasonable hours and enough energy left at the end of the day to enjoy your free time. Most of the effort will involve using your mind and intellect rather than physically-demanding work. Though you will have competition in the work environment, you are likely to outshine them in performance. Your confidence is likely to increase and you will feel motivated to achieve more than in previous years. People in management will see your efforts and appreciate your contribution to the work environment. If you are looking for a career change, don’t be surprised by others’ glowing recommendations of you, which will certainly put you in a better position to make a favourable career move. The work place may be undergoing major changes which might be worrisome but focus on your goals and do not let what is happening around you deter you from your aspirations. Try to keep your moods in check and nourish your life with positive thoughts. If you have not already determined your long term goals, it may be time to figure out what and how you will achieve a better career or business position, and put your action plan into go.

If you take advantage of the current astrological trends you can make 2012 a profitable year, though you may be tempted to spend more than necessary on food and shopping, so try to resist if you can, at least some of the time. If there are any debts then try to pay them off first. The last two months of the year are extremely favourable for increased financial gains, though preparation for the holiday season may mean some of that money will be accounted for in advance.

Most Cancers enjoy their jobs because they see the workplace as a home away from home. If you are the boss, you are likely to have a sensitive but strong approach to getting the work done and ensuring others do what needs to be done. If anyone is tense and maybe difficult due to their anxiety, try not to let them get to you. Try to be calm and do what needs to be done to keep everything running smoothly and others will appreciate your self-control.

Many Cancerians would rather work in a comfortable and laid-back environment than strive for a more high-powered and demanding job, though successful Cancerians tend to view the workplace as an extension of their family. Most would rather have a calm and peaceful work life rather than strive to become rich and famous. Although when a Cancerian decides to make things happen and has their sights set on the top job or recognition, Cancerians have the intelligence and ability to get there if opportunity comes their way.

From the middle of the year onwards, investments could be favourable but be wary of get rich quick schemes, risky investments, or wasting money on frivolities in September or October. Cancer is characterized by being bold and determined, as well as, highly organized and motivated in achieving what they want. Utilize your strong points and willpower in order to prevail over any work-related complications that you may encounter during the last part of 2012. Ambitious and goal-oriented commonly describes Cancer who at times appears to have boundless sources of energy at their disposal. Try to avoid conflicts with superiors at work in the middle of the year and rely on your inner strengths and determination to overcome any obstacles at the end of 2012 on the work front.

In matters of health and physical well being, Cancer should enjoy a relatively uneventful year in 2012. With the exception of a few minor upsets with digestion or similar stomach problems occurring anywhere from late July to mid October, the Crab shouldn't have much to worry about in regards to good health.
Most Cancerians are often healthy throughout their lives. However, they are more prone towards developing nervous problems and circulatory diseases later in their life. Cancerians may have some sensitivity in their kidneys or urinary tract, so drinking enough water daily is often a good idea. Cancer people who have cared for their well-being and eat a healthy diet are not likely to have any major problems around their health in 2012.

Love and Friendship
Most Cancerians will be aiming for a peaceful love life this year. Previous difficulties are likely to be resolved and harmony will begin to prevail. If you have a partner, they will probably see valuable advice or support from you and find your company comforting. Cancerians tend to dream of candle light dinners and moon lit walks so it is time to act on these romantic daydreams. If you have been planning to enjoy a permanent relationship, this could be the time in which you meet a suitable partner. If a romantic relationship has been going through difficult times, you will find an approach that resolves the situation, either by healing the distance between you or coming to an agreement to remedy the situation another way.
Crabs, the actual crustaceans, thrive along seashores of the world, highly adaptable creatures living in an environment that is ever-changing. For those people born under the sign of Cancer, they also possess a unique ability to adapt when necessary and protect themselves from potential dangers lurking sight unseen, traits that Cancerians will find handy at times during 2012.

Cancerians have no trouble making friends when they want to, and will be devoted to those they hold closest to their hearts. People of this sign will deal with a few problems here and there on the family front in 2012, but once June has passed, most issues will be likely to be dealt with fairly quickly. Expect harmony to prevail after October.

Unattached Crabs could have a chance meeting during the middle of the year that leads them right to one of their major soul mates with the possibly of something permanent eventuating from this meeting.

Try not to let changes in the world put you off kilter this year. Being the sensitive creature that you are, you need to guard against worrying too much about those things that are not in your control. Focus your attention on all the love in your heart, and there is A LOT, and you will feel much better quickly.
The New Moon in Cancer falls on July 19, so if there are going to be any major upheavals in your life - moving, starting a new job, or establishing a new commitment, setting a big personal goal, then this is an ideal period for it to take place.

Single Cancerians are not usually inclined to make the first move. If you want to ask someone out, you might start with a group get-together, and once you get to know the person in question and establish their level of interest in you, you will feel more confident.

Cancer is the sign of the mother, so male Cancers often choose women who remind them of their mum. Cancerians women, however, tend to mother their men, and if a guy likes it, they will get along well. Those ruled by Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius rarely like being fussed over, so your maternal instinct needs to be toned down if a relationship is to work with them.

Special happenings await Crabs in 2012 with happy events in store for them that will allow them to have the chance to be with their special someone. You are likely to feel a lot happier in 2012. No matter how challenging situations have been, 2012 gives you the chance to improve your life and set new standards for the times ahead. Make the most the transitions in 2012, enjoy the good times, and keep in mind that this is a significant period in which to set the tone of your life for several years into the future.

Article courtesy of Moonslipper