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WELCOME to Year of the Red Fire Monkey!

Complete forecasts for each of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs are located below, just scroll down.

February 8, 2016 (the second moon after the Solstice) celebrations marks the Chinese New Year and the official beginning of the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, the 4713th Chinese Year. Although the Chinese New Year Day festivities happen on the 8th February, this is not the first day of the Red Monkey Year; the Monkey lunar year actually begins on February 4, 2016 and ends January 27, 2017.

General Overview for Year of the Red Fire Monkey

There are 12 animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac; the Monkey is the 9th. The number 9 is connected to intelligence and education, a busy schedule, striving for important goals, adventure, success and completion. This is year to make things happen and to let go of everything that is out-dated in your life. Do not let yourself be blocked by those who are trying to maintain the status quo. It is time to liven things up. If you are striving for change in your life, this year will work with you to make it happen. Enthusiasm will create positive shifts, assisting plans to succeed despite some obstacles along the way. Efforts are likely to be rewarded, especially for the kind and altruistic. The gullible and naive are at risk of being taken advantage this year; the Monkey energy warns not to be trusting of those who have not yet proven themselves worthy of trust. This year can be fruitful however, as long as you remain adaptable and focused; having learned from the past, but not living in it. This is an excellent year to nurture social connections, old and new, and enjoy many pleasant and surprising discussions and interactions.

The Monkey’s Personality
Monkey Traits: Fun, chatty, adaptable, energetic. intelligent, curious, good communicators, restless, wise, loyal, health ego, confident, cunning, charismatic, arrogant, lively, excellent leaders, self-important, strong-minded, quick thinkers, and love immersing themselves in in-depth and humorous discussions with those closest to them. Those born in the Year of the Monkey are witty, inventive and great problem solvers. They are quite capable of looking after themselves, but love social events in which to shine and mingle. They are youthful and playful, and dislike monotony immensely. These versatile, quick-witted, and enthusiastic people are likely to find success in their career and financial aspirations. When Monkeys are in love, they love intensely but still allow their partner the freedom to be themselves. Monkeys do, however, need to learn to manage their temper. Monkeys tend to suppress their annoyance until it finally bubbles up to the surface, sometimes at inappropriate times. Better to have a considerate discussion about your feelings and misgivings before it turns into something you had not bargained for. However, your great enthusiasm for life and others, can make you irresistible, and you can charm your way out of most prickly situations.

Favourable Colours: white, gold, light blue
Favourable Flowers: chrysanthemum, crepe myrtle
Favourable Directions: west, northwest,
Favourable Crystals: Citrine, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Aquamarine, Red Agate, Jade, Amethyst
Best Matches: Ox, Rabbit
Best Career Paths: Lawyer, Professional Sportsperson, Writers, Actors, Journalists, Banker, Diplomat, E-commerce.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Monkey
Alice Walker,Halle Berry, Charles Dickens, Selena Gomez,Will Smith, Michael Douglas, Owen Wilson,Elizabeth Taylor, Daniel Craig, Mick Jagger, Julius Caesar, Bette Davis, Annie Oakley, Eleanor Roosevelt, Tom Hanks, Diana Ross, Kim Cattrell, Nick Carter, Patricia Arquette, Christina Ricci, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo da Vinci, Christina Aguilera


The Year of the Rat
1948 Feb 10 to Jan 28 1949
1960 Jan 28 – Feb 14 1961
1972 Feb 15 – Feb 2 1973
1984 Feb 2 – Feb 19 1985
1996 Feb 19 – Feb 6 1997
2008 Feb 7 – Jan 25 2009

If you were born under the Chinese Animal Sign of the Rat, the year of the Monkey is likely to be a productive and prosperous year. Both home and work life will benefit from the harmonious effect, the Monkey’s lunar year will have on your life. This is the perfect time to connect with new people, forming new friendships, partnerships, and fulfilling romantic relationships. For both partnered and single Rats, the Fire Monkey energy attracts love and affection your way. If you have been having relationship difficulties, this is an excellent year to make changes that will either heal the issues, or find a solution where you can both move forward amicably. Single rats, or "newly single" Rats" may find that they are enjoying life far too much this year to settle down for a while, spending more time developing personal strengths and talents, instead of making long term promises. Overall, the Year of the Monkey can be an excellent year for Rats, full of success and happiness, but try not to rush into things, and make promises before you have looked at the fine print. This can be a great year for healing family bonds and rekindling old friendships.

The Year of the Ox
1949 Jan 29 – Feb 16 1950
1961 Feb 15 – Feb 4 1962
1973 Feb 3 to Jan 22 1974
1985 Feb 20 – Feb 8 1986
1997 Feb 7 – Jan 27 1998
2009 Jan 26 – Feb 13 2010

This is a major transformational year for Ox's. Love will blossom for singles, and a fresh perspective on life will bring a sense of renewed freedom and clarity.
It is a time in which those born under the sign of the Ox will find their growing popularity, surprising and enjoyable. If you are an Ox, important people will notice your abilities and accomplishments, and you will find yourself in the right position to advance, either in your career, business, or passionate pursuit. Home life will be pleasant, and you will be making sure that you take the time needed to look after your well-being. The Ox's hard-working nature and determination will see you climbing the ladder of success, , and you will be crossing paths will helpful people in positions of authority who can assist your journey upwards. New ventures and partnerships are likely to benefit from the Monkey energy , attracting positive people and connections that match the Ox’s inherent loyalty and honesty. Others will recognize and appreciate your invaluable characteristics of strength and steadfastness, and your talents. This Year of the Fire Monkey is filled with wonderful opportunities for those under the sign of the Ox, to succeed and enjoy greater happiness in life.

The Year of the Tiger
1938 Jan 31 – Feb 18 1939
1950 Feb 17 – Feb 5 1951
1962 Feb 5 – Jan 24 1963
1974 Jan 23 – Feb 10 1975
1986 Feb 9 – Jan 28 1987
1998 Jan 28 – Feb 15 1999
2010 Feb 14 – Feb 2 2011

For those born under the sign of the Tiger, you will feel like you finally know what (or who) you want in your life; a realization which brings with it, a sense of clarity and focus, in order to make better choices for the future. Singles will enjoy a strong mutual chemistry and the sparks will be visible, not only to each other, but anyone who happens to be in the vicinity! The Year of the Monkey will be an intriguing, though challenging year, for those born under the sign of the Tiger. It will be a time in which you are likely to finally learn those invaluable lessons of patience and endurance, assisting you to see your goals through to their completion, despite any obstacles or distractions. It will be important this year to avoid jumping to conclusions, and navigate around potential confrontations or complications. Compromise will be the key to enjoying smoother, more harmonious relationships, both at work and home. The Year of the Monkey calls you to take time out to play and restore your inner spirit on a regular basis, and for those Tigers who have been putting off looking after their health and fitness, you will also feel the urge to incorporate a fitness schedules or sport into your life, as well as improving your eating habits. Seek guidance and support from a wise or educated person, rather then trying to handle everything on your lonesome. You can make genuine progress with your major goals and aspirations this year; just practice a little diplomacy and lightness of approach to achieve the best outcome. The Year of the Monkey will bring you plenty of fun and an improved social life, and Tigers will enjoy new opportunities which will lead to significant achievements.

RABBIT (Also known Hare and Cat)

The Year of the Rabbit
1939 Feb 19 – Feb 7 1940
1951 Feb 6 – Jan 26 1952
1963 Jan 25 – Feb 12 1964
1975 Feb 11 – Jan 20 1976
1987 Jan 29 – Feb 16 1988
1999 Feb 16 – Feb 4 2000
2011 Feb 3 0 Jan 22 2012

The Chinese Red Fire Monkey Year heralds a positive time for those born under the Rabbit sign. 2016 will bring many rewarding experiences and events, both in your personal life and financially. If you have been experiencing difficulties in a particular relationship, by the end of the year, you will feel that these issues have resolved or dealt with satisfactorily. An excellent year to enhance your skills, or learn a new one, which can either help progress your career, business, or heighten your talents in a particular area of expertise. Advancement is within your grasp this year if you are willing to put in the effort necessary. The Year of the Monkey provides many twists and turns, and you must draw upon your adaptability and “swift-footedness” to get everything done that you will be called upon to do. Fortunately, as you travel along this windy path, you will eventually find yourself pointed in a favourable direction and achieve significant advancement in your life. For Rabbits who need to sign legal documents or contracts, or make specical financial arrangements, there may be some delays. If arrangements fall through, you will find an alternative that is likely to suit you as well as your original plan. The Year of the Monkey calls upon the Rabbit to be cautious in situations where you may be vulnerable or too trusting. Focus on what other people do, not what they say; but as a clever Rabbit, you will triumph over your adversaries. Single Rabbits will meet someone who will make their heart quicken, but make the most of your initial meeting, so you don’t miss your chance to initiate a valuable relationship. Rely on your personal strengths this year, and keep moving forward, and no matter who or what tries to impede your progress, you will find yourself feeling pleased with what you have accomplished during the Year of the Monkey.

The Year of the Dragon
1940 Feb 8 – Jan 26 1941
1952 Jan 27 – Feb 13 1953
1964 Feb 13 – Feb 1 1965
1976 Jan 31 – Feb 17 1977
1988 Feb 17 – Feb 5 1989
2000 Feb 5 – Jan 23 2001
2012 Jan 23 – Feb 9 2013

Those born under the sign of the Dragon will be ready to accept important challenges this year. Dragons are not fainthearted, and to achieve all that you wish, your courageous nature will be an asset that gets you far in this Monkey year. However, avoid fighting ghosts (problems that are only in your head or issues that have passed and no longer deserve your time and energy) or striving for unnecessary goals. This is a year to move in the direction of your precious dreams and aspirations, and by tapping in to your brave and determined nature, you will see things through to a satisfactory conclusion. You will be feeling motivated, and your dynamic personality will attract many appreciative glances. In your career and finances, plan carefully and act when all the details have been sorted, rather than being impulsive or impatient, and the results will be excellent. You will enjoy some successes in your financial and career sector, but do not be tempted to take risks with what you have gained. Once you have found yourself in an opportune position, consolidate rather than speculate. A friendship or love relationship may go through a period of feeling strained due to someone's desire to have everything their way. The Year of the Monkey can bring great rewards for the Dragon. Although success is headed your way, by nurturing a more tactful approach and spending quality time with those who make you feel loved and appreciated, you will only achieve your goals, but enjoy greater happiness.

The Year of the Snake
1941 Jan 27 – Feb 14 1942
192 Feb 14 – Feb 1954
1965 Feb 2 – Jan 20 1966
1977 Feb 18 – Feb 6 1978
1989 Feb 6 – Jan 26 1990
2001 Jan 24 – Feb 11 2002
2013 Feb 10 – Jan 2014

The Red Fire Monkey is guiding those born under the sign of the Snake, to take it a little slower and calmer. Time to practice relaxation and self-nurturing, even if you think you are too busy to take the time out of your hectic schedule for self-care. However, since Snakes are extremely intuitive, most Snakes will not need coaxing to chill; they will have already taken heed of their inner guidance, incorporating de-stressing activities into their lives, helping them to unwind and heighten the enjoyment of their lives. This is not a year to do anything too wild or radical; tried and true are likely to bring the desired results. As an intelligent and spiritual Snake, this is a great year to develop your skills and education, either for work or spirituality and self-awareness. Despite needing to take the pace of life down a notch, this is likely to be an interesting, though sometimes challenging year for Snakes. If you have been trying to fall pregnant, or enjoy a close relationship with someone who longs to have a baby, you could receive the news you have been waiting for. The Year of the Monkey also brings help and support from more than one person. Aside from the wonderful people already in your life, others will also cross your path and end up staying, and you will be glad they did. Considerate, thoughtful individuals will be drawn to you this year, both at work and in your personal life. However, there may be a difficult person, or two, already in your work or business environment that you will have to placate, or avoid, in order to keep the peace. Overall, a good year for the Snake, especially in regards to attracting and building new, beneficial connections and relationships. Snake relationships will benefit from a more relaxed vibe this year, and single Monkeys who are looking for love will find an interesting and positive match with a person they meet in a new setting.

The Year of the Horse
1942 Feb 15 – Feb 4 1943
1954 Feb 3 – Jan 23 1955
1966 Jan 21 – Feb 8 1967
1978 Feb 7 – Jan 27 1979
1990 Jan 27 – Feb 14 1991
2002 Feb 12 – Jan 21 2003
2014 Jan 31 – Feb 18 2015

This could be your year, Horses! The Year of the Red Fire Monkey signifies a fascinating time for Horse people, with love definitely on the agenda. Your "animal magnetism" will be attracting lots of admiring glances. For single Horses, a number of opportunities to find a suitable partner will present themselves this year. For those already in a healthy relationship, there is a likelihood of taking the relationship to a new level of commitment. Career or business will benefit from the Monkey energy, with many opportunities for advancement, change, and recognition for your efforts. You will be feeling extremely lively during this Monkey year, but beware of over-doing it, over-indulging, over-extending yourself, otherwise your health may suffer. Sudden improvements and gains will make life intriguing and enjoyable. Unforeseen benefits will present themselves and if you have been seeking a change but it has been illusive, you will finally find what you have been looking for. Appreciate this happy state of affairs and you are likely to attract more good. Despite being a decidedly favourable year, there is likely to be a difficulty surrounding a person in your family or close circle of friends, but you will have the inner strength and wisdom to handle this situation with grace and integrity. This is a positive year to work on a collaborative venture or dedicate some time to a community organization or project. As a Horse, you are a giving and kind person, happy to help where you can, and the Year of the Monkey encourages you to tap into and express this trait to its fullest extent, reaping the rewards of feeling happier and more fulfilled than in recent years as a result. Make the most of the Year of the Monkey and what it has in store for you, Horse, and share the benefits, to reap the greatest rewards.

SHEEP (Also known Goat or Ram)
The Year of the Sheep (or Ram or Goat)
5 Feb 1943 – 24 Jan 1944
24 Jan 1955 – 11 Feb 1956
9 Feb 1967 – 29 Jan 1968
28 Jan 1979 – 15 Feb 1980
15 Feb 1991 – 3 Feb 1992
1 Feb 2003 – 21 Jan 2004

Year of the Red Fire Monkey is a fortunate one for those born under the sign of the Sheep, a year in which you can improve your income, and take on ventures that will raise your status and create greater financial stability. If you were born under the Chinese Sign of the Sheep (or Goat), the beginning of the year brings the best results. Make the most of the first half of the Monkey lunar year, as it is filled with promise, invitations, and potential. You may be called upon to give up something or someone you want to hold on to, but this is a time of transition, and the change will bring in fresh energies to transform your life. Keep a close eye on details this year, the fine print will be crucial. Avoid leaving crucial decisions or duties up to others, they may not be as careful and diligent as you. For those born under the sign of the Sheep, you have a great sense of community and work well in teams, but this year, you will be offered a leadership role, either at work or in personal matters, and you will do an excellent job if you accept this responsibility. This year is a wonderful time to finally meet that special person, or nurture established relationships. Enjoy the romance in the air, but remain appreciative and demonstrative for your bond to continue to strengthen. Revel in the excitement of the first half of the year, and build upon what you have gained in the second half.

The Year of the Monkey
1944 Jan 25 – Feb 12 1945
1956 Feb 12 – Jan 30 1957
1968 Jan 30 – Feb 16 1969
1980 Feb 16 – Feb 4 1981
1992 Feb 4 – Jan 22 1993
2004 Jan 22 – Feb 8 2005
2016 Feb 8 – Jan 27 2017

The Year of the Fire Monkey has plenty of surprises and changes in store for those born under the sign of the Monkey. It is the perfect time to advance in your career or develop your business. Personal life looks good too. This year provides the opportunity to achieve cherished dreams, or begin valuable new projects. Money will be gained through a variety of means, perhaps more than one job, talent, side-line business, or idea. For those born under the sign of the Monkey, this year is a fruitful one, full of opportunities to find happiness and success. It is also a favourable year to further your education, or develop your skills and talents. Though an exceptionally productive year, do not let this hectic pace distract you from looking after your well-being. Ensure that every day includes a time of fun and replenishment, quality time with loved ones, and pay careful attention to your food regimen including a wide range of vegetables and fruits to keep health issues at bay or help manage existing conditions. Romance, family and friendships are likely to be harmonious, however, if problems do arise, the issues will be dealt with quickly. Some difficulties may surface around an unpleasant co-worker who over-steps their mark, but it is not enough to stop you from achieving your goals or making a significant contribution. Though you may attract some jealousy because of your high energy and accomplishments, these people are not likely to cause any significant issues for you. You can achieve and enjoy a great deal this Monkey year, enjoying harmony in your relationships and greater success in the work or business environment, but make sure you are also taking care of your health. This year will be interesting time marked by excitement, changes, and opportunities for love and accomplishment.

ROOSTER (Also known as Chicken)
The Year of the Rooster
1945 Feb 13 – Feb 1 1946
1957 Jan 31 – Feb 17 1958
1969 Feb 17 – Feb 5 1970
1981 Feb 5 – Jan 24 1982
1993 Jan 23 – Feb 9 1994
2005 Feb 9 – Jan 28 2006
2017 Jan 28 – Feb 15 2018

Be ready for an high-energy and exciting year, Rooster! A good start to the year with a likelihood of either small windfalls, extra dividends, or fortunate opportunities coming your way in the first few months of the Red Fire Monkey Year. Although good fortune is on its way, the Monkey energy advises you to beware of blowing out your budget, and encourages you to try to minimize your expenses, putting something aside for a rainy day. You are also being guided to add extra strategies to your stress management program, finding new ways to lessen your anxieties, perhaps yoga, Tai chi, stretching exercises, taking a walk, or gardening. Even adult colouring books or deep breathing techniques might do the trick, helping to reduce tension in your muscles and help quieten your busy mind. Plenty of challenges to keep you on your toes this year, but many will bring you a sense of satisfaction and exhilaration when met head on. Roosters are known for their independence and determination, however this year, let others help you if you need assistance. A wonderful time for those Roosters planning on advancing their career or noticed for their talent. Time to put yourself out there, and make things happen. Although plans may not always go as imagined, you will learn much along the way, and eventually achieve success despite some stops and starts. Love will have several thrilling highs in the Fire Monkey Year, especially for those nurturing an established loving relationship. Loyalty and trust are key to achieve the best this year; so avoid risking an established love for a casual change as the truth will be revealed and there will be consequences. For single Roosters, it is a fabulous year to "strut your stuff" and attract that lovely partner you have been waiting for!

The Year of the Dog
1946 Feb 2 – Jan 21 1947
1958 Feb 18 – Feb 7 1959
1970 Feb 6 – Jan 26 1971
1982 Jan 25 – Feb 12 1983
1994 Feb 10 – Jan 30 1995
2006 Jan 29 – Feb 2007
2018 Feb 16 – Feb 4 2019

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey marks a time in which those born under the sign of the Dog must use their power of intention and observation to achieve genuine insight and progress. Remaining focused on your important goals is imperative, and your perseverance and determination will help you make great advancements in your career or business ventures. If you are willing to work hard, this could one of the most productive and abundant times you have experienced in recent years. Dogs are known for being affectionate and sociable, however, during the Fire Monkey Year, don't let work stress or financial worries cause tensions between yourself and loved ones. You and your love partner are a team and you can work together during the Monkey year to finalize realize some of your important dreams, or at least lay the foundation so they can be realized. Although a hectic year, there will also be many opportunities for fun, frivolity and bonding. You can remain steadfast to your goals while still taking time out to enjoy your life and your connections with loved ones. Take time out to "smell the roses". You may find yourself traveling more than usual this year, either for work or pleasure, or both. Either way, keep your suitcase handy. Legal agreements, investigations or research are highlighted this year. Love, affection, and initiating attraction and love, are particularly favoured in March, April and September.

PIG (Also known as Boar)
The Year of the Pig
1947 Jan 22 – Feb 9 1948
1959 Feb 8 – Jan 27 1960
1971 Jan 27 – Feb 14 1972
1983 Feb 13 – Feb 1 1984
1995 Jan 31 – Feb 18 1996
2007 Feb 18 – Feb 6 2008
2019 Feb 5 – Jan 24 2020

This year could be quite an exhillerating ride for those born under the sign of the Pig! Plenty of adventures and challenges to be had, and educational opportunities to develop greater skills and knowledge, either for advancement in career or nurturing a special talent. You will be feeling optimistic, and your enthusiasm will be contagious, but you need to channel this passion into an important goal to achieve a rewarding outcome. Those under the sign of the Pig are extremely intelligent, community-minded, and loving, and this year, you will feel the need to combine all these qualities for a particular project, perhaps as a volunteer, personal venture, or aspiration you feel will make a real difference. Despite some challenges, Pigs will also enjoy some amazing high points in this Monkey year, which will make the journey and even the obstacles worthwhile. Those under the sign of the Pig are generous and compassionate souls, and will always find a way to help others, even when perhaps, they should be asking for some help themselves. This year, Pigs are guided by the Monkey to work at finding the balance between energy expended and the energy kept to help nurture good health and well-being. Romantic love connections will be thrilling, particularly for single Pigs who will be a love magnet this year. Plenty of joy and affection to be had, so if you feel ready for genuine love, don't sit at home waiting, go out there and grab yourself some, because there is a real opportunity for lasting love. Potential partners will be attracted to Pig's radiant, warm, kind, and fun spirit. Educational settings, shared interest groups, and places connected to arts, music, and literature are the most favoured for meeting that special life partner. A lively year for Pigs, filled with love, fun, and friendship.

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