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Wormholes in DNA

Russian biophysist, Pjotr Garjajav, and his research group have been investigating the scientific basis for phenomena such as clairvoyance, spontaneous acts of healing, the success of affirmations, auras, and the potential of groups of people to influence weather patterns through their intention. Now, this research has revealed that DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies-- opening up a whole new arena in medicine.

As we know, 90% of DNA has classified as "junk DNA." The Russian scientists joined linguists to explore this so-called "extraneous" DNA and found that the genetic code "follows the same rules as all our human languages"--indicating that human languages are actually a reflection of our DNA.

Through exploring the vibrational behavior of the DNA, Russian scientists were able to use certain frequency patterns to alter the genetic information itself. Even more astounding, the experiment proved that one can use words and sentences to influence DNA. This explains scientifically how the body can be programmed by language, words and thought-- finally lending credence to the use of affirmations and hypnosis.

The scientists also proved that using frequency can repair chromosomes damaged by x-rays and actually reprogram DNA. By applying vibration to the DNA information patterns, they successfully transformed frog embryos to salamander embryos.

Equally exciting is the news that the scientists found out that our DNA can produce magnetized wormholes-- "tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness." This lays the groundwork for proving hyper communication or psychic phenomena, and understanding where that information comes from.

DNA is like a superconductor that can store light and thus, information. Wormholes are normally highly unstable and maintained only for fractions of seconds. But under certain conditions, stable wormholes can organize themselves into vacuum domains where gravity can transform into electricity. Vacuum domains are "self-radiant balls of ionized gas that contain considerable amounts of energy." They have been seen in the sky, oftentimes mistaken for UFOs. The Russians have discovered that these balls of light can be guided by thought. These vacuum domains can also be produced in our brains. This explains the halos around spiritual teachers and light effects appearing on photographs, especially involving healing work. These phenomena have to do with wormholes and hyper communication-- with energies from outside our time/space structure.

In the past, earlier generations that had such experiences with hyper communication and visible vacuum domains spoke of angels. We still do not know what forms of consciousness we have access to when using hyper communication. But this research is bringing us closer to understanding the infinitely complex nature of our reality.

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Seuss Wisdom

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Please help halt the "witch camps" in Ghana where over 1000 women and over 700 children are currently held and treated inhumanely!

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First Yoga Chakras - The Muladhara Chakra, Root Chakra

Yoga Chakra name – Muladhara chakra, root chakra, foundation chakra, adhara chakra, brahma padma chakra, bhumi chakra, chaturdala chakra, chatuhpatra chakra, mooladhara chakra, mula chakra, mula padma chakra

Yoga Chakra meaning – Root

Yoga Chakra element – Earth

Yoga Chakra syllable for chanting – Lam

Yoga Chakra incense herb – Cedar, rosemary

Yoga Chakra location – Base of spine

Yoga Chakra action – Excretion, movement

Yoga Chakra related glands – Adrenal glands

Yoga Chakra related body parts – Anus, nose, spinal column, kidneys, legs, feet, immune system

Yoga Chakra sense – Smell

Yoga Chakra related food – Horseradish, hot paprika, chives, cayenne, pepper, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, radishes, beets, eggs, meats, beans, tofu, soy products, peanut butter, onions, garlic

Yoga Chakra related animals – Mole, elephant

Yoga Chakra planets – Pluto, mars

Yoga Chakra verb associated – I have

Yoga Chakra color – Red

Yoga Chakra gemstone – Hematite, black tourmaline, onyx

Yoga Chakra metal – Lead

Yoga Chakra out of balance – Lower back pain, sciatica,varicose veins, rectal tumors, depression, immune related disorders

Yoga Chakra asana – Setu bandhasana (bridge)

The muladhara chakra or root chakra acts as a grounding force which also helps us become connected to our planet earth. The Hindus expressed the Muladhara chakra or root chakra as four petals that has a square in the middle. The four petals are depicting the four directions on earth. The square is meant to represent grounding or a foundation in the physical world. In the middle of the square is a seed. The Muladhara chakra or root chakra is positioned halfway between the anus and sex organs. The lower Muladhara chakra or root chakra is considered to have the most dense energy. It is critical that the Muladhara chakra or root chakra become balanced prior to moving on to the other chakras so we will have the stability needed for the long term. (Info c/o Hypnosis Quarterly)

In These Arms, A Song for All Beings-Jennifer Berezan

Wonderful meditative clip worth checking out!

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8 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Life | Care2 Healthy Living

8 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Life | Care2 Healthy Living An excellent article on the benefits of meditation. Just click on the blue link to read.

The Compassionate Animal | Greater Good

The Compassionate Animal | Greater Good

Our relationships with nonhuman animals range all over the place. They’re complicated, frustrating, awkward, loving, and challenging. Around the world we gawk at animals in wonder, experiment on them, eat them, wear them, write about them, draw and paint them, make decisions for them, and move them from here to there as we “redecorate nature.” Yet we often ignore who they are and what they want.

In truth, science has discovered a lot about the inner lives of diverse species, more than we often give ourselves credit for. Indeed, animals’ lives aren’t all that private, hidden, or secret; a flurry of research has offered insight into the emotional lives of animals. We now know that animals have a point of view and that they experience deep feelings.

Two recent discoveries speak to the emotional lives of vastly different species, mice and whales.

In 2006, a Canadian team of neuroscientists showed that mice are empathic beings that feel the pain and suffering of other mice. McGill University’s Dale Langford and colleagues injected acetic acid into the paws of one or both members of a pair of adult mice, causing a painful burning sensation. Mice who watched their cage-mates in pain became more sensitive to the same painful stimuli, indicating that they had a notion of what the others were experiencing. A mouse injected with acid writhed more violently if his or her partner had also been injected and was writhing in pain.

Of course, it’s ironic that painful experiments like that one are used to uncover animal emotions, when observations of these rodents and many other animals clearly show that they experience empathy and other feelings. These scientific facts haven’t yet entered into discussions about the well-being of mice.

Anyone who has worked with whales intuitively knows they’re extremely emotional, but only in the past few years have researchers uncovered biological evidence for this fact. They’ve found that many types of whales have specialized “spindle cells”—cells important in processing emotion and developing intelligent behavior—in brain regions linked to social organization, empathy, intuition about the feelings of others, and rapid gut reactions. Humans have spindle cells in the same brain regions, and previously these cells were thought to exist only in humans and other great apes.

The presence of these spindle cells suggests that whales have advanced abilities to experience emotion, and we can find plenty of real-world evidence to back this up. In December of 2005, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on a 50-foot, 50-ton female humpback whale who had been caught in a net near the Farallon Islands, off the California coast. After rescuers untangled her, the humpback swam up to each of them and winked before swimming off.

According to the story, the rescuers all agreed that she was expressing gratitude.

These discoveries surely make us rethink how we treat animals. But cruelty to animals has serious implications for humans as well.

Studies by Frank Ascione, Phil Arkow, Barbara Boat, and many others show that children who are cruel to animals are significantly more likely to commit violence against humans later in life—the absence of empathy for one indicates lack of empathy for the other. Indeed, studies of prison inmates reveal that as many as 75 percent of violent offenders had early records of animal cruelty.

When we link these studies in cruelty with new discoveries about the inner lives of animals, our relationships with animals take on greater importance: It becomes clear that compassionate relationships with animals are integral to a more compassionate world.

There are two main steps we can take toward fostering these compassionate relationships. First, we must recognize that animals have active minds and deep feelings. Second, we must “mind” them as their caretakers in a human-dominated world, where their interests are continually trumped in deference to ours.

Many programs have tried to make this ideal of minding animals a reality. I serve as a roving ambassador for Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Program, which helps kids learn how to care for animals, the earth, and people. The Humane Society of the United States has a program, called “First Strike,” devoted to learning more about the connection between cruelty to animals and to humans. The Society & Animals Forum and the Human/Animal Violence Education Network have also launched similar programs that deserve our support.

Ultimately, I believe compassion for animals will make for more compassion among people, weaving more empathy, respect, dignity, and love into all our lives. Animals and future generations of humans will surely thank us for our efforts. Article care of -

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Vedic Astrology Forecast - VIRGO

2011 overall, should be a good year for Virgos. There will be personal challenges for you at various avenues, but you would come out with flying colors, due to your hard work & dedication. (This Vedic Forecast is provided courtesy of Moonslipper.)

Opportunities would be present on many occasions. You will find success in joint projects, partnerships and entrepreneur efforts.

Despite quite a few opportunities, you could feel pressured at times this year. You will go through a contradictory period, since on the surface people would find you very successful & positive, while you could go through a very trying and difficult time. Hard work, dedication & tolerance would help you cross this period successfully. The period till early May would be very different than rest of the year. You will continue with the hangover of the last year and its effect during this phase.

Hurdles & issues could rise after the 31st August 2011. It would be useful to be low profile and avoid unnecessary controversy during this. Pressures & hurdles which could have been bothering you, will improve after the 25th December 2011.

Positive & gainful trends will operate between 9th October 2011 to 29th October 2011.

Virgo Horoscope predicts some unknown fear & stress between 30th October 2011 till the end of the year. There are period to pass with caution & maturity.

Your general temperament & career decisions should be controlled between 25th November to 13th December. If you do not focus during this time, some errors of judgment could occur.

2011 Virgo Horoscope for Marriage/ Love

Your outlook towards relationships could turn unsteady and somewhat negative after the 31st August 2011 & would remain so till 25th December 2011. It is a period of introspection for you during this time.
Pressures & negativity in love matters would be better after 15th November 2011.

Love life would be good during September & December 2011.
Challenges & hurdles would be higher during April, July & August 2011.

2011 Virgo Horoscope for Career

Despite all the pressures, a certain amount of clarity would emerge at work as well as to find what your true calling or Karma is between May and 15th November. It is a period where you will find aggression and will to develop new areas in life. Promotional work would be well rewarded.

2011 Virgo Horoscope for Health

Hunger and overeating could result between May & 15th November. If you are not cautious, chances of putting on weight exist. Avoidable stress should also not let you bother you as it could cause health issues. If some chronic health problems were bothering you, there will be significant improvement after 25th December 2011 too.

2011 Virgo Horoscope for Family

You will however remain disciplined and regimented in your approach till the 15th November 2011. This approach will help you progress as well as cope up with the pressures. Mental pressures could rise during this period. There would be many occasions when you could feel hurdles, mostly on account of pressures and your inability to handle stress. This period will see a rise in sexual desires and might seek gratification without adequate patience. You need to remain discrete and discerning during this period.

Between May to 15th November, you will socialize more than usual & make some new friends now. It is an aggressive & progressive period overall. New spiritual & religious pursuits possible. If you follow this aspect, deep satisfaction & success is assured. Some pilgrimage possible too.

From 16th November 2011 to 31st December 2011 an improvement in your personal mindset occurs. There would be significant unburdening of your mind. Focus would turn on hard work & gains due to your creative work. Some pressures might come up in family life due to a sudden rise in work pressures. Speak carefully, since some controversy could come up unnecessarily.

2011 Virgo Horoscope for Finances

Later in the year, you will find a rise in energy in work environment. You will find support from superiors and some rise in dynamism which could help you progress faster.

Virgo September Horoscope: The month would begin with low activity and some amount of pressures and sluggishness which would remain till the 14th September 2011. Improvements in outlook, followed by rise in activity would come from the 15th September 2011. You should be careful about being egoistic and over aggression. You will experience leadership abilities now.

Virgo October Horoscope: Hard work and aggression would be high. Ego will remain an integral part of thinking as well as attitude. Ego related issues would remain internal and sub conscious till the 15th October 2011, while 16th October 2011 onwards, Ego could be apparent in speech. Finances would remain active and on your mind in the second half of the month. Family matters would be in the focus too.

Virgo November Horoscope: Creative work would bring in growth in finances till the 15th November 2011. Be humble in speech and communications this month. 16th November 2011, onwards your position will rise and growth would come due to your dynamic attitude as well as networking skills. Growth oriented period overall. Possibility of travel.

Virgo December Horoscope: Positive period till 16th December 2011. You will experience growth and rise in repute. You will feel a higher level of energy & creative ability too. 17th December 2011 onwards a gradual distance from family & relatives could be felt. There could be some changes in property as well as domestic matters. As long as you are positive, there would be abundant energy to work out matters.

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