Friday, May 24, 2013

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"Tapping to Relieve Pain" video

In this video, Gabrielle Bernstein shares an EFT exercise on Tapping to Release Pain.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Taurus Forecasts 2013

A detailed forecast for Taureans for 2013. Find out what's in store!

TAURUS Apr 20 - May 20
Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Group: Emotional
Energy: Yin
Polarity: Negative

Favourable Colours: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Ochre
Chinese Counterpart: Snake
Ruling Planet: Venus
Quality: Fixed
Ruling House: 2nd
Opposite Sign: Scorpio
Associated Gems: Emerald, Agate
Sensitive Areas: Throat, Neck
Favourable Professions: Accountant, Actor, Performer, Banker, Engineer, Musician
Qualities: Dependable, Patient, Caring, Musical, Practical, Usually a strong body and high resistance to ill health or when sick – often recover quickly, Stubborn, Talented Cooks, Romantic
Life Lessons: Developing the ability to say what you are feeling and thinking, and flexibility
Likes: Gardening, cooking, working with hands, music, romance, a secluded home close to nature. Enjoying good food is also important. Surrounded and immersed in beauty and comfort
Dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, instability, synthetic fabrics.
Favourable Surroundings: A comfortable, beautiful home living close to nature.

Resilient, dependable, strong, and stubborn, Taurus people are hard working and have a determination that eventually gets them to their goal. Taureans love the finer things in life, and appreciate beauty and harmony. Sensual, tactile and romantic, Taureans are often gifted lovers, and lovers of all things beautiful. Sentimental and reliable, they typically make wonderful partners, despite the fact that male Taureans often find it hard to verbally communicate the depth of their feelings to loved ones. Taurean males prefer to let their actions speak for themselves, but Taurean Ms and Mrs have no problem speaking their affection as well as showing it. Taureans are the most dynamic of all Earth signs, and often exude a charisma that makes many under the sign of Taurus suitable for the performing arts. Though many Taureans exhibit a conservative streak, all have an underlying creative side and often show a flair for making, fixing, or decorating.


2013 promises to be a bit of an exciting rollercoaster ride for Taureans this year, with its share of ups and downs, but plenty of exciting challenges and successes to keep you interested. Creativity and innovation are the key for Taureans this year, with a growing desire to tap into the imaginative and inspirational side of life.

With the creative urge being heightened during 2013, Taureans can expect that fabulous ideas will come thick and fast. Contentment and comfort will also be high on the agenda with the potential to create changes in life that will allow these wonderful states to become part of your everyday experience.

Career and business are favoured, with important changes for the better on offering, but these changes will also mean that you may find yourself busier than ever. Exciting, but distracting events, or new social connections, may interfere with your concentration, and delay the achievement of significant goals, unless you remind yourself what your priorities are, and avoid being drawn into time-wasting, or time-draining, activities. However, take time out to relax so you may sustain the effort needed to fulfil your important objectives. Prioritizing your steps to accomplishing your dreams in the first half of 2013 will be a vital aid to success later in the year.

Following your passion will be important to you this year, but passion aligned to realizing your most important goals. Just don’t let negative comments by envious or difficult people slow down your pace in your stride towards what has long been your dream to accomplish.

Simplifying your life this year, will bring a sense of comfort and ease that previous avenues to satisfaction has never brought, possibly down-sizing your living space, throwing out all the clutter in your house, or perhaps ridding yourself of the unnecessary thoughts that have cluttered your mind.

Feeling the urge for freedom this year, will motivate many Taurus people to take that longed-awaited journey, to immerse themselves in experiences which is likely to lead to personal revelations, or major lifestyle changes. You may find yourself reviewing your schedule of the daily grind, altering patterns in your life to create a fresh vision of how you wish your life to unfold. Taureans will find themselves seeing themselves and their lives with new eyes, ready to change what hasn’t been working for them for a long time.

Although your inner spirit will be calling you to throw off the shackles of the past, one person in your life may be concerned about your willingness to rethink life and make a fresh start. Negotiation and compromise may be the way to put their mind at ease and help them to alter their lives for the better, along with your own.

Taureans are known for getting things done, the only difference is that this year, you will get more done than previous years. Nothing is likely to stop Taureans this year, except themselves, if they let worried, negative thoughts defeat them before they have really started. Striking a harmonious balance between work and relaxation will be at the forefront of Taurus thinking this year, and with this aim in mind, Taureans will reorganize themselves to make sure this balance is achieved by no later than September.

Social life looks like it will be providing plenty of fun and interaction for the lively Taurus, and a couple of valuable new friendships will prove to be lasting precious additions to the Taurean’s life. Meeting people through business and local organizations will reinvigorate the Taurean’s social circle, and prove a wonderful chance to relax and forget about everything that needs to get done, at least for a while.

Starting the year with great enthusiasm and a clear idea of what you would like to achieve, will create the foundation for a promising year, and between June and August, many of the ideas you had in mind, will start to be realized. A difficult work relationship will change for the better, perhaps through improved communication or you both are ready to let by-gones be by-gones.

Developing faith in your own ability will put you in a good place to forge ahead with career or business goals, while other Taureans will be putting this growing confidence towards realizing dreams related to passionate pastimes and creative skills. Although not a trait normally associated with Taurus, beware of impatience showing itself in May, although by June, these feelings have subsided, whether or not the delays have disappeared.
You will not have to be an expert in your field to achieve great things this year. With passion and heart, your potential and latent talent will be obvious and teamed with your enthusiasm and willingness to learn more and contribute your utmost, your chance to improve your work situation will vastly improve this year, and even your financial situation will benefit.

Taureans will find themselves working harder than usual this year, but reaping rewards for the efforts poured into projects. You will reach a level of expertise in one area this year, which will propel you forward towards future success and a sense of satisfaction that will inspire to push yourself even further. Just don’t doubt yourself or your ability, and your pathway to achievement will be clear.
Your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings will be better than usual this year, which will be a blessing for Taurean males, their partners, or potential partners.

Setting realistic objectives is not usually difficult for Taureans, and this ability to prioritize and tap into common sense, will provide you with an advantage over others striving for similar goals in career or business. 2013 is going to be an extremely constructive and productive year for most Taureans. There is a lot to get done this year, but with your Taurean determination and excellent work ethic, your chance to make great things happen is almost a certainty.

Taureans make excellent leaders and managers but sometime feel uncomfortable taking on roles in which they have to put themselves above others; however this year, they will be ready to take on the mantle of leadership and not allow themselves to be held back by any thoughts that prevent them from shining and showing what they are capable of contributing and achieving.

Since your work life may be quite demanding this year, ensure that you create a timetable to allow for enough quality time with your partner and family to maintain nurtured, strong, and happy relationships.

This is the year for love, single Taureans are likely to cross paths with that wonderful person who could be your special one and only! 2013 will prove to be a year of surprises in the love-life area for all Taurus people, with partnered Taureans using a fresh approach to improve existing relationships, and single Taureans ready to try new activities to meet new, interesting people, extending their social circle and networking for friendship and love. The walls that usually surround the Taureans emotional centre will come down and the courage to be open and vulnerable will give Ms, Mrs and Mr Taurus a greater sense of closeness to those already in their lives, and creating opportunities to accept promising new people into their world. One of Taurus’ major strengths is their patience, and in the case of love and friendships, their patience in awaiting the arrival of that loving lasting relationship will pay off, some time from July onwards.

Taureans aiming to start a family will be blessed with hoped-for news, and launch themselves into the preparation for the baby with gusto.

Taureans in long term, challenging relationships, will find their difficulties seeming more surmountable. A mediator or counsellor may be enlisted to help soothe previous hurts and form a game plan to build bridges and create a happier future together. Luckily Taureans are in the right mindset this year to try new ways to solve old problems.

A small issue may be caused crossed lines of communication, taking a while to resolve, but once both parties accept that it was really just a misunderstanding and no one intended to upset the other, everything will be fine. A lesson in tolerance and forgiveness will be learnt by both parties, eventually.

Any disharmony within the family unit will improve by December, but it may be necessary not to go over old ground when things have been sorted, to prevent the “opening up of old wounds”.
The positive influences ofVenus, Uranus, and Jupiter will bring about many harmonious events and interactions this year, and by the second half of 2013, love will enter the lives of those who have been hoping for the special person to whom they can spend their lives.

You will be feeling sentimental this year and enjoying a greater sense of closeness with loved ones, and with an improved ability to tap into your inner stillness, you are likely to feel more reflective and contented than the last few years.

Although it might be a slow start, by the second half of 2013, Jupiter’s influence is likely to see you enjoying a period of increased success, and taking on tasks that challenge but inspire you to push further ahead in your career or business. Taureans whose fields of endeavour involve art, writing, music, or other forms of creative expression, are likely to attract attention from those in influential positions this year, with accolades for a job well done, highly likely.

Your innovative and creative drives will see you coming up with ideas and strategies that will help to bring in greater income over the next few years. If you wish to get noticed at work, this year provides the drive and possibilities to make a real mark in the workplace. From June onwards, your efforts to excel and be noticed will begin to pay off in the best possible way. However you may need to join forces with others to achieve some of the more demanding goals and get the results you are hoping for. By the end of the year, any contracts or legal obstacles, and any situations that may have caused you difficulties will be dealt with to your satisfaction.

Taureans considering a business partnership will be seeking the advice of a third party to ensure everything is completely ironclad and the risks minimized, before going ahead with possible business deals or mergence.

Your intuition will be useful in the work environment this year, giving you the heads up who not to tell what, to avoid being an object of office gossip and back-biting. Taureans are known for their honesty and straightforwardness, however, sometimes silence is definitely golden. Likelihood of promotion is high this year, particularly mid-year and September, giving you more than one chance to get ahead in 2013.

Try not to make waves in the work environment in August because the outcome is not likely to be in your favour. Best strategy during the month is to remain focussed on the work at hand, and do not let others issues press your buttons.

Since your work life will be more hectic than usual in 2013, ensure that you take some time out daily to de-stress, perhaps go for a walk or visit the gym, or play with your children and pets. Even regular sporting activities could be just what Taureans need to let go of the pressures of work or business.

This year promises to be a favourable one for Taurus and their finances. Though typically careful with their money, Taureans will have a little more to play with this year, though still within sensible perimeters. Despite the positive influences impacting on Taurean finances, taking on a large, risky investment will not have a favourable outcome, so the usual Taurean prudent approach would be best in this circumstance. Business investments are not favoured in the first half of 2013, but in the second half of 2013, changes to business structure or business strategies are likely to provide a fortunate new path to increasing funding or income. Between June and September, profit or income is likely to improve, partially due to enhance monetary management, and exploring new ways of earning money.


Taureans will be longing to spend time near water, or travelling over it, which is an interesting turn of events for this Earth sign. Short trips are likely in the first half of 2013, but the second half of the year favours a longer journey, though some Taureans may feel that it is necessary to postpone their journey to early 2014 due to financial considerations.

Typically Taureans possess a strong physical constitution, seldom getting ill; but for Taureans who succumb to illness, they have a determination that means they can keep on going despite lethargy or discomfort. Taureans are a hardy breed! Health and vitality is likely to be typical for Taureans during 2013, with little likelihood of serious conditions, however, problems caused by over-work or stress could cause issues that lead to fatigue or health conditions if Taureans do not take the time out daily to decompress and enjoy a little play and relaxation. Sleep and digestion may also be affected if the determined Taurus doesn’t take some time off regularly to restore their inner balance and peaceful thinking.

2013 Forecast Summary:
A year of full of surprises, challenges and changes that will provide what is invaluable for your professional success and emotional joy. If you are seeking love, this year gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beginnings of a fulfilling relationship, and financial improvement by the third quarter of year, provides you with the increasing funds. Taureans will find 2013, a year of exploring a variety of possible paths, some of which you had never considered prior, making for an interesting year, filled with opportunities, life lessons, and achievement. Time to excel!