Sunday, December 30, 2012

Relaxing Meditation Music (video)

Over seventy minutes of calming music to help you sleep, relax, or meditate.

Available on itunes
Relaxing Sounds of Nature White Noise for Mindfulness Meditation Relaxation Relaxing Spa Music Songs, Sound Therapy for Relaxation With Sounds of Nature: Baby Sleep, Study and Yoga Zen Meditation and Natural White Noise and New Age Deep Massage

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Secret Life of Trees (music video)

Glorious music to relax or meditate. Check out the details below to purchase this lovely album.

"The Secret Life Of Trees" 75 minutes of soundtrack music is available on itunes

and amazon

Produced by LA composer Tracy Bartelle ("Cheesecake Casserole" "Passions" NBC) this "Enya" style music is suitable for hatha yoga flow, slow flow,meditation, ballet barre,relaxation,stretching, massage, reiki healing, pre natal and post natal care, sleep aide and hospice facilities and music to soothe baby by.
Each five minute composition transitions smoothly to the next making it perfect for yoga flow practice. There are also Tibetan bowls and the sound of a light wind rustling through the trees throughout the music which is very soothing.
The last 2 tracks are mantras with a Shavasana at the end.
All of the tracks are available individually on itunes:

and amazon:

and the 75 minute music flow version you see here is available on itunes:

For licensing information please contact the Publisher at (email) :

"The Secret Life Of Trees" c.2011 (T.Bartelle/Circe Invidiosa Music/BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

Quotes 2012:

~"Tracy's album is one of those rare finds! As a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, I am constantly scouting for music that helps support a peaceful, meditative and healing environment. Tracy's "The Secret Life Of Trees" does just that. This grace filled album is cleverly timed at 1 hour 15 mins. With a wide variety of songs seamlessly flowing together. Tracy's angelic voice is a touch of light, sweet and sacred. Her version of the Mantra's "Aum Shanti" is truly a welcomed piece of peace. My students are as much in love with this album as I am. Each time I use it in one of my classes or a Reiki session, something magical happens for us all.
I am very happy to share my little secret, "The Secret Life Of Trees" with all that are seeking Joy." Kimberly Schultz, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Los Angeles

~"Tracy Bartelle's 'The Secret Life Of Trees' is 75 minutes of pure magical, de-stressing, musical bliss. Now that I've discovered it---I never leave home without it.
Brava, Tracy!" Paul F. Antonelli, Music Supervisor, NBC Universal

~"I wanted to play Tracy's music in my intermediate yoga class to change things up a bit..And oh boy did it ever! It inspired me to teach a slow flow class to my students (my classes usually aren't as flowy)..All of my students thought this class was so special and were so inspired by the music that everyone of them had a glow on their faces when they left class..Her music gave them that yoga buzz (calm) that we all want from a class." Lauri Janover, Yoga teacher and Actor, Los Angeles

Soothing Zen Meditation Music (video one hour)

"Shine on Full Moon" available on emusic and itunes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stunning, magnificient and more - Documentary video

A short documentary film in three parts on the art of Gregory Colbert, and our spiritual connection to nature and all living beings. There are no adequate words to describe this extraordinary documentary. Enjoy! Scroll down to the link to purchase the complete documentary.

"Ashes and Snow" Part 1, 2, Feather and Fire.

Flying Elephants Productions Presents "Ashes and Snow", an exhibition by Gregory Colbert. The show has previously traveled to Venice, New York, Santa Monica, Tokyo, and Mexico City.

Since its debut, more than 10 million people have seen Ashes and Snow in the past 5 years.

This clip is the first part of the most recent 11-minute cut which highlights the evolution of Gregory Colbert's masterwork.

For more information and to purchase the DVD please visit

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sagittarius Forecasts for 2013

Sagittarius - Nov 22 - Dec 21
Symbol: The Archer
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Ruling House: Ninth
Polarity: Positive
Quality: Mutable
Favourable Colours: Purple, Mauve, Indigo, Green
Chinese Counterpart: Rat
Opposite Sign: Gemini
Energy Sign: Yang
Gemstones: Topaz, Turquoise

Special Qualities: Adventurous, Intelligent, Sociable, Carefree though sometimes careless, Blunt, Love travelling, Great Sense of Humour, Idealistic, Generous, Impatient, Undiplomatic, Seeking Truth and Honesty, Loves Freedom, Interested in Philosophy and/or Psychology, Appreciates the Outdoors, Often Sporty or Involved in Fitness, Inquisitive, Energetic, Extroverted, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Love Change, Open, Prefers to be the Pursuer in Love, Forceful, Soft-Hearted, Fun-Loving,
Suitable Professions: Intellectually-Challenging Professions, Travel-Related Jobs, Writing, Dynamic and Interactive jobs, Fitness or Sport-Related positions, Trainer or Coach,
Health Sensitivities: Hips, Muscular Strains or Aches, Thighs,
Dislikes: Being told what to do, Being told what to think, Details, Being Restricted, Clingy Individuals
Sagittarian Nature: The Archer Centaur – half-human, half-horse, which symbolises the Sagittarian, conveys the underlying spiritual, mystical nature of people under this star sign, and their quest and defence of “The Truth”. Sagittarians often aspire to self-awareness and feel inspired to assist others to find their deeper nature. They are wisdom-seekers. Sagittarians tend to get bored easily, so they need something substantial and purposeful on which to focus their mind and energies. Sagittarians are often highly creative, if not in the visual arts, creative with words or innovative in their thinking.

Sagittarius Overview 2013

Many Sagittarians will begin 2013 away from home, enjoying overseas destinations, or camping or travelling closer to home, but for those Sagittarians not away from hearth and home, 2013 starts quietly and pleasantly. As 2013 progresses, Sagittarians will find this year full of surprises, feeling a growing urge to discover and explore life, and experiencing a need to try out new activities or skills. This is the year to finally get done what has been postponed or possibly seemed to hard to accomplish prior.

Sagittarians will be moving forward full steam ahead this year, and finding they possess the ability to overcome any obstacles or reasons that may have stumped them in the past. Jupiter and Pluto’s interactions, means you will be feeling more optimistic, and sensing that any restrictions can be dealt with effectively, in order to advance.

Sagittarians have a tendency to love their freedom, and this freedom may be tested by an authority figure this year. But it is unlikely the Sagittarian will remain “fettered” for any length of time, breaking free to discover new career or educational options. Since Sagittarians are motivated by their dreams, they will rarely rest until they find what they have been searching for, and this year will be no exception. Independent Sagittarians will be feeling a sense of inner strength and resolve they may not have experienced for some time, filling them with a certainty that even their biggest dreams can be made possible now.

Expect the unexpected this year Sagittarians, as huge changes are likely to arise, many of them unplanned. Past experiences, or people from your past, could impact on your life this year with most of these incidents revealing what has been hidden, or moving your life forward in unusual ways. Sagittarians are known for being decidedly straightforward, but this year may require a more diplomatic approach if you are to accomplish all that you wish.

Sagittarians are known for their personal strength and ability to handle adverse conditions, but fortunately you will not have to cope with challenges alone this year, with family, friends, and others offering to help.

You will be pleased by a reward or accolade which you will receive due to your hard work and persistence. Enjoy the limelight and use this attention to further your long term goals. Wonderful opportunities are likely to arise this year, more than once during 2013, but ensure you spot them quickly, as they will not be around long, so take advantage of these offers or ventures immediately. Sagittarians who are looking for work may find short term study or training will present them with the greatest opportunities. There will be a great deal of competition for prime employment opportunities so by developing other skills, or acquiring extra knowledge, together with your Sagittarian charm, you will be in the best position to seize that job you have your eye on.

For those Sagittarians with partners, it may take some convincing that time spent on cherished goals will be worth it in the long run, and that your efforts will not distract you from your loved ones. Sagittarians generally love deep discussions with those closest to them, and through these vital talks, your loved ones will find their minds put at ease.

This year holds the potential for growing harmony and joy in your relationships but it is important that you reveal your vulnerable side with your partner in 2013 in order for your relationship to grow beyond its present boundaries. There will be some Sagittarians whose relationships may end, but it will provide an opportunity for a new, happier relationship to take its place within the next two to three years. Valuable communication will provide valuable progress, not only in your closest love connections, but in your work or business life.

2013 is a year of advancement, and whatever you achieve during the first half of the year will prepare you for the important happenings and people who will enter your life during the second half of 2013. Until mid-June, opportunities in your work or business sector, and success in smaller matters are likely to present themselves, though be prepared to also deal with many routine tasks during this period.

Those in less exciting, less fulfilling jobs, may find that their consistent work efforts will pay off, bringing rewards later in the year. Between January and mid-April, try to avoid getting involved in disagreements or work tensions, as possible frustrations perhaps inspired by Mars in retrograde, could make you even less tactful than usual. Instead, channel your energies into finding new, constructive strategies to move your goals forward, particularly from the end of April onwards.

This year, Sagittarians will find their optimism will pay off, and you will find yourself finally overcoming your obstacles. Your progress will amaze even you, though it is important to take time to make important decisions, never losing sight of the fact that each step is crucial on your journey and that ill-considered choices may affect the chance for sustained success. Family life will generally be happy during 2013, and interactions with loved ones will become more harmonious than previous years.

Career and Business
The first half of 2013 holds the potential to be extremely favourable for Sagittarian professionals and business people. Rewards and success for professional skill, expertise or excellent work will provide the foundation for future opportunities or even wider acclaim. Growing income through improved or increased skills or knowledge will also benefit many Sagittarians during 2013.
Enjoying the fruits of your labour will be a wonderful aspect of this year for Sagittarians. Projects will be completed to such an excellent degree that others will notice and you will benefit more than you expected. Those working in research, teaching or business will find themselves gaining recognition or appreciation that will put you above your peers. Your work will not only be noticed by superiors but praised and used as an example of the standard to which others need to aspire.
Those working in administration or law will find 2013 to be a year of enormous change. Change which may initially look like challenging situations, but ultimately these changes will push you into a new phase in which you will find new opportunities and growing success.

Sagittarians will be asked by a superior to take on a more important role at work, but though it may be an “acting” or temporary role, this task may turn out to give you skills or expertise that puts you in the perfect position for a more permanent, improved work position.

Sagittarians will enjoy extra income through investments, an extra job, or a sideline venture.

Love and Relationships
Harmony and happiness are on offering for Sagittarians during 2013. Many Sagittarians will feel ready to settle down with that special someone, while others will be inspired to nurture the close relationships they already have in their lives. Those Sagittarians ready to marry this year, will find themselves feeling overjoyed at the love they feel for their partner, feeling that they are not losing their freedom but now have the chance to share their freedom and love for life with their special someone. Single Sagittarians will find new trusted friends will enter their lives, bringing a sense of increasing joy and harmony.

This year will see Sagittarians’ love life transforming, with those under this star sign finding a stability or understanding that may have been lacking in previous years. Many Sagittarians will be dropping any defences or masks on which they have relied previously to keep themselves from getting hurt, finally allowing others to get closer and enjoying some emotional ties more than you could possibly have imagined. Increasing depth of connectedness will achieved, and Sagittarians will feel the urge to seek out love, or nurture existing bonds. For those who have long hoped for love, it will finally flourish, arriving in an unexpected way. You may not at first recognize that love is blossoming, but eventually, when trust and friendship is established, it will be clear that you are both compatible, respect one another, thoroughly enjoy each others company, and have similar aspirations and values. Sagittarians are far from boring, and therefore need a partner that complements their distinctive personality, and in 2013, that person will be in your life by no later than the end of 2013.

Sagittarians are the sign of honesty and freedom, and relationships that blossom this year do so because they honour these two aspects that Sagittarians hold so dear. Relationships will exhibit an openness and straightforwardness, and even though partnered relationships will be committed relationships, neither will cling out of fear or jealousy, allowing both parties in the relationship to be free to be themselves and strive for their personal dreams without restriction.
Single Sagittarians will be enjoying the pleasure of many social occasions and establishing important friendships and associations with a wide variety of reliable, interesting people.

Health and Vitality
During the first few months of 2013, Sagittarians need to watch tension levels and stomach sensitivities, however the year will generally be one in which most Sagittarians will be feeling physically strong and capable of addressing any health issues which may arise. Lucky Sagittarians are generally healthy by default, but sometimes take their physical fortitude for granted, pushing themselves too hard, overdoing it, and not getting enough sleep, which could possibly lead to fatigue or ill health. Sagittarians typically like to maintain their fitness levels which means they often have a high degree of vitality. They tend to be athletic, outdoorsy, and extremely physically active.

2013 will tend to be a high energy year for Sagittarians, with lots of activities and enough energy to get everything done. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep and avoiding intake of poor foods or chemicals which may upset your system and deplete your vitality and capacity to achieve your goals. To avoid headaches, colds or flu, avoid pushing yourself too hard, or ignoring your body’s signals to nurture it through rest and nutritious food.

2013 in a Nutshell, Sagittarius:
Overall, this is a very good year for Sagittarians. It provides plenty of opportunities for progress, recognition and success. For Sagittarians striving for a more fulfilling love or social life, 2013 provides the option for increasing harmony and joy between partners, family and friends. For the adventurous Sagittarius, there are options for travel and a new job that holds the potential for growing reward and fulfilment. The key word for Sagittarians this year is “Progress”! There is nothing that can hold you back this year, as long as you are ready to take the action necessary in the direction of your dreams. 2013 looks like a year in which you could thrive, Sagittarius, as long as you don’t hold yourself back. Victory IS possible!

Article Courtesy of Moonslipper
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Harvesting and Use of Aloe Vera (video)

“Herbal Doc” of demonstrates how to harvest and use Aloe Vera, a common house plant with some amazing health-giving properties.

"Imagine" by John Lennon (video)

In honour of this time of year, when we are considering the year past and the year ahead, this song seems like a perfect song to share with all my lovely friends and followers. Let's imagine a world of peace and compassion for every being that shares this small planet, and consider how each of us may contribute to this becoming a reality. Peace and love to ALL...