Sunday, April 13, 2014

Excellent Guided Meditation by Debi Berndt (16 minute duration)

Guided Meditation entitled "Open to Receive Love and Abundance" Meditation

5 minute guided morning meditation to start your day off calm, aware, and relaxed.

Excellent, short guided meditation incorporating instruction on how to hold your body to relax.

Four and a Half Minutes of Bliss (meditation music)

An exquisite song. The singer has an almost Enya-like quality. This meditation piece is entitled "Healing and Raising The Vibration Of The Heart Chakra"

Incredibly Relaxing Meditation Music (28 minutes duration)

The following description was provided by the producer of this meditation music. "This is a blissful amazing meditation,it activates the pineal gland and boost some dopamine in the brain you might feel some headache at the beginning from the frequencies but it will subside if you continuously meditate with this bliss-coded sound."