Thursday, August 18, 2011

Animal rescue: the 'other' Japan quake victims - Local News - News - General - Peninsula Weekly

Animal rescue: the 'other' Japan quake victims - Local News - News - General - Peninsula Weekly

My wonderful friend Katrina in the news!! Saving animals in Japan after the earthquake and nuclear incident (ongoing)! If you want to help the animals that need to be saved,fed and rehoused, check out the JEARS (Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support) facebook group. (There are still animals left in the exclusion zone that are starving and need to be rescued - any help or contribution to their efforts will be gladly accepted!)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vedic Astrology Forecast - LEO

This LEO Vedic Astrological Forecast for the remainder of 2011 has been contributed by Moonslipper.

Until the 15th November a major turn around is likely to come in your life and your general outlook will change. Thinking & confidence will undergo significant alterations. On one hand you will experience a much higher level of clarity in your thinking and positivism, while on the other hand luck will rise and confidence would be bolstered.

Travel will be beneficial. Rise in spirituality would come easily to you. You might not get the support at home and so would have to take a hard stand to pursue your thoughts. 31st August onwards, you will enter into a phase of higher activity. Travel would rise and so would the opportunities which would bring in progress and better luck.

Children will remain a source of happiness now.

The Leo Horoscope also predicts that money matters will see high outflows and contractions in the area, due to extremely high commitments now. Some amount of debt is possible to. It would be useful to remain judicial in your spending. Investments made now, under pressure would be good.

Some distances with family are inevitable; however, 15th November onwards a bright & positive period would result. Growth in career & personal life possible.

Confidence, happiness & general success would be high between 16th July 2011 & 16th October 2011 & 15th November 2011.
Broadly, the Leo Horoscope defines the trends during the year broken up between the following periods:

2011 Leo Horoscope for Marriage/ Love

Love life will be positive during September & November.
Some hurdles & issues could come up during December.

2011 Leo Horoscope for Career

Between mid-year to 15th November, you could be tempted on many occasions to bring about a major change in career. It could be due to your insecurity of the past or some sudden ideas from within or suggested by people around you. Despite all the temptation, it would be useful to remain persistent in your activities and not change course at all.

Between 16th November 2011 and 31st December 2011, you will see growth and new avenues open up in front of you. Luck will continue to favor you and all your new endeavors would be rewarded well. The irrational level of activity will fall after the 25th December 2011, paving the way for better and more organized life style.

2011 Leo Horoscope for Family

Till early part of May family matters may remain challenging. Speech and verbal aggression towards family, friends & siblings should be controlled between 3rd August to 26th August & 25th November to 13th December.

2011 Leo Horoscope for Finances
After mid-year you can safely commence new projects and increase the level of activity. You should remain conservative in money matters throughout & ensure you plan your family & work in a manner that beyond 15th November you can get into a higher phase of activity & expansion.

Between 16th November 2011 and 31st December 2011, domestic discontent could grow as the level bonding, due to high activity would fall. You need to invest in family time; else problems will build up a couple of years down the line.

Liquidity in money matters would be affected too during 3rd August to 26th August & 25th November to 13th December, therefore, commitments should be made carefully.

Leo August Horoscope: The month would begin with low activity and some amount of pressures and sluggishness which would remain till the 14th August 2011. Improvements in outlook, followed by rise in activity would come from the 15th August 2011. You should be careful about being egoistic and over aggression. You will experience leadership abilities now.

Leo September Horoscope: Hard work and aggression would be high. Ego will remain an integral part of thinking as well as attitude. Ego related issues would remain internal and sub conscious till the 15th September 2011, while 16th September 2011 onwards, Ego could be apparent in speech. Finances would remain active and on your mind in the second half of the month. Family matters would be in the focus too.

Leo October Horoscope: Creative work would bring in growth in finances till the 15th October 2011. Be humble in speech and communications this month. 16th October 2011, onwards your position will rise and growth would come due to your dynamic attitude as well as networking skills. Growth oriented period overall. Possibility of travel.

Leo November Horoscope: Positive period till 16th November 2011. You will experience growth and rise in repute. You will feel a higher level of energy & creative ability too. 17th November 2011 onwards a gradual distance from family & relatives could be felt. There could be some changes in property as well as domestic matters. As long as you are positive, there would be abundant energy to work out matters.

Leo December Horoscope: Active period in work as well as domestic matters till the 16th December 2011. Some amount of resentment could build up against family members during this time. Avoid conflict. 17th December 2011 onwards, creative energies would be high and you will remain more self centered than usual. Children related matters could remain strained now.