Sunday, January 19, 2014

Healing Guided Meditation for Relaxation and to ease Anxiety (video 21 minutes)

Since English is not the first language of the meditation facilitator, a few words are obviously incorrectly pronounced, however overall a very good meditation.
"Guided Meditation and Autogenic Training with Healing Voice in Sleeping Music with Delta Waves for Brain Power for Health Care and Relaxation Meditation, against Anxiety and Depression for a Self Acceptance, ideal After a Long Day Working or Studying, Breathing Exercises and Deep Relaxing New Age Zen Music, Mind, Body & Soul Antistress Meditation for Chakra Balancing."

Beautiful Relaxation Music 2 hours of music to soothe and restore

"Pure Spirit of Relaxation" Ideal for Relaxing, Studying, Chilling, Revising, Meditation, Sleep Aid and Yoga
Full album available at i-Tunes here
Also available at Spotify

Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit guided meditation

This guided meditation is 45 minutes long and should be listened to while laying down relaxing. Please do not use while driving or operating heavy machinery.