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Wonderful 30 minute Meditation - Heal Thyself...

"This is a beautiful and elegant 30 minute excursion that will take you to that space where healing on all levels is possible. You can either just close your eyes and listen to the narration or allow the beautiful images to help transport you to that place where the mind can entertain the impossible, and the miraculous becomes real.... If you're looking for more health solutions, go to"

Documentary on Self-Esteem. Watch the video...

Montaigne on Self-Esteem (Part 4)- Documentary inspired and hosted by Alain de Botton, based on his book The Consolations of Philosophy. "Looks at the problem of self-esteem from the perspective of Michel de Montaigne (16th Century), the French philosopher who singled out three main reasons for feeling bad about oneself – sexual inadequecy, failure to live up to social norms, and intellectual inferiority – and then offered practical solutions for overcoming them."

Friday, October 5, 2012

Libra Forecasts 2012 - 2013

Sept 23 - Oct 23

Symbol: The Scales
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Venus
Group: Intellectual
Polarity: Positive
Chinese Sign Counterpart: Dog
Sign: Yang
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling House: Seventh
Opposite Sign: Aries
Most Compatible Signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo, Leo, Aries
Birthstone: Opal, Tourmaline, Sapphire
Strengths: Fair-minded, Balanced, Co-operative Artistic, Peace-maker, Diplomatic, Gracious, Attractive, Graceful, Methodic, Analytic,
Weaknesses: Indecisive, Confused,
Favourable Numbers: 7, 21, 31
Lucky Colours: Blue, Yellow, Black, White
Favourable Professions: Related with art, music, writing, acting, poetry, beauty, diplomacy, law, social work.
Health Sensitivities: Lumber Region, Kidneys, Lower Back, Bladders
Likes: Harmony, Sharing with others, Gentleness, the Outdoors,
Dislikes: Injustice, Violence, Conformity, Loud Behaviour
Lucky Colours: Blue, Yellow, Black, White
Most Comfortable Environment: Beautiful surrounds with harmonious company, enjoying pleasant interactions with others.
Key Phrase: "I balance". Prefer to be group leader, keep interactions harmonious and peaceful, and be in the company of others.

Libra Forecasts 2012

2012 will prove to be an extremely important and potentially very successful year for Libras, particularly in finances and long term projects. Libras, symbolized by the zodiac sign of the scales, tend to emanate a calmness and stability, helping to attract fortunes favours and pleasant responses from their interactions with others. Librans are known for their friendly, considerate nature, and ability to smooth over disagreements between others through their calming demeanour. They are usually the voice of reason which also assists them in their work life, exuding an air of intelligence, capability and leadership. Often cultured and possessing a great deal of integrity, Librans are often popular, sought after by others as companions, lovers, and colleagues.

Saturn will be in your sign until October, providing the perfect influence to finish a project or course, and allowing you to release parts of your life that no longer serve you. The only thing that stands in your way is your tendency towards second guessing, or becoming confused by the seeming validity of all possible options.

Saturn’s influence will provide opportunities to delve into, and nurture, your inner strength, encouraging you to take on responsibilities and commitments that you may not have felt capable of adopting in the past. Those who may have been disappointed or unsuccessful previously, will feel the courage to face their fears and enter into a new phase despite the risks, and find that this time, goals can now be achieved.
Librans are known for being kind and fair to everyone, possessing impeccable manners and taste, and typically popular; but in 2012, the influence of Saturn may result in Librans having to deal with a few people who do not respond to their friendly, thoughtful demeanour. Although Librans may find this frustrating, it can also be a wonderful lesson in patience and adaptability. It can help develop resilience and the ability to deal with testing situations, cultivating the traits necessary to eventually come out triumphant. When things do not go quite the way a Libran wants, it often takes them a great deal of effort to maintain the right frame of mind, but luckily, they have the ability to accept difficult, emotional situations; to be considerate and fair to everyone involved. This fairness means that Librans often make excellent lawyers. They also possess a talent and passion for creativity, which also makes many Librans gifted writers, photographers, and artists.

There will be changes in the work area, with some leaving or being moved to other premises, which will alter the energy at your place of employment. For some Librans, a complete work change is likely. Many will also enjoy the beginning of a new relationship, spicing up life, and bringing back a sense of exuberance that may have been missing for a while.

Pisces will work its magic on the sign of Libra in 2012, helping to unlock new ideas, and aspirations, assisting you in your push to improve your position at work. Also vivid dreams, some with insightful guidance, will help you to see your life from a new perspective, and provide a fresh approach to achieving your goals.
By October, Saturn, which has been in your sign for approximately two years, will leave and your focus will shift to learning, knowledge, and wisdom gained from experience. Travel, or preparation for travel, is also likely during this period.

Librans will be searching for new ways to improve their cash flow by the end of 2012, though financial improvement is probable, it relies on changing your career or business strategy, or perhaps, even your chosen field of work. An encouraging review, report or remark, is likely to uplift your spirits, helping you to realize you have what it takes to be successful, despite previous setbacks. Your self-worth will receive a boost, if not at work, through personal connections, ready to support and encourage as your life changes noticeably in 2012. A sudden alteration in your life, a new set of circumstances will transform not only your life, but how you perceive yourself and your strengths. Be prepared to modify how you think about yourself, because exciting changes will leave you feeling you didn’t know you had the talents and fortitude that these shifts will bring out in you.
During 2012, you will find new ways to negotiate the financial maze, and create new monetary approaches, or find other ways of making money.

This year is about standing strong, becoming more comfortable with who you are, and nurturing your individuality and independence, whatever your relationship status.
Lucky Librans are ruled by Venus and have a tendency to be very attractive and possess a magnetic appeal that makes it relatively simple for them to attract an interested party. Though Librans often have the tendency to spend their time searching for that “perfect” partner, which can be a barrier to finding the love they truly need, they ultimately let their heart guide them to a deep connection with a “not-so-perfect”, but perfectly-suited, partner. Librans make wonderful partners, for they are typically loving, romantic, appreciative and fun.

Although Librans enjoy their alone time, most are keen to search for that “one” person with whom they can establish a stable, lifelong relationship, or marriage. They long for connectedness and a sense of harmonious unity. Most are not fearful of marriage, even enjoying the idea of “making things legal”, except when they have experienced a prior, bad relationship. Should a relationship does not work out, Librans try to do the fair thing, sharing belongings equally, and striving to maintain their friendship with their former partner. However, once Librans have made a lifelong commitment, they make dedicated partners. Librans also make excellent match-makers, knowing whose qualities would suit the traits and personality of another.

During 2012, partnered Librans will feel the need to improve their love relationships, even if the bond is still strong. Tapping into the Librans innate sense of harmony and calmness will help to soothe over misunderstandings or disagreements may be experiencing at the end of 2012, and prevent complex situations growing into a bigger issue.

In November, try not to say something in the spur of the moment, when you are feeling annoyed at someone’s insensitive remarks or behaviour, and you will avert a problem. If you use your Libran capacity to understand both perspectives, you will come up with an approach that soothes the situation, rather than exacerbates it. The last part of 2012 will be a prime time for single Librans to meet that someone special, so make sure you get out and about. You will probably find that it is your winning smile, twinkle in your eyes, and your great sense of humour that draws someone lovely to you, but it is your keen mind and winning personality that keeps them enraptured.

Current issues in the family sector are likely to be resolved in 2012 or by early 2013.

2012 will be a good year for most Librans in regards to health, though coughs and flu may visit more than once if you allow yourself to get run down.

Career or business will go through at least one major change during the second half of 2012. Librans are hard-working and dedicated, and though this change may not be exactly what they had planned, by keeping focussed, Librans will be rewarded in the work sector in 2013. 2012 is the year to be careful with money and finances, as there may be alterations in circumstances that call on reserve funds, but luckily, 2013 is likely to be much kinder on the Librans bank balance, and job or business opportunities on the horizon in 2013 will help to boost funds.

Libra Forecasts for 2013


With career and business opportunities presenting themselves in the first half of 2013, it looks like a good year for most Librans. Making firm decisions seem to be easier this year. You have set yourself clear objectives and heading in the direction of your biggest aspirations. Last year had a few challenges that gave you the insight to make the most of possibilities offered by 2013. Your networking skills will pay off this year, with new associates providing you with the knowledge or skills to put you in a better career or business position. Librans will find themselves communicating their deepest thoughts and insights with greater ease, either verbally or through written word; excellent for those who rely on their communication skills to make a living.

You will be a whirlwind of creative energy this year. Librans with creative talents will excel, while those who believed that they possessed no such talent will begin to surprise themselves. Your mind will be full of fantastic new ideas, which you will turn into pursuits or passions, or possibly a new work direction. Projects you found difficult to get off the ground before, will finally start to materialize this year through your continued efforts.

The first four months of 2013 are filled with opportunities for social events, business ideas, and fascinating projects, so make sure you make the most of it. New ways of thinking and understanding your life, and the world around you, revel that your awareness is growing, along with your sense of personal empowerment. In 2013, Librans will be keen to learn a new language or delve into their musical side, with some turning these interests into an income.

Between April and May, Librans will feel the need to put their feet up, taking either a holiday, or just a few days off to chill at home with loved ones.
2013 holds great potential for Librans. A year of vibrancy and upliftment, Librans will rise above the problems of the year before; undefeated, strengthened and wiser from the experience. People born under the sign of Libra will finally see a clearer path to their dreams, and feel ready to clear away the obstacles, step by step. Promotions or excellent job changes are likely in 2013, the result of self-improvement, increasing confidence, and a willingness to explore your options. Many Librans will strike up special new friendships as a result of changing jobs, or starting a course of study.

Sun and Venus are exerting their positive influences on you this year, bringing you a heightened positivity that will make you ready to strive for your most important goals, knowing you are capable of making them a reality. You will be radiating a powerful energy that will be magnetic and inspiring.

When new projects arrive, you will not be affected by the usual Libran tendency for indecisiveness; instead, you will be feeling resolute and ready to make the decisions necessary to make the most of your opportunities and move life forward. If others at work or in business show their jealous side, it is simply because they can see you are on the path of success, and may be feeling like they are living in your shadow.

Love and Relationship

Some minor disagreements with a partner or colleague in the early part of the year, could be due to something you said without thinking. If you think first, you might be able to avoid some unnecessary tension. You and your partner are probably in need of some time to just “be” together, quiet and accepting; no words needed, just loving proximity and a joyful, appreciative approach. By mid-year, Librans in couples are feeling the love again, and previous misunderstandings seem less important. Librans in severely, dysfunctional relationships will find the strength by mid-year, to sort out their lives, let go and move on.

Seeking a balance between your personal life and professional life seems to be made easier this year, one clearly winning over the other, or simply your time management skills have improved to such a degree that you can fit both in. Life brings new hope in 2013, with old problems being finally resolved, and new issues dealt with a minimum of fuss or deliberation. Librans who are currently single, will be pleased by an offer by an attractive new person who enters their life by May, and even it is not a long term romance, it could add some zest to your life, if a little excitement is what you have been hoping for. Plenty of joy and fun is likely for Librans in their love life this year.

Those Librans feeling that their love life is monotonous or non-existent, will explore new ways to invigorate this aspect of their lives with heartening results; relationships will be revived, and single Librans will meet a selection of prospective mates, one of which could do very nicely indeed.

Work and Career

Your efforts in the career or business sector is finally paying off in 2013. Positive results are likely and you deserve it. Improvements in social status, or increased income, is on the horizon, and people in positions of authority are noticing you have what it takes to go far. Work or business-related studies, or training, will further increase your chance for success this year. Restructuring around the work place means new roles and opportunities for moving upwards are on the agenda, just put your best foot forward. Workloads may increase due to people leaving your place of employment so daily relaxation practices will be necessary to help Librans deal with the work schedule. Many Librans who had not previously tried meditation and yoga, will feel inspired to learn these skills in 2013 to de-stress or recharge their batteries; while other Librans will be using fitness regimens to cope with their busy work life. Avoid letting a work colleague or employee with a negative attitude, rob you of your state of calm.

Profitable business deals between March and May will have Libran business owners smiling, but prior to finalization, it may be best to keep the details quiet so no outside party profits instead. Fine print on leases or contracts should be checked, particularly in January and November to avoid small but annoying obligations. In December, Libran business owners will be feeling happy about a new business opportunity that crosses their path, or an inspired idea, which will be just what is needed to improve their business.

The second half of 2013 will see many Librans realize their dreams of a property purchase, and time to enjoy it.

The last quarter of 2013 appears to be the most profitable time for Librans, with more than one chance for salary increases or profits from projects, luck, or dividends.


Though Librans typically eat well and work to stay fit, their sensitive natures can lead to digestive problems. 2013 stresses the importance of caring for the Librans nervous system by ensuring enough relaxation and sleep.


Librans will be dazzling this year, buzzing with energy and a desire to “make things happen”. Your positivity will be infectious, with friends, family and associates, drawn into your enthusiasm, wishing to make 2013 a special year of achievement. This new burst of vitality will also flow into helping others, ready to change the world for the better. This need to be active will see Librans keen to pursue all sorts of activities, sports, hobbies, and learning, bringing added joy and contentment into your life. Librans will be feeling invigorated and ready to tackle life head on; striving for their dreams and making them come true. With Sun and Venus working their magic on the sign of Libra, you will be a virtual powerhouse this year, radiating so much energy, people will be drawn to you and your plans will finally take shape. More than one prospect for improvement will present itself. Make the most of 2013. This could be your year, Librans!

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