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This vivid hibiscus grew in my front yard.

Unfortunately the tree has died since but

this photo I took is a testament to the loveliness

of the flowers this tree produced.

The beauty of nature is a spiritual wonder.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leo Forecasts for 2012 and 2013...

LEO Forecasts for 2012 and 2013

Jul 23 - Aug 22

Leo Characteristics:

Quality: Fixed
House Ruled: Fifth
Opposite Sign: Aquarius
Birthstones: Ruby Peridot
Symbol: The Lion
Element: Fire
Group: Intellectual
Polarity: Positive
Chinese Counterpart: Monkey
Lucky Numbers 6,14,35
Lucky Colours: Yellow, Marigold, Red, Orange
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Energy: Yang
Health Sensitivities: Heart, Upper Back, Eyes, Blood, Lungs

Strengths: Warmth, humour, pride, joy, creativity, passion, generosity. , Responsible, Leadership abilities, Regal manner, powerful, strong, muscular
Likes:Films,theatre, being admired, taking holidays, fun with friends, expensive things, bright colours.
Dislikes: Being ignored

Your long term plans will reach their fruition in 2012, and great opportunities are likely to cross your path. With the Sun in a favourable position, you will find your energy at a higher level than previous years, and feeling more enthusiastic about your work prospects. You will also be feeling enthusiastic about organizing a number of get-togethers, some for particular celebrations, others simply to spend time with those special in your life.

Your usual Leo straightforwardness may need to be curbed when dealing with family issues this year, in order to avoid a disagreement with a relative. Handling family discussions with logical reasoning and diplomacy, may instead, help to keep the peace.

You may feel tempted, or pushed, to burn the candle at both ends during 2012, which could lead to allergies, abdominal aches, and other digestive problems that could stifle your usual zest. Instead, try to take some out to relax and replenish yourself to avoid such complications.

Jupiter will be hanging around your zodiac sign in 2012, and as the planet of joy, adventure, open-mindedness, advanced education, travel, and global perspectives, you could be reaping rewards you never expected. Prosperity and abundance are within your grasp if you are still willing to work at your dreams despite the obstacles.
Saturn creates some personal challenges and learning experiences, but it could also reward you with a job promotion, professional kudos, and public recognition.

With Uranus residing in your ninth house during 2012, you will find long-distance travel, multicultural studies, languages, religions, politics, laws, philosophies, universities, mass media, and global awareness featuring in your life in a big or positive way. Global networking, international teamwork, spontaneous travel, and internet education could be very helpful and provide you with a great sense of satisfaction. Be careful with legal issues and do your best not to accidentally offend others. This is also a wonderful time to begin or return to studies.

2012 will mark a time in which more than one fascinating person will cross your path, and if you are single, you may find one of these people could turn into a potential partner but before you get too involved, make sure you are genuinely compatible, not simply extremely attracted to each other.

Your career should really benefit from Pluto's placement in your chart, channelling you into new duties, even a possible new employment position or business opportunity. You will find yourself acquiring important new skills or knowledge that will aid you in your journey to achieve greater success.

If you decide you are ready to take on more work responsibilities, a leadership role will give you a chance to shine in ways in which you had never had the opportunity before.

If the work demands get a little too much in August, you may have to delegate some of your duties to others, or arrange a little time to recharge your batteries. Acknowledgement and respect for work achievements may present themselves, but you might have to wait a little longer to see any financial rewards.

During 2012, either an established relationship will go through a transformation or you will find yourself drawn to a new person. You may find yourself going through a major phase of development, finally understanding and applying those life lessons that may have been repeated more than once. If romance becomes a little predictable, you will find yourself searching for a new way to spice things up. Love and friendships will improve due to your warm, affectionate nature. You will feel a real need to show and speak how you feel about those you care about. An opportunity for a new friendship or romance is likely to surface and it is could turn out to be a very valuable connection. Try to avoid letting hidden passions, jealousy and fears surface and disturb what could be a healthy, happy relationship. A former friendship or love relationship will be given new life by your willingness to trust and open up.

You may be feeling the urge to delve into the deeper and more passionate side of love. Though this may bring up old fears or past hurts, eventually you will find this adventure into love and expression of trust, rewarding. It will also teach you something new and significant about yourself and your relationship. You are now ready to take your relationship to a new level of care, mutuality and understanding. In personal relationships you will have no problems being clear about what is on your mind with your partner rather than hoping that they will read your mind.

Work and Money
You will feel the need to focus on your savings and changing your financial strategy to improve your monetary situation, but you will feel tempted to spend more than your budget will allow. Contracts or legal documents relating to property will be finalized, and give you the freedom to take the next step in your life.

2012 will be more peaceful on the financial front with a likely financially-beneficial offer. There will be one or more opportunities to make monetary gains which will make you feel you are finally being recognized for your ability or input. Avoid relying too much on the praise or recognition of others because they are more caught up in their own goals or problems than noticing what significant contributions you have made.

A strong urge to travel is likely, and visits to foreign countries are highlighted. For Leo business owners, many new satisfied clients will be attracted to your business due to your new approach. Promotions and new job opportunities are featured in 2012, with some Leo’s leaving their jobs suddenly to try out jobs they had never considered before. Intellectual satisfaction and reputation are also features. For Leos with some money to spare, investments are featured, while others will purchase another property.

Family and Social Life
Employment, education and relationship issues are likely to be resolved in 2012. If parted parents have ongoing legal issues regarding children, resolution, or an agreement to finally sort things out, is likely. Leo’s usually win their arguments by sheer strength of will, but during 2012, arguments with siblings or friends may be avoided, or have a better outcome, if you use a gentler approach. Older members of your family may be feeling the need to be appreciated. Give then care, concern and respect, making them feel wanted and comfortable. Children will bring a lot of joy and pleasure, while single individuals will find themselves drawn to an unusual or extremely interesting person.

A single long journey is likely for Leos, while those interested in travelling for work will find transfer to another country less likely than previous years. Higher studies will be on your mind if you have not already begun.

Your health and working efficiency will be better than previous years. However make sure you don’t work too hard by putting too much work into your in-box. If you push yourself too hard, you could succumb to minor stomach disorders, knee pain, or blood sugar imbalance.


Synchronicity is the name of the game in 2013 , with crucial events or opportunities, often happening in combination, to change and move your life forward. You may find that occasionally the influence of Saturn may have you deep in contemplation, just avoid letting its planetary effect lead you to focus on what is not going right, rather than what is. However, Pluto’s effect may balance these influences, encouraging you to develop your imaginative side and a greater ability to express yourself creativity. All you need to do is follow your inspirations and you will make wonderful things happen.

If you are planning to start a new venture, you will find the second half of the year, a prime time to begin. You are usually a dynamo of energy, but this year, it is crucial you take some time out to devote exclusively to yourself, and enjoy some relaxing and fun activities in your own company like checking out the latest film, exploring your neighbourhood or taking that course of study you have always wanted to attempt. Leo’s studying or training, who apply themselves wholeheartedly, will find 2013 will provide some excellent results.

Although your health is generally strong, for those who may indulge a little too much or too regularly in alcohol, may need to cut down intake, to stave off potential headaches, or lack of focus at work or home.
For those in major love relationships, try to avoid being drawn into an attraction at work that could reek havoc with your personal life, but for single Leo’s this attraction may bring some extra zest into your life.

Social events are likely to bring great joy and verve into your life in 2013. Just remember to say yes, to at least a few invitations, this year.

Your spiritual side will be invigorated and curious this year, and you will likely seek out deeper knowledge, tuition, and connections with spiritual goals.
Leo’s will be full of wonderful ideas in 2013, just make sure you put some of those plans into action.

Teaming up in 2013 will see big ventures and ideas getting off the ground. Any Leos entering into a business partnership need to make sure all the necessary legal papers are drawn up, and expectations of all involved are well-defined and written down to avoid disagreements down the track.
Work and finance

Work and social occasions will merge together at times during 2013, which could be positive, as long as your partner does not feel left out. For those working in a large corporation or organization, there may a person in a senior position who could be making hasting calls, or trying to exert influence over areas of which they know very little. Try to keep your cool, and see if you can steer your job towards calmer waters. Leos are known for their great personal magnetism, so possibly you can charm your way to a better role, or avoid the fall out from business restructuring.

If you are planning a career switch, you may feel enthusiastic about the idea of relocation to improve your job prospects, but suitable jobs will also be in your current environment with some even providing exciting new prospects.
Your communication skills will enhanced in 2013, especially in the second half of the year. Teamed with your enthusiastic, optimistic approach, you will be seen as a real asset to the workplace. Even stern people in higher positions will be impressed with your abilities.

Love and Relationships
Growing harmony is likely in your personal relationships. If you are single, a new romance is likely to come your way. For those in a long distant relationship, make sure you stay in regular contact, talking rather than texting, to avoid a gap developing between you and your loved one. Your subconscious and intuition will lead you to say hello to someone who may become a special friend, if not a possible love interest. This is a good year to heal past emotional hurts. Most Leo’s are likely to be searching for special interests or activities to share with loved ones, or friends, to enhance already close relationships. Leo’s will new additions to their family will find themselves taking on this added responsibility with gusto and enjoying a greater satisfaction with life.

2013 is a good year for Leo health with renewed of energy giving you want is needed to push towards important goals as well as getting the usual tasks done. This extra energy could be due to an improvement in diet, giving up a bad habit, or simply a change in attitude.

You are likely to make money from a past investment, and you may also have to invest in home repairs.

2013 marks a time in which new connections are highlighted. A desire to contribute to the community or special organizations will come to the fore, inspiring Leo’s to learn new skills and duties, or volunteer time and effort for a worthwhile cause. Old thoughts and behaviours will be thrown out, leaving a fresh attitude to life, and a new understanding of what Mr, Mrs, or Ms Leo is capable of achieving.
Lucky Leo will be feeling passionate about life and ready to channel their great enthusiasm into living like never before in 2013! Good fortune and lucky breaks will happen sporadically during the year. Flashes of insight and innovative thinking with steer many Leo’s into a better life from 2013 into 2014. Your hard work is likely to pay off, or at least, provide the foundation for greater success in the following year. An interesting year where efforts to improve your life and your degree of personal fulfilment is likely to pay off! Go for it Leo!

Article courtesy of Moonslipper

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