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This vivid hibiscus grew in my front yard.

Unfortunately the tree has died since but

this photo I took is a testament to the loveliness

of the flowers this tree produced.

The beauty of nature is a spiritual wonder.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Capricorn Forecasts for 2013

CAPRICORN - Dec 22 - Jan 20
Capricorn Traits
Symbol: The Goat
Element: Earth
Polarity: Negative
Energy: Yin
Favourable Colors: Violet, Purple, Brown, Black, Silver Gray
Chinese Counterpart: Ox
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling House: Tenth
Opposite Sign: Cancer
Birthstones: Onyx, Garnet
Sensitive Areas of the Body: Knees, Bone, Skin

Favourable Professions: Money-related jobs - Accountants, Economists, Stock Brokers, and Tax Consultants; Community Service; Mediators; Consultants;
Special Qualities: Family-Oriented, Hard Worker, Independent, Responsible, Good Managers, Disciplined, Self-control, Witty Sense of Humour, Talented Lovers, Focussed on finances and avoidance of spending money, Knowledgeable, Hard to regain trust once lost, Tendency to worry, Many Capricorns love maintaining their fitness regimens while the remainder find it very hard to get motivated to work on getting into shape, Most Capricorns prefer others to cook for them or preparing meals that are quick and simple, Love freebies and major discounted items that are good quality, Patient, Loyal, Practical, Introspective,

Likes: Family, Tradition, Quality Craftsmanship, Music, Sharing a beverage and a chat with a close friend
Dislikes: Unpredictable situations that require quick or flexible responses, standing for long periods of time,
Favourable Environment: Harmonious work environment; An organized household; Being pampered; Cities and suburbs that reflect style, comfort, and culture;
Personality: Capricorns are hard working and loyal. They respect traditional values, professionalism and quality, rather than flashy items. This practical sign often takes on more responsibilities and tasks than their job description specifies, and must beware of others leaving their jobs in the Capricorn’s “in-tray”.Though Capricorn’s often show their serious side, they have a playful and wicked sense of humour, and a laugh that makes others smile. Capricorn’s are considered to be one of the most independent star signs, and although Capricorn’s are capable of doing most jobs on their own, they thrive when given the support and encouragement of family and friends.

Capricorn 2013 Forecast Overview
This year will see Capricorns developing a lighter approach, worrying less, and diversifying, working on enjoying life more despite any pressing responsibilities or issues. Leisure pursuits and occasions to socialize will be higher on the agenda, which in itself is unusual for most Capricorns.

Increasing knowledge and skills will also be at the top of your list of priorities. Though your career or business will continue to be important, your interest in connecting with the simple things of life, nature and “stopping to smell the roses”, will become equally significant. Capricorns will be reviewing the pace of modern life, looking for ways to reduce stress levels, searching for ways to de-clutter life, deciding on what is truly important, and focussing on methods and attitudes that promote tranquility. Attention is also likely to turn to activities that assist others, contributing to the greater good.

2013 provides a range of opportunities, though some options will appear only briefly before they disappear, so be observant and quick, in order to take advantage of the possibilities that present themselves during the year.

This year sees a new way of dealing with past issues, changing strategies and attitudes to promote healing, improvement, and for some, a new start. Those under the sign of Capricorn will find fresh ways to nurture emotional harmony,and deal with current or possible challenges, and fostering positive approaches to enjoy the present. Also, finding a way to balance professional and personal life will be important to Capricorns in 2013.

Novelty is not usually a word associated with Capricorns, but novelty and spontaneity will be keywords for those under this sign in 2013. Openness and adaptability, change and growth, will abound in Capricorn’s life, and a desire to investigate positive options that would never have been a consideration in prior years. This flexibility will provide the foundation for greater success, either in a current work position, or in the achievement of future goals.

Increasing harmony with a current partner is possible this year through greater compromise and respect, and spending more quality time together. There will be a longing to actually understand each other, instead of simply listening to each other and getting ready to defend your own position, and a desire to understand and accept each other, providing the opportunity for happier interactions.

Your journey into self-discovery this year will lead you to challenge who you believe yourself to be, and what you are capable of achieving; encouraging you to explore unfamiliar territory and instilling you with the courage to accomplish more than you ever believed possible prior. Any conditions that no longer serve your growing awareness of self will be altered or released.

Earning the respect of others and advancing your professional goals will become possible this year, however collaboration may be needed to achieve your biggest objectives, at least initially. Your ability will be recognized by those in higher positions at work, providing the opportunity to consolidate your position and connect you to new people and organizations beneficial to your employment or business future. Emotional or difficult people in the work environment may at times interfere with the timing of a project, or affect the original vision of several work objectives, but ultimately, will not prevent you achieving what you set out to do. Harmony reigns in mid October, June, and July, when a successful balance is struck between your ideas and actions to noticeably further your progress towards making your dreams a reality.

Refining your skills and techniques aligned to creativity or innovation will put you in a prime position for success, particularly if training is undertaken mid-year. You will be feeling enthusiastic and optimistic, giving you the extra vitality to be receptive to new information and the ability to take advantage of fresh possibilities.

Capricorns may be feeling a little more amorous than usual, up until the end of June, ready for love and romance; even those in long standing unions will be feeling a need to enhance and enliven their intimate dynamic.

Many people under the sign of Capricorn will be feeling the urge to diversify into aligned or new fields, inspired by a passionate interest or sense of purpose. Though Capricorns tend to worry, this year a greater sense of inner calmness is possible through positive attitude and lifestyle changes.

Creative Capricorns tend to channel their energies into projects that are both practical and aesthetically-pleasing, and this year, inspiration will arrive frequently and intensely, with spectacular results. A talented friend will also be a source of inspiration; while new people crossing your path will provide you with new perspectives on artistic or musical endeavours that will also prove valuable.

Those Capricorns planning to change jobs, or move, will find 2013 an opportune time to do so. Newly acquired skills or knowledge will put you in the front line to nab that prime position.

Mid-year looks good for your social life, meeting interesting, new people in diverse settings, some who will become regulars in your life. However, be mindful if mixing business with pleasure, and not revealing too much about yourself before someone has earned your trust on an emotional level.

Capricorns will be feeling more passionate and emotional than usual in 2013, as people under this sign learn to let go of reservedness and exchange it for calmness and spontaneity; giving the Capricorn love-life a welcome kick start this year. Fresh approaches and innovative thinking will reinvigorate your emotional life, and provide opportunities for a deeper love, or heal existing love connections. Capricorns will be letting down emotional walls to let new people in, or giving those already in their life a better look at the real you.

Ms and Mr Capricorn will be feeling more sentimental than usual, sharing their deepest feelings and thoughts, allowing themselves to be more open and vulnerable despite the risks incorporated in letting the guard down. Those under this sign will also be feeling more chatty than normal, enjoying in-depth, long conversations with those important in their lives. It is the year in which supportive connections will be made that could last the distance. Those Capricorns tying the knot this year will feel everything is falling into place, and it is.

Single Capricorns are likely to find a potential love partner in a work setting, or social event connected to a job or business in 2013; while other single Capricorns will meet a love interest through a new situation or in an unusual location.
2013 is a year in which Capricorns will feel brave enough to show and share their softer side, allowing a more intimate connection with the significant people in their lives.

Career, Business and Finances
You will be at your effective best this year, combining your extraordinary reasoning powers and practical nature with the stamina to see important projects and ventures through to their successful completion. If you are looking for a work change, 2013 will be a positive year to make things happen on the work front. Relationships with superiors will improve, or difficult people in authority will move on, creating a more harmonious work environment.

This year will provide the opportunity to create a solid career foundation on which to build upon in the next couple of years. 2013 will see you performing at a high level in your job or business, bringing in extra funds that will be put to very good use to improve future prospects. Between March and June, supplementary income or bonuses are likely which will give your finances an added boost.

Business associations that have been strained will be remedied in 2013 with new approaches towards goals, negotiation, and compromise. Later in the year, someone at a top level will recognize your work contributions and offer a work role that will not only be more challenging, but more rewarding. A friend at work, or business connection, will be an asset for your future advancement, so do not burn any bridges due to time or energy restrictions. This year will see you collaborating with someone at work with excellent results, though another work colleague may be a little jealous, or intimidated by your achievements.

A business meeting or appointment may not turn out the way you would have hoped but what is gained from the experience will be greater than anything that could have been accomplished if everything went according to plan. Juggling work responsibilities will be a little easier than previous years, not because of a reduced workload, but because of your improved approach and attitude. However, avoid allowing others to put too much in your in-tray, otherwise the Capricorn’s tendency to worry could resurface. Since 2013 marks a year in which those under the sign of Capricorn will be actively nurturing their inner calmness and putting extra time aside to enjoy quality relaxation time, work responsibilities and challenges will be handled effectively and with greater ease than previous years.

2013 will provide plenty of opportunities for Capricorns to improve their financial situation and future prospects. Although dealing with regular expenses will not always be simple, Capricorn individuals will be full of great, and common sense, ideas to enhance their financial position. Shares and investments may not be the best area of profit for Capricorns in 2013, but capitalizing on skills, experience, and knowledge, will provide a number of excellent work or business possibilities. A favourable year for study related to furthering career or business goals.

Health and vitality
You will feel your thoughts turning to optimism, which in turn will have a beneficial effect on your health and energy levels. It is not that life has less challenges but that you just could not be bothered wasting your energy on worry and negative thinking anymore. Capricorns will be fired up to get things done this year, and possessing the vitality to move things forward. Those under this sign will also be reviewing the foods they consume, changing to healthier, fresher foods, some even taking the step towards more raw food in their daily menu.

You will be feeling more in tune with your body, and adopting positive habits that harmonize and relax your body. Though Capricorns often find it difficult to quieten their mind, this year will see a shift in the Capricorn’s consciousness, many now feeling ready to practice meditation and mindfulness with greater effectiveness, and enjoying enhanced tranquillity. Capricorns generally have a strong constitution and 2013 will be no exception, however during June, July, December, and January, there may be a need to take care in order to avoid minor chest infections or abdominal upsets.

Capricorn’s 2013
A surprising year for Capricorns with feelings of spontaneity, calmness, and openness surfacing, changing the way people under this sign perceive themselves and life. 2013 is a time of progress for Capricorns, with opportunities to advance in all areas of their lives. Love holds great promise for Capricorns in 2013, with options to enhance current relationships, while Capricorn singles will enjoy the excitement of romantic attachments.

Nothing can hold you back this year, Capricorn. Take advantage of the fact that the stars are in your favour, and reach for the heavens!

Article courtesy of Moonslipper


  1. I am a proud Capricorn! Thanks for the post :)

    1. Delighted you enjoyed the post. I've always liked Capricorns. Thanks for the lovely feedback!
      - Sarina

  2. Thanks for the post. It's interesting.
    The Capricorn SKP

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